LifeSpan Rower RW7000 Review

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Last Updated: January 1, 2023
LIfeSpan RW7000 Rower review
The LifeSpan RW7000 is a hybrid magnetic and air rower with a smooth drive, comfortable geometry and impressive monitor with multiple screens and rowing programs. This rower is lightweight and folds up when not in use to save floor space. Rowing is an exceptional full body exercise that engages over 85% of the muscles in your body with each stroke! The LifeSpan RW7000 is a good option for those who want to enjoy rowing in the comfort and safety of their own home. This rower is priced in the middle of the market for home rowers. More advanced magnetic resistance rowers such as the new Hydrow will run you upwards of $2000 while the classic Concept2 rowers are around $1000. The RW7000 is usually priced around $1200 which is a good price for a hybrid machine. The hybrid design is more customizable and quieter due to the combination of magnetic and air resistance, so it is a good option for those who want more targeted resistance on a quieter rower.

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Who It’s For: Those who want to row in comfort on a hybrid machine with both magnetic and air fan resistance

The RW7000 rower is a great option for rowers looking for high-end, smooth drive and release and a full color touchscreen. The RW7000 works best for users who:

  • Have the space for the full length of the rower when it is open
  • Appreciate the hybrid design with both magnetic and air resistance
  • Desire magnetic resistance since it is quieter and has 16 preset resistance levels
  • Also uses air resistance which responds instantly to the user’s pulling power
  • Have the ability to sit and lean forward while exercising
  • Looking specifically to increase core and back strength
  • Want a low-impact exercise that engages more than 80% of all muscles in the body
  • Hybrid design provides benefits of both air and magnetic resistance
  • 16 preset resistance levels allow for targeted training
  • Functional console is easy to use with multiple screen options
  • Covered by an impressive lifetime warranty on the frame
  • Has a comfortable handle with chain drive for durability
  • Folds up when not in use
  • 19” seat height is easier to get on and off than lower rowers
  • This is a long rower, so make sure you have enough space for it when fully open
  • Air resistance creates a bit of noise, so this rower isn’t silent
  • Console is not as extensive as a touchscreen

  • Dimensions: 98.4” L x 24.7” W x 48” H folds in half when not in use
    • This is a long rower. At nearly 99 inches, it is one of the longest we’ve tested. The rower takes up a bit of space when fully open on your floor. However, it does fold in half which saves space when you’re not using it.
  • Monorail is black powder coated with an aluminum surface
    • The monorail is lifted for a higher seat height at 19” high. This is about 6 inches higher than other rowers which makes it easier to get on and off — especially for those with mobility or knee issues.
  • Hybrid air rowing machine with adjustable eddy current magnetic resistance
    • The rower has a flywheel for air resistance which responds instantly to each rowing pull stroke. The harder you pull, the more resistance is generated. It also has magnetic resistance with 16 resistance levels, so you can see and set whatever resistance level you want.
  • Rower weighs 118 pounds, Max user weight 350 pounds
    • The RW7000 is not super heavy at just 118 pounds, but it will support up to 350 pounds of user weight again making it a good option for most users.
  • Chain drive
    • The chain pulley attached to the handle rolls up inside the drive system and pulls the fan blades with each stroke. Chain drives are a bit noisier than belt drives, but they are the tried and true classic means of powering a manual air rower.
  • 5.5” Blue backlit screen
    • The backlit monitor has bright blue digital numbers for easy visibility. The display is adjustable so you can set it at the right height when rowing.
  • Display modes include: Exercise, Force Curve, Bar Chart, Race HIIT
    • Programs: Manual Mode, Goal Selection, Race Mode, HIIT Workouts
    • Console Readouts: Goal time, distance, watts, calories, pulse, race, HIIT
  • The LifeSpan RW7000 has an impressive lifetime warranty on the frame!
    • It also offers a 5 year warranty on parts and 2 years for labor. This is more extensive coverage than we see on other rowers, so it is a great warranty!


