MYX Fitness Exercise Bike Review

March 15, 2021

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Chances are, if you’ve been looking into exercise bikes, you’ve come across the MYX Bike. This new bike is a welcome addition to the market with two color options, a 22” attached touchscreen, inexpensive app ($29/month), and affordable price tag with a great accessory package! The touchscreen is impressively clear and there are lots of class options. The bike also has four adjustment points including a forward/back handlebar adjustment for those who need more headroom. Most bikes with touchscreens do not have this option. Let’s dive into what the MYX bike has to offer!

MYX Fitness bike review

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Who It’s For: Cyclists who want functional indoor training on an affordable studio cycle

If you want customized training that uses your heart rate as a training tool, the MYX bike is a good option. This bike is well-suited for those who:

  • Want interactive programming for a reasonable price
  • Are okay with friction resistance (rather than magnetic resistance)
  • Want something smooth and streamlined but also simple
  • Desire both cycling and off-bike strength training classes
  • Want something Peloton-esque but are willi
  • ng to opt for an alternative
  • Desire the benefits of low-impact cycling
  • Need workout equipment that is compact and quiet

Our Video Review

  • MYX offers both the MYX Bike and MYX Plus package, so you can just buy the bike or upgrade and get 6 weights, a mat, HR chest strap, foam roller and resistance band for $200 more. This way, customers who don’t need the extra stuff aren’t stuck paying for it.
  • The MYX Bike is a good option for those who want an affordable but still interactive at-home training experience.
  • The bike has a 150 pound steel frame and a 350 pound max user weight. This is an impressive weight capacity. The Peloton bike only supports 300 pounds, so the MYX is better for larger users.
  • We like the inclusion of off-bike workouts for strength training. Also, the fact that you can buy the weights and a kettlebell as an add-on is a handy feature. There is currently a backorder on all fitness equipment due to Covid so finding something as simple as the right dumbbells or a kettlebell can take months.
  • The monthly subscription is $29 for MYX rather than $39 for Peloton.
  • Two bike color options. This may not matter to many people but this is the only subscription bike we are aware of that is offered in two different colors: white or charcoal.
  • This bike is new and untested. Like all new designs, this will take some time to fully determine the quality and durability.
  • Uses friction resistance, so there aren’t pre-set resistance levels
  • This is a rather limited warranty. Only one year coverage on the frame isn’t overly reassuring.

MYX Bike

Bike Specs


  • Frame: Durable, rust proof Star Trac bike
  • Stabilizers: Front and rear stabilizers hold bike securely
  • Saddle: Racing style, narrow design, light padding
  • Pedals: Hybrid flat pedal + SPD clip
  • Flywheel: 41 lbs
  • Footprint: 21” W x 55” L x 47” H
  • Bike Weight: 150 lbs
  • Max Weight: 350 lbs


  • Screen: 21” Touchscreen, adjustable
  • Subscription: MYX Heart Rate Zone cycling classes with strength training
  • WiFi: Required for use
  • Bluetooth: Enabled to sync with included HR arm strap
  • Speakers: Yes
  • Fan: No


  • Resistance: Friction Resistance; Resistance Knob
  • Four adjustments: Seat up/down and forward/aft, Handlebars up/down and forward/aft
  • Weights: SPRI Weights included with MYX Plus
  • Pedals: Hybrid flat and SPD
  • Seat: Padded racing saddle


  • 1 year warranty

In Depth Review of the MYX Fitness Bike

MYX Fitness Bike Plus package

MYX App: $29/month

A monthly $29 MYX membership gets you up to five profiles. MYX has an impressive database of classes and content that is regularly updated. The screen is clear and the background is pleasant. While it doesn’t have the same studio-feel as in the Peloton or iFit app, I like how the filming studio looks clean and organized. There isn’t too much going on behind the instructor.


Along the top of the screen you can select what type of workout you would like: Bike, Floor, Recovery, Cross-Training, and MYX Media. Classes can then be filtered by instructor, length, difficulty and music. Under the Bike tab, you’ll find all the indoor class rides. The Floor tab displays strength workouts using equipment in the Plus package. The Recovery category is mostly yoga with a few meditation sessions. Cross-Training is half on the bike and half on the floor. MYX media includes some proprietary content, landscape rides and even a news channel!

