ProForm Pro 9000 Treadmill Review 2021

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Last Updated: March 3, 2021

The ProForm Pro 9000 has been updated in 2021 with some impressive features that make it quieter, smoother and more responsive. The Pro 9000 has a 22” touchscreen, 3.6HP motor and 20” wide by 60” long deck. This is a high-tech treadmill with ReBound Cushioning, a 12mph max speed and -3% decline and 12% incline. If you are looking for something that is well-powered and works for running, jogging, walking or hiking, the Pro 9000 is a good option. Using this machine can help aid weight loss by stimulating a higher daily calorie burn. It will facilitate cardio conditioning as well as build muscle in your arms, core and especially your legs.

ProForm Pro 9000 Treadmill Review 2021

The ProForm Pro 9000 includes a year of iFit for free with up to five profiles. Homes with multiple users or those who need more intense training will appreciate this motor since it won’t overheat or lag even after extensive use. The Pro 9000 also folds up when you are finished to clear floor space in your home.

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Who It’s For: Users who want both power and tech at an affordable price

The ProForm Pro 9000 is designed for those who:

  • Want a treadmill with an upgraded 22” full color touchscreen
  • Plan to run, walk or jog on a treadmill that folds up
  • Want to train indoors during the off season or walk leisurely while watching a fun iFit program
  • Need a cushioned running surface that absorbs impact shock
  • Will use the impressive incline range that goes up to 12%
  • Appreciate the free 1-year Family Plan membership to iFit — with over 16,000 trainer-led workouts
  • Good for running, walking or hiking
  • Incline training adds variables to target both posterior and anterior leg muscles
  • 22” Upgraded full-color LCD Touchscreen
  • Tech-enhanced console is easy to navigate
  • New updated incline drive reduces noise when the deck is inclining or declining
  • 3.6 Continuous Horsepower MachZ motor will hold speed and power
  • ReBound Pro cushioning in the deck with extra long belt
  • Easy Lift Assist to fold up when not in use to save space in your home
  • Only supports up to 300lbs, so it may not work for all users
  • iFit requires a monthly subscription after the first year

proform pro 9000 treadmill review

Treadmill FeaturesTreadmill Specs
  • Upgraded Console with 22” Touchscreen
    • The upgraded 22” touchscreen is noticeably larger than the previous model. It has faster processing time for faster loading time and fewer issues with buffering or a delay.
  • ReBound Pro Cushioning
    • This cushioning feature reduces foot strike impact by 30% compared to road running — which is a huge benefit! Joint impact and overuse injuries are common in runners as the downward force from each step can be more than double a runner’s weight. The cushioned feel on the Pro 9000 is impressive and noticeable. Gentle flexibility in the deck mitigates foot impact while a stable surface provides a solid toe-off for each step.
  • 1-Year ProForm iFit® membership
    • iFit comes with over 16,000 classes that are Live, indoors, outdoors, off the treadmill and even features TED talks!
  • 12% Incline to -3% Decline
    • Seriously, the 12% incline provides plenty of grade to engage glutes and hamstrings as you hammer out steep hill training. The 12% to -3% incline/decline range also provides multiple training variables at different inclines so you don’t get bored training on a flat road.
  • 0 – 12 MPH Speed
    • 12mph is an impressive speed and probably faster than most of us need. However, a wide speed range matters when running intervals, doing sprints, or training for those fast downhills at the -3% decline. Both the QuickTouch and manual speed adjustments are smooth so there’s no jerkiness when increasing or decreasing speed.
  • SpaceSaver® Design with EasyLift™ Assist
    • The Pro 9000 folds easily using a handlebar at the base of the deck. The deck will lock in place in a vertical position and stays locked when not in use. Unlocking is also easy using a foot-release on the underside of the deck. A hydraulic release system gently brings the deck back down to the floor so you don’t have to worry about it dropping too fast.
  • 3.6 Horsepower grade motor
    • The Pro 9000 is built on a solid frame that houses a 3.6 CHP motor. CHP stands for “continuous horsepower,” which means the motor can sustain and maintain power over a long workout. The self-cooling feature allows it to support back-to-back workouts by multiple users without overheating.
  • Pro 9000 is Bluetooth® Audio and Chest Strap Compatible
    • Bluetooth Audio allows you to pair your phone with the treadmill so you can listen to your music or podcast on the speakers.

2021 Upgrades:

  • Upgraded 22” HD Touchscreen
  • iFit membership free for the first year
  • Automatic Trainer Control
  • Improved HD Graphics Performance
  • Increased Processor Cooling
  • Bluetooth Headphone Connectivity


  • 3.6 HP grade motor
  • 1.9” precision balanced rollers
  • ReBound Pro Cushioning
  • 22” wide x 60” long commercial tread belt
  • Footprint: 36” wide x 77” long x 60” tall
  • 263lb Treadmill weight
  • 300lb Max User weight


  • Upgraded 22” Smart HD Touchscreen
  • Bluetooth® Audio Capabilities
  • Syncs with Bluetooth Wireless Headphones
  • Digitally Amplified Speakers
  • Two water bottle pockets on either side of the console


  • +12% Incline
  • -3% Decline
  • 12 MPH Speed
  • Easy Touch Controls
  • 300 Lb. User Capacity