  • Dimensions: 98.4” L x 24.7” W x 48” H
  • Monorail is black powder coated with an aluminum surface
  • Contoured, U-shaped seat
  • 19” seat height is easy to get on and off
  • Hybrid air rowing machine with adjustable eddy current magnetic resistance
  • Rower weighs 118 pounds
  • Max user weight 350 pounds
  • Chain drive


  • 5.5” Blue backlit screen
  • Display is adjustable
  • Display modes include: Exercise, Force Curve, Bar Chart, Race HIIT
  • Programs: Manual Mode, Goal Selection, Race Mode, HIIT Workouts
  • Console Readouts: Goal time, distance, watts, calories, pulse, race, HIIT
  • 16 Levels of Resistance preprogrammed into console


  • Lifetime: Frame Warranty
  • 5 Years: Parts Warranty
  • 2 Years: Labor Warranty

Quick Summary

The LifeSpan RW7000 rower provides a great in-home rowing workout on a comfortable machine. Rowing is the ultimate low-impact workout. It works all the major muscle groups in the body. Strong rowing form is powered by the legs, with core, back, and arm muscle systems working cohesively to complete each stroke. The ergonomic seat, smooth rowing movement, easy to hold handlebar, and comfortable geometry make the RW7000 both comfortable and functional. The lifetime warranty on frame is also a definite plus! Check out our in-depth review below for a more detailed analysis of the RW7000.

LifeSpan Rower RW7000

In-depth Review of RW7000



LIfeSpan RW7000 frame

The RW7000 is a strong, hefty piece of equipment. Designed to fold in half, the main frame is constructed of steel rail with soft molded seat and ergonomic pedals with nylon straps. It weighs 120 pounds with much of the weight in the front end due to the monitor. Folding it up is not difficult, but be careful to manage the weight of the screen as you lift the center handle.


  • Total Footprint: 98.4” L x 24.7” W x 48” H
  • Rail length: The track is 38” from front to back
  • Rail height: From the floor to the top of the seat is 19”
  • Saddle: The saddle is molded for comfort and slightly tapered.
  • Max weight: 350 pounds
  • Max height: 6’8”
  • Polar Chest Strap Compatible


LifeSpan RW7000 foot pedals
The pedals are reinforced by a sturdy footboard underneath and a molded overlay that holds your shoe securely. The double layer provides stability underfoot while still allowing for a gentle flex and give as you row. A wide nylon strap with velcro secures feet into position. The foot pedal has a flexible heel section that will lift as you pull forward which allows the ankle to flex slightly. This keeps your knees in alignment and creates a smooth feeling through the drive and recovery. The adjustable molded overlay is textured so your shoe doesn’t shift and has several positions which should accommodate all shoe sizes.


LifeSpan RW7000 chain drive
The RW7000 handle is gently cushioned for a very comfortable hold. The handle is plenty wide and just thick enough for a good hand-hold. The proper hand grip allows for longer rowing routines without hand fatigue. The surface is sweat and moisture resistant and can be wiped down to sanitize. The RW7000 uses a chain drive system which requires minimal maintenance, but it can be noisier than comparable belt drives.


The RW7000 seat is contoured and slightly cushioned. It slides gently from front to back. The rail is smooth which makes rowing feel second-nature on the gliding saddle. The monorail is supportive underneath and the saddle has a contoured surface for comfort.


LifeSpan RW7000 rower flywheel
The flywheel sits at the front of the machine. The chain drive extends from the flywheel and connects to the handle, so when you pull, the blades inside the flywheel spin to move air. The movement of the air creates resistance. The harder you pull, the more resistance is generated. The flywheel is not quite as large as on the Concept2 rower, but it is supplemented by magnetic resistance as well.


16 Preset Levels
The digital resistance levels on the RW7000 allow users to customize a workout. You get accurate and consistent resistance at each level which translates to correct metrics and wattage output. Air resistance is the preferred method of resistance on a competitive indoor rower, but the addition of magnetic resistance allows for more targeted training without adding more noise.

The magnetic resistance is adjusted via the touch dial on the console. The RW7000 doesn’t have a damper like other air rowers, but again, since you have magnetic preset levels, the need for a damper is reduced.



LifeSpan RW7000 main screen
5.5” Backlit Display screen
The touchscreen hovers over the flywheel just above the rower’s feet. This position makes it easy to see and touch when needed.
Screen Display
At the top of the screen are the indicators for HIIT training. This displays:

  • Target value of your stroke rate (how hard you are pulling each stroke)
  • Stroke rate in strokes per minute
  • An Exercise window will display: Exercise, Force Curve or Bar Chart as desired.