MYX Bike main menu

I am impressed with the content on the MYX app. The bike classes are all filmed in the same studio — it kind of reminds me of a yoga studio with some greenery, a minimalist feel, and clean lines. During cycling classes a blue light changes the feel a bit, but it’s the same studio. This is not a class setting as there are no other participants, you only see the instructor.

The floor classes utilize equipment provided in the Plus package – and for $200 I think this is a good deal. The equipment is high quality, MYX branded, and just what you’ll need for all the floor workouts. There are lots of different strength training workouts in the Floor tab.

Recovery classes are mostly stretching, a bit of yoga, and even some meditation classes. These are usually pretty short, between 10-20 minutes, but they provide a nice cool down session after a strength class or ride.

Under the MYX Media you can find outdoor landscape rides up to 60 minutes long and Mat Chats, which are short videos focused on health and wellness. There is even a news site called “Newsy” for up to date national news. The landscape rides are the only manual option, so load one of those if you want to do your own ride.

Training Data
The classes are based on heart rate zones which encourage you to work in certain zones rather than compete against other riders. There is no Leaderboard. During class, a box on the left side of the screen depicts your heart rate zone. The zones are: Blue (easy), Green (moderate), Orange (difficult).

These zones are personalized based on your profile (age, gender) and your average heart rate while riding. There is a calorie meter, but unless you are using the armband heart rate strap, these are an estimate and not very accurate. There’s no data for wattage, cadence, RPM’s, distance, speed, etc. MYX classes are designed around heart rate training, which in many ways is the best estimate of your overall exertion and calorie burn. But riders who are used to seeing distance, speed, wattage, etc., may miss these features.

The instructors themselves are engaging and friendly. Most are easy to follow and provide good cueing and instruction. Each instructor has his/her own personality. Some will use different cues to increase your resistance, but it’s easy to understand what they mean. I find the MYX instructors to be professional, but (thankfully) they present themselves as celebrities like on other apps.

MYX has included current music with their classes. Each playlist is preselected for the class but you can “skip” up to five songs. This is both good and bad. I’m used to cycling classes that are designed around the music – you increase cadence during fast sections of the chorus and decrease during quieter parts. Similarly, in a typical cycling class, standing up out of the saddle correlates with a beat that matches your pedal cadence. While each class has a specific playlist, the music isn’t correlated with the workout directly – it’s more of a background component. While having a bit of control over the music is a nice option, it makes class a little less interesting for me.



  • Steel Frame
    • The MYX Fitness Bike consists of a steel frame with welded junction points, front mounted wheels, a drive cover and steel handlebars coated with a spongy grip material.
    • The bike weighs 150 pounds, which is heavy enough to create a steady ride but not too heavy to move. It can support up to 350 pounds which is 50-100 pounds more than comparable bikes.
    • This is a compact machine at just 21” wide, 55” long, and 47” high.
    • The bike is recommended for riders from 4’11” to 6’8” tall.
    • There are two stabilizers: one at the front and one at the rear that enhance balance on the bike.
      Beneath each stabilizer are four adjustable levers that can be twisted up or down to make sure your bike sits firmly on the floor and doesn’t rock.
    • Two wheels on the front stabilizer allow the bike to be tilted and rolled when needed.
  • Four Points of Adjustment
    • Seat raises up and down. This seat raises higher than any other bike we’ve compared. It should provide enough span for riders up to 6’8”. It also drops low enough to work for riders under five feet as well.
    • Seat moves forward and aft. The sliding mechanism under the seat is pretty standard but easy to use.
    • MYX Fitness adjustment points

    • Handlebars lift up and down. The handlebars do not raise as high as the seat, but you have several inches of lift should you need it.
    • Handlebars extend forward and back. This is one area where the MYX Bike provides more room than comparable bikes. Most exercise bikes with an attached touchscreen do not have a forward/back option for the handlebars and screen. This is most likely due to the weight of the screen. The MYX bike however, does allow the screen and handlebars to slide forward and back to provide more headroom if needed. When fully extended, the handlebars can feel a little wobbly since they have less support than when they are tucked in closer, but they still work.
  • Geometry
    • The MYX bike is designed like a road bike with the saddle roughly in line with the handlebars so riders hinge at the hips and lean forward. The saddle is positioned over the pedal cranks and the handlebars are just above the flywheel. This “square” design makes for a very evenly spaced fit that feels much like an outdoor road bike. Users should find the design of the MYX to be familiar and easy to use.
  • Plug
    • The MYX bike has a power port at the top of the front stabilizer. This bike requires a power outlet to operate. The plug has an adapter and will work with any standard wall outlet. The only thing to consider is you have to be close enough to a wall outlet for the cord to reach. Once you are done riding, you can unplug and store the cord elsewhere for safety if needed.

