ProForm Carbon T10 Treadmill Review – 2022

Kristen Nelson

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Last Updated: March 15, 2022

In this review, we’ll look at the new Carbon T10 treadmill from ProForm. The Carbon T10 is part of ProForm’s Plus program which provides the treadmill free of charge when you sign up for a three-year iFit membership. The Carbon T10 is a great treadmill for walking and light jogging. It folds up and is compact so it doesn’t take much space. The 10” touchscreen is also a nice addition to the console which makes it easy to use and keeps the console clean.

ProForm Carbon T10 Treadmill Review 2022

The new ProForm Carbon T10 has wireless connectivity, so it will sync with Bluetooth headphones. iFit also has automated controls which means while you enjoy a program, the incline and speed will adjust for you which allows you to walk hands-free. The 2.75 horsepower motor is also strong enough to support walking, jogging and light running. The ISO Flex cushioning also reduces impact and joint discomfort from walking or jogging. We even like the red shock absorbers along the base of the deck which adds a vibrant quality to the Carbon T10.

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Treadmill Award: Best Free Treadmill

The ProForm Carbon T10 made our list of best treadmills for 2022 as the best free treadmill. The Carbon T10 is new addition to the ProForm treadmill lineup and is a great option for people looking for a cheap option for a treadmill.

Who It’s For: Users looking for a compact, folding treadmill that you can get for free with a 3-year subscription to iFit

The ProForm Carbon T10 is best for users who:

  • Would like a 10” touchscreen
  • Smaller users or those who plan to walk since the walking surface is 20” wide by 55” long
  • Have limited space since this is a compact treadmill
  • Need something that folds up
  • Are looking for a treadmill that will work on an upper floor since it is slightly lighter weight and also quiet
  • Are interested in walking, jogging and some light running
  • Will use and enjoy all the iFit classes and outdoor routes
  • Appreciate the ISO Flex cushioning

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  • Comes free with a 3-year subscription to iFit
  • Compact and lightweight, folds up when you are finished
  • Has a 10-year warranty on the frame
  • Features ISO Flex cushioning in the deck
  • Bright 10” touchscreen
  • iFit includes 16,000 workouts for walking, hiking, jogging and off-treadmill classes as well
  • Screen size may be slightly small for users with limited vision
  • We don’t recommend this for extensive training
  • The deck is only 20” wide and 55” long so it may not work for all users

Best Free Treadmill 2022 - ProForm Carbon T10

Treadmill FunctionsSpecifications
  • Great for walking
    • If you are looking for an affordable treadmill for walking, the Carbon T10 is a great option. It folds up, has a relatively compact footprint when open, is quiet and has wheels so it can be gently rolled out of the way when needed. The 2.75HP motor is well-suited for gentle walking, a brisk pace, power walking, jogging and short speed intervals.
  • Good for smaller spaces
    • ProForm has streamlined much of the design to make this an ideal option for anyone who lives in an apartment, condo, shared space or upstairs floor. The Carbon T10 weighs 220 pounds so it’s sturdy but not as heavy as other treads that are nearly impossible to get upstairs.
    • The total footprint of the Carbon T10 is 36” wide by 75” deep and 64” tall.
  • Works for jogging
    • If you are looking for something that will support light jogging, the Carbon T10 works well. The 2.75HP motor will go up to 10mph and the deck has the ISO Flex cushioning system. While we don’t recommend this machine for those who plan to do extensive, long distance running, it is well-suited for jogging at a 6 to 7mph pace. Quick intervals above that are easily managed as well.
  • Not recommended for running
    • While ProForm has updated several features on the Carbon T10, the motor is within the range we recommend for jogging and walking. We recommend those who want to run faster than 6mph for more than 3miles take a look at the Pro 2000 which has a 3.25HP motor.
  • Aids with cardiovascular training
    • The combination of incline options and speed variables make this a good treadmill for cardiovascular training. You can stay aerobic and comfortably in that fat burning zone while you walk briskly on a 10% incline. This allows users to stay low-impact but still get a good workout. Cardiovascular training conditions both the heart, lungs while your legs work to move you along. Increased blood flow to the extremities increases circulatory efficiency even when you’re not exercising.
  • iFit includes Strength Training options
    • In addition, iFit includes strength classes you can do off the treadmill. There are class options that include weight equipment such as dumbbells and resistance bands or iFit also includes body weight resistance options. You can strengthen and tone your whole body using your iFit subscription so the Carbon T10 isn’t just for cardio exercise.
  • The Carbon T10 is a good tool for weight loss
    • When you exercise your daily caloric needs increase because exercising increases your body’s demands for nutrients, blood and oxygen. If you carefully regulate your daily calorie intake to be just less than what you burn, you can facilitate weight loss. Regular, gentle exercise is the most effective way to achieve and maintain weight loss over time. When used regularly with varied iFit classes and training, the Carbon T10 is a good tool to help achieve your weight loss goals.