Beneath that you find a Dox Matrix Profile Window for Programs P1-P9 with the following data:

  • Zero Rate
  • Slow Stroke Rate
  • Moderate Stroke Rate
  • Quick Stroke Rate

The Data Display window shows:

  • Watt average
  • Time/500m Average
  • Time
  • Pulse
  • Calories
  • Resistance Level
  • Distance

The screen is easy to see and the numbers are bright blue. Some of the metrics are a bit small in size, so for those with vision problems, some of the screen may be quite small. But the display provides the info needed for each program.
LifeSpan RW7000 console screens

Training Programs

  • P1: Manual Mode
    • To select P1 in the dot matrix window press the enter button. Adjust the resistance level by rotating the touch dial and press enter to confirm selection. Start rowing to begin the program.
  • P2: Timed Goal
    • Turn the touch dial until P2 shows in the dot matrix window and press the enter button. Adjust time and resistance level by rotating the touch dial and press enter to confirm selection. Start rowing to begin the program. This program challenges users to row for a set amount of time.
  • P3: Calorie Goal
    • Access this program via the touch dial, the same as P1 and P2. This allows users to set a calorie goal and row until you meet that target output.
  • P4: Distance Goal
    • Like calorie and time, the distance goal challenges the user to row for a set distance. When that goal is achieved, an arrival flag shows up on the screen.
  • P5: Race
    • The Race program pits the user against a race boat that is displayed on the screen. You try to keep up with and beat the other boat.
  • P6: HIIT Training – 20 minute beginner program
    • Preset beginner program for those new to HIIT training on a rower.
  • P7: HIIT Training – 20 minute intermediate program
    • Enhance your skills with a more advanced 20 minute HIIT program.
  • P8: HIIT Training – 30 minute intermediate program
    • With time, users can move on to the longer programs for HIIT training
  • P9: HIIT Training – 30 minute advanced program
    • The most advanced program in the console, this is designed to challenge the strongest rowers.


There is no powered fan in the console

Tablet/Phone holder
There isn’t a phone or tablet holder on the RW7000.

Noise Level

The noise isn’t terrible, but it is present. Be aware that the movement of air through the flywheel does cause some “whirring” noise. It’s subtle and doesn’t sound like a grating motor noise; it’s more like having a fan on. This is much quieter than a standard air rower since the magnetic resistance helps reduce a bit of the noise. However, air rowers are known to be one of the noisier exercise machines, so the RW7000 is no different.

Storage / Folding

LIfeSpan RW7000 folded rower
When not folded, the RW7000 is a long machine. It isn’t very wide at just 24” in width, but it extends out 98” when fully open. LifeSpan recommends having a distance of 2 feet clearance behind and to either side of the machine. You will need a significant amount of floor space to open and then use the rower appropriately.

The rower folds up in half lengthwise. It is a little tricky to fold since it is so long. But wheels under the front mount engage when the rower is lifted so you can roll it gently as needed.

LifeSpan Rower RW7000

Bottom Line:

The LifeSpan RW7000 rower is a quality hybrid rower for residential or commercial use. LifeSpan also offers the RW1000 which is more of an entry-level rower. The RW7000 is well built and sturdy with an impressive lifetime warranty on the frame. The rower monorail and seat are slightly elevated at 19” off the floor, which makes this easier to get on and off. This is helpful for those who may have limited mobility or users who may need to transfer from a chair. The height helps a lot when getting on and off the machine. The hybrid design on the RW7000 allows users to maximize rowing power by modifying their row stroke. Instant responsive resistance is one of the main benefits of air rowing. However, LifeSpan also includes magnetic resistance so users can add or remove resistance as desired using the touch dial. This makes it so you get the benefits of air rowing with the added functionality of magnetic levels. The RW7000 is priced at $1200, just a bit more than the Concept2 rowers that hover around $1000. You are getting more targeted rowing levels on the RW7000, but it still can’t quite compete with the Concept2. However, this is a great rower for those who want magnetic resistance on a slightly raised seat with a comfortable drive. The monitor is sufficient with several training programs for HIIT. If you are in the market for a good rower that will fold in half when you are finished, the LifeSpan RW7000 is a great option.