MYX Fitness Exercise Bike Review – 2021

Kristen NelsonKristen Nelson

Last Updated: January 10, 2021

The MYX Exercise Bike is another Peloton bike alternative with a 21.5” touchscreen, subscription content and sturdy build. Like Peloton, the MYX bike showcases indoor cycling classes on the touchscreen — it just does it for about $1000 less. One thing we like about the MYX is the subscription programming is more you vs you rather than you vs everyone else in the western hemisphere. MYX uses heart rate training as the fundamental module, rather than competition or a leaderboard. The MYX bike pits you against yourself to enhance your conditioning with quick HIIT routines and combined strength training. The touchscreen swivels so you can see it when you’re off of the bike for floor workouts as well. In this Spec Review, we’ll take a look at the MYX bike to see what it has (and doesn’t have) to offer for that impressively affordable price.

Myx fitness exercise bike review 2021

The MYX Bike comes in either white or charcoal. You can upgrade to the MYX Plus package which includes weights, a mat, a foam roller and a kettlebell.

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Who It’s For: Cyclists who want functional indoor training on an affordable studio cycle

If you want customized training that uses your heart rate as a training tool, the MYX bike is a good option. This bike is well-suited for those who:

  • Want interactive programming for a reasonable price
  • Are okay with friction resistance (rather than magnetic resistance)
  • Want something smooth and streamlined but also simple
  • Desire both cycling and off-bike strength training classes
  • Want something Peloton-esque but are willing to opt for an alternative
  • Desire the benefits of low-impact cycling
  • Need workout equipment that is compact and quiet
  • MYX offers both the MYX Bike and MYX Plus package, so you can just buy the bike or upgrade and get 6 weights, a mat, HR chest strap, foam roller and resistance band for $200 more. This way, customers who don’t need the extra stuff aren’t stuck paying for it.
  • The MYX Bike is a good option for those who want an affordable but still interactive at-home training experience.
  • Heart Rate Training is a very precise way to evaluate your overall exertion and fitness as well as assess cardiovascular gains over time.
  • The bike has a 150 pound steel frame and a 350 pound max user weight. This is an impressive weight capacity. The Peloton bike only supports 300 pounds, so the MYX is better for larger users.
  • We like the inclusion of off-bike workouts for strength training. Also, the fact that you can buy the weights and a kettlebell as an add-on is a handy feature. There is currently a backorder on all fitness equipment due to Covid so finding something as simple as the right dumbbells or a kettlebell can take months.
  • The monthly subscription is $29 for MYX rather than $39 for Peloton.
  • Two bike color options. This may not matter to many people but this is the only subscription bike we are aware of that is offered in two different colors: white or charcoal.
  • This bike is new and untested. Like all new designs, this will take some time to fully determine the quality and durability. We currently don’t have any data on what to expect from MYX long-term.
  • The classes and content are not quite as engaging or challenging as Peloton.
  • This is a rather limited warranty. Only one year coverage on the frame isn’t overly reassuring.

MYX Bike

Spec Overview of the MYX Bike


The MYX Bike is 150 pounds so it is a sturdy bike with a 41 pound flywheel. Based on the footprint and build, this appears to be a solid bike. It has four levelers and two transport wheels so it can be rolled as needed


The handlebars are wide and should provide enough span for those with wide shoulders. The handlebars are not padded, however, and they can get uncomfortable on longer rides. Throwing a hand towel or something soft over the top of the bars makes them more comfortable – especially if you lean forward and rest on the handles while riding.

Hybrid Pedals

The MYX Bike has hybrid pedals with an SPD clip on one side and a standard, flat pedal on the other that has a cage and adjustable strap. This allows riders who already own or prefer SPD cycling shoes to use those – or you can ride with any athletic shoe using the flat side of the pedal. This opens up options for different riders so you don’t have to have cycling shoes, but you have that option if desired.