  • 2.75 CHP Mach Z Motor
  • 10mph Max Speed
  • 0 to 12% Incline
  • 20” Wide x 55” Long running surface
  • ISO Flex Cushioning
  • 1.9” Rollers
  • Compact Design
  • Treadmill weight 220lbs
  • Max weight capacity 300lb


  • 10” HD Smart Touchscreen
  • 3-Year iFit® Family Plan Membership Included ($468 Value)**
  • Bluetooth®1 Audio Capabilities
  • CoolAire Fan
  • Automatic Trainer Control


  • 10-Year Frame Warranty
  • 1-Year Parts Warranty
  • 1-Year Labor Warranty


The ProForm Carbon T10 is a good deal for those who want to use iFit. Since the machine comes free when you sign up for a 3-year iFit subscription, it is a good option for those who are looking for something with quality content and a touchscreen. This machine is ideal for those who need something simple and efficient with impressive tech at a reasonable price. It has a lower overall weight than comparable models, so the Carbon T10 works well for those who live in an apartment or on an upper floor.

In-depth Review: ProForm Carbon T10 Treadmill 2022


The Carbon T10 inclines to 12%, has a 10mph max speed, includes both preloaded workouts and subscription content, and folds up when you are done. It is also relatively quiet when in use. This treadmill is excellent for walking, jogging or light running. It works especially well for smaller users of those who live in small spaces.

Incline Range

ProForm Carbon T10 Incline

The 12% incline on the Carbon T10 is one of it’s best features. Variability is a vital component in any training regimen — it helps prevent overuse injuries and ensure muscular balance. On the Carbon T10 you won’t get bored or run out of training options. You can run one long hill, rolling hills, hill intervals, downhill sprints, alternating speed/interval cycles or any other combination. The 12% incline helps strengthen glutes and hamstrings to offset quad dominance and facilitate muscular balance in the lower body.

iFit: 3-Year Subscription with Carbon T10

ProForm Carbon T10 iFit

iFit is the subscription program featured on the Carbon T10. It comes automatically loaded and with over 16,000 different workouts. When you purchase a 3-year membership to iFit, ProForm will send you the Carbon T10 free. Since we anticipate most users will subscribe to iFit anyway, this is a great deal. We have been impressed with iFit’s expanding database of classes and content. iFit includes over 16,000 workouts with different types of classes and training.

  • Studio-based classes include: bootcamp, interval training, and combo routines that alternate strength training with running segments. The trainer provides direction as he/she works alongside you and other participants in the studio. iFit automatically adjusts the speed and incline for you at the direction of the trainer. (You can override this at any point — just hit any QuickControl speed or incline button to adjust as needed.)
  • iFit also offers outdoor routes for hiking, walking and running in any number of exotic places. I joined the program: Hannah Eden takes Iceland which includes ten runs of varying lengths through the Icelandic Mountains. You follow along on the treadmill as she navigates the real terrain just ahead of you. The treadmill automatically inclines and declines to match the actual grade as you run. The scenery is breathtaking and Eden does a good job of keeping it interesting (while also managing to run and breathe). Another favorite was a walking tour I did of downtown London. It was led by Duncan Duff who was delightful with his British accent and insight to all things London.
  • Off-the-treadmill classes are also available. Log into iFit from any tablet or computer and from the Main Menu bar, select the “Daily Workout” tab. It will bring up class options like: kickboxing, yoga, HIIT, dumbbells or Fit in 15 (for when you only have 15minutes). You do not need to be by your treadmill to access these classes, which means you can use iFit even while travelling.

Manual Mode

ProForm Carbon T10 console layout

If you choose not to subscribe to iFit, the Carbon T10 has a manual mode that is easy to use. A white track on a white screen logs your laps and your workout metrics are displayed along the top. Manual mode does not have any preset limits on time so you can run/walk or hike for as long as you would like (most iFit programs are 60 minutes or less).

Noise Level

ProForm Carbon T10 ISO Flex Cushioning
The Carbon T10 belt moves smoothly across the deck and even when running fast it isn’t overly noisy. Balanced with the added cushioning, the belt produces minimal track noise.

Moving / Folding

ProForm Carbon T10 folded vertical
The Carbon T10 folds up easily. Simply grab the steel bar at the base of the deck and lift. Once folded, the deck latches securely in place to clear floor space. There are two wheels under the front legs of the treadmill and when securely locked in a folded position, you can pull the machine towards you and roll it out of the way.



The Carbon T10 is constructed on a steel frame with two steel side beams and a mid-deck cross beam for stability. The grab bar at the end of the deck is also steel and provides a solid grip for folding the treadmill. It feels secure when folded up.

ProForm Carbon T10 Treadmill ISO Flex Cushioning

The red shock absorbers under the deck adds a bit of vibrance to the look of the treadmill. The overall frame is also slightly more compact than comparable models so it is well-suited for smaller homes or a shared apartment, etc.


  • Cushioning/Feel
    • The ISO Flex cushioning under the deck facilitates a balanced toe-off while still providing needed impact absorption. The Carbon T10 was quiet and responsive with appreciable cushioning.
  • Length/Width
    • The 55” long belt on the Carbon T10 is long enough for walking and some jogging. It may not be long enough to taller users or for those who plan to run long, fast speeds. Side rails on the Pro are sturdy black plastic and offer a nice width when stepping off the belt.
  • Belt/Rollers
    • 1.9” balanced rollers move the belt along the deck. Rollers are positioned at both the front and back of the deck to glide the belt along underfoot.


The Carbon T10 has a 2.75 Continuous Horsepower motor. Since the horsepower is continuous, the motor doesn’t need to pause in between adjustments to catch up. The ProForm Carbon T10 can both attain and maintain a set speed while you incline and decline the deck. Running at a quick 6mph pace, I toggled between random incline/decline grades to see if there was any hiccup in the speed. The Carbon T10 was able to hold and maintain a constant speed during any incline adjustment. It also tolerated quick speed adjustments during an interval test. I found this motor to be best suited for brisk walking, light jogging or quick intervals. It works fine for a steady, moderate pace as well. But we don’t recommend it for long distance running or extended training and high speeds.



ProForm Carbon T10 console layout

  • As mentioned, the 10” full-color HD touchscreen is crisp and easy to see. ProForm has also increased the processing speed and user interface on the touchscreen.
  • Layout

    • The touchscreen is front and center on the T10 console. Just beneath the screen are 12 buttons for each incline level. Beneath that are 10 buttons for speed. Power buttons for the fan and volume sit below that. At the base of the main panel is a wide speaker.
    • Two fans sit on either side of the main panel just below the storage pockets. A smaller control panel situated between the fans includes manual buttons for both speed and incline that offer smaller incremental adjustments. The Start, Stop and Safety key are centered on this lower panel.
    • A horizontal bar spans the full console at the base. This does not include heart rate sensors, however,
    • The console is streamlined so the buttons are easy to see and locate. Superfluous buttons that used to be on the console are now embedded in the iFit programming so there’s no excess clutter. The addition of a touchscreen simplifies the console since much of the buttons that used to be on the console are now embedded in the touchscreen. This cleans up the console and keeps it very streamlined and easy to navigate.

    Fans/Other Accessories

  • The T10 has two large fans, a good speaker system and volume control buttons.
  • Storage

    • Two large pockets sit on either side of the console. You could place a large water bottle here or any number of personal items such as a phone, wallet, keys, etc.
    • There isn’t really any place for a tablet. The front of the console is pretty sheer and there’s no lip or ledge to hold a tablet for viewing.

    Best Free Treadmill 2022 - ProForm Carbon T10

    Bottom Line:

    The Carbon T10 is compact, quiet, sporty and folds up when not in use. This particular treadmill is well-suited for those who live in apartments or other smaller spaces. The red shock absorber is a nice touch along the deck. With a generous incline/decline range, good speed options, a 3-year iFit subscription, and a cushioned deck, the Carbon T10 is a great buy.