41lb FlyWheel

The 41lb flywheel on the MYX creates a smooth pedal stroke and fluid motion while riding. Since an indoor bike does not have any external momentum to keep the wheel spinning, these bikes are designed with a weighted flywheel that gains and maintains inertia as it spins. If a flywheel is underweighted, it can lag on the backend without enough momentum to pull it through the full rotation. Less expensive bikes typically have lighter flywheels which may translate into a jerky pedal motion. The heavy 41lb flywheel on the MYX bike also has an inertia-enhanced design that maintains a fluid motion throughout the pedal stroke.

MYX Fitness Bike flywheel

Weighted flywheels also provide more support (due to the added weight) when standing out of the saddle. For those riders who like to stand up, having a weighted flywheel helps in this position as well.


Comfort and Design
The MYX saddle is suitably padded. It doesn’t look super padded, but it’s surprisingly comfortable. The saddle on the MYX bike is preferable for long rides since it reduces friction points on the inner thigh and groin area and reduces sweat and/or moisture build up. Wide padded saddles can lead to an increased risk of saddle sores and raw spots while an overly slim saddle with minimal padding will obviously be uncomfortable for most riders.

MYX Bike saddle

If you are new to indoor cycling, the saddle may feel a bit uncomfortable at first, but after a few rides (and increased glute definition) you will get used to it. You can always add a gel seat cover if desired.

Two Seat Adjustments
You can raise and lower the saddle as well as move it forward and aft. Ideal positioning keeps a gentle 25-35 degree bend in the knee with the foot flat in the pedal. Seat adjustment on the MYX bike is adequate. There are measurements on both the seat tube and saddle carriage so you can find the right setting each time. This is especially helpful for households with multiple riders. The MYX bike uses pop-pin levers to adjust the seat up and down and has a knob to move the saddle forward and aft. Once you have adjusted your saddle height where you want it, pull the pin out and you should be able to twist the lever back out of the way so it doesn’t graze your leg while riding.


MYX Bike handlebars

The handlebars are wide and provide enough span for those with wide shoulders. The handlebars are not padded, however, and they can get uncomfortable on longer rides. Throwing a hand towel or something soft over the top of the bars makes them more comfortable – especially if you lean forward and rest on the handles while riding.

Hybrid Pedals

MYX Bike hybrid pedals

The MYX Bike has hybrid pedals with an SPD clip on one side and a standard, flat pedal on the other that has a cage and adjustable strap. This allows riders who already own or prefer SPD cycling shoes to use those – or you can ride with any athletic shoe using the flat side of the pedal. This opens up options for different riders so you don’t have to have cycling shoes, but you have that option if desired.


The MYX Plus package ($200 upgrade) comes with six dumbbells and one kettlebell. You can select from three weight packages: light (3, 6, 9lb + 15lb kettlebell), medium (6, 9, 12lb + 20lb kettlebell) or heavy (9, 12, 15lb + 25lb kettlebell). The weights do not sit on the bike. Instead, weight and strength training classes are conducted on the floor mat so you don’t need them on the bike. MYX also offers stretching, foam roller and yoga classes. The MYX Plus package also includes an exercise mat, EVA foam roller, and resistance band. The Plus system is designed to provide all the basics for a home gym — not just cycling with a few hand weights. Since so much fitness equipment is backordered right now due to Covid, I think the Plus package is a good deal. The equipment is high quality and doesn’t feel cheap.

Storage Tray

The front storage tray is very firm and wide enough to hold a phone. There’s probably not room for a tablet here, but you won’t need one. The storage tray has two pockets for large water bottles or other things you want close by.


22” Touchscreen

This large touchscreen is the same size as on the Peloton Bike+ and NordicTrack s22i. This is about the largest screen we see on exercise bikes — and certainly all you’ll need.

MYX Bike app main screen

We like touchscreens because they have several benefits. A touchscreen reduces cockpit clutter from buttons, dials, etc. All the bike functionality is pretty much embedded in the touchscreen. This keeps the handlebars clean and reduces the likelihood of sweat dripping down on electronic controls, etc. You select your class, adjust volume and screen settings and other info all on the touchscreen.

Bluetooth Enabled
The MYX bike touchscreen will sync with Bluetooth headphones so you can listen to the classes and music on your headphones.

A heart rate armband is included. This is a vital element to getting the most out of your MYX training experience. Since there is no display data for cadence, wattage, or RPM’s, using a heart rate monitor will help you get specified data readings for your workout. You can also track which zones you work in throughout the session based on your heart rate.

Water Bottle Holders
There are two firm trays just behind the handlebars that will hold two water heavy water bottles or a phone or other accessories as needed. These are wide and very solid.



The overall design and geometry of the MYX are impressive and I found this bike to be comfortable and easy to use. I was a bit concerned about the fact that this uses friction resistance, but pleasantly surprised at how little I could tell. Otherwise, the bike is very comfortable, it has plenty of span for riders of different sizes, and the screen is large, bright and easy to see. I feel the MYX bike is the perfect option for riders who want a touchscreen and good content, but don’t want to unnecessarily pay extra. The MYX instructors are professional and motivating. This didn’t seem like a watered-down knock off of a competitor. The instructors are engaging and personable and the graphics are very crisp.

Friction Resistance

Instead of magnetic resistance which is calibrated using frictionless magnets, the MYX bike uses friction resistance. This is generated by a felt pad that presses down on the flywheel to create tension. This is the type of resistance often found on commercial gym bikes and works just fine. It does create a bit more noise because of the pad rubbing on the wheel, but this is very subtle. Also, over time the pads can wear out, but they are easily replaced.

MYX Bike tension resistance knob

The disadvantages are there are no preset digital resistance levels, so you have to use RPE (rate of perceived exertion) while riding. The instructor will give a range of difficulty — like 4 out of 10 — rather than cue a specific resistance level. You then turn the dial up to what feels to you like about 40%. Again, this is the cueing done in most spin classes, so it’s not challenging — it’s just not as precise. Also, because there is no cadence sensor on the flywheel you don’t know your speed or RPM’s while riding.

Max Resistance
However, I was pleasantly surprised by the friction resistance on the MYX bike because it goes really high. I often get questions about the maximum resistance on an exercise bike since some riders like to challenge themselves with a top-grade hill climb. When I ride most magnetic exercise bikes, I can usually still pedal while seated in the top level of resistance. On the MYX bike, I turned the resistance up so high I was unable to pedal even when standing with my full weight on the pedals — and the knob still had more resistance that could be added. If you are looking for something with maximum resistance, the MYX bike is a good bet. Even for large, powerful and strong riders, you’ll find there’s plenty of resistance on this bike.

Resistance Noise
The MYX bike is also relatively quiet. While the felt pad does create a bit of a rubbing noise as you increase the tension, it is very subtle and not going to disturb those around you. Eating a bag of Cheetos is louder.

Resistance Knob
The resistance knob on the MYX is a little smaller than comparable bikes. It is also color matched to the bike frame, so unlike the other bikes, it is not red. It does still act as a brake though, if you press down on it.

The knob has a + and – symbol on it, indicating that to increase resistance you turn it to the right and to decrease you turn it to the left. The knob is slightly smaller as well, which I liked because I have small hands. Larger riders may find it a bit small.

As I mentioned above, there’s no preset levels or digital readout of your resistance. You can’t see how hard you are pedaling on screen – which is probably why MYX uses heart rate training. Your heart rate is a better indicator of your overall exertion than the resistance level anyway.

Storage / Folding

The MYX bike does not fold up. There are wheels under the front stabilizer so you can tip the bike and gently roll it out of the way.

MYX Bike front stabilizer wheels

A bike mat under the bike will keep it secure on the floor (so it doesn’t walk) and it will reduce floor vibration and noise as well.

MYX Bike

Bottom Line:

The MYX Fitness bike is a well-built exercise bike that is affordable, relatively quiet and provides the full library of training content. This bike is a good option for anyone who wants something inexpensive, comfortable and low-impact. Since it doesn’t take up much space, the MYX bike is a good choice for anyone who lives in an apartment or other shared space and wants something compact. MYX offers both cycling classes, and off-bike classes such as strength training, stretching and yoga so it can be used for full body conditioning. If you want to avoid the gym, exercise on your own time and in the comfort of your own home, the MYX bike is a great place to start. We love the updated 22” touchscreen! Take a look at the MYX bike today if you are in the market for a tech-enabled bike that is reasonably priced but has similar functionality to the Peloton or NordicTrack exercise bikes.