21.5” Touchscreen

The addition of a touchscreen always takes the quality of a bike up a notch. This touchscreen lacks some of the crisp HD 1080 graphics you get on the Peloton, but it’s certainly adequate and makes riding the bike that much more enjoyable. As with any subscription service, you need to plug it in to a wall outlet and have a viable wifi connection to use the subscription content or touchscreen.

Friction Resistance; Resistance Knob

This is one area where you can tell MYX reduced production costs. Rather than magnetic resistance which is calibrated using frictionless magnets, the MYX bike uses old fashioned friction resistance. This is generated by a felt padown on the flywheel to create tension. This is the type of resistance often found on indoor spin bikes and works just fine. It does create a bit more noise because of the pad rubbing on the wheel, but this is usually very subtle. Also, over time the pads can wear out, but they are easily replaced. The disadvantages are there are no preset digital resistance levels, so you have to use RPE (rate of perceived exertion) while riding. The instructor will give a range of difficulty — like 4 out of 10 — rather than cue a specific resistance level. You then turn the dial up to what feels to you like about 40%. Again, this is the cueing done in most spin classes, so it’s not challenging — it’s just not as precise. Also, because there is no cadence sensor on the flywheel you don’t know your speed or RPM’s while riding.

Bluetooth Speakers

The screen does have Bluetooth speakers and you can also connect via wireless headphones.

white myx plus 2048x

Here you can see the full MYX Plus package.


The MYX Plus package comes with six dumbbells and one kettlebell. The weights do not sit on the bike. Instead, weight and strength training classes are conducted on the floor mat so you don’t need them on the bike. MYX also offers stretching, foam roller and yoga classes. The MYX Plus package is designed to provide all the basics for a home gym — not just cycling with a few 3 pound hand weights.

Tablet/Phone holder

There is no tablet holder nor is there really any place to set a tablet or phone. You could put your phone in one of the water bottle holders, but it may slip out.

Water Bottle Holders

There are two cup holders on either side of the handlebar post. These are a bit flimsy and may not hold a hydroflask or other heavy water bottle, but they’ll support plastic bottles. This is an important safety feature on a bike because it is not a good idea to reach down off the bike to pick up a water bottle off the floor. Even though you’re exercising at home, having water bottles close by and within a safe reach is important.

App Content

The MYX app provides classes that are 10 minutes, 30 minutes and 45 minutes. There are several tutorials about heart rate zone training and equipment overview. Class categories include: Bike, Floor, Mindful, Cross-Training and MYX Media. You can also filter by instructor, length, level of difficulty, type and music. The MYX Media tab includes outdoor landscape rides, Coach Diaries with short interviews with the MYX trainers, and Mat Chats that are short videos on health and wellness topics. You also get an overview of your classes, progress, calories burned, workouts done, and scheduled workouts, etc.

In general, the content of the MYX app is pretty good. It isn’t as engaging or motivating as the Peloton classes — the MYX instructors are a bit more subdued. It feels like the coaches are regular people rather than celebrities. Also, we like how the classes are based on heart rate zones which encourage you to work in certain zones rather than always compete against each other. There is no Leaderboard. During class, there is a colored box on the left side of the screen that depicts your heart rate zone. The zones are: Blue (easy), Green (moderate), Orange (difficult). These zones are personalized based on your profile (age, gender) and your average heart rate while riding.

MYX Bike

Bottom Line :

The MYX Bike is a good option for those who want a solid bike with an attached touchscreen and subscription content. The bike uses friction rather than magnetic resistance and classes are taught using heart rate zones rather than set resistance levels. As far as an at-home-gym, the MYX Plus package offers dumbbells and a kettlebell, which can be hard to find right now due to Covid, so this is actually a good deal. The MYX content is easy to navigate and the classes are pretty good. The instructors aren’t quite as engaging as those in other programs, but they do the job. The floor classes provide a well-rounded workout so it isn’t all just cycling. If you are looking for a quality bike that is a well-priced alternative to the Peloton bike, the MYX is a viable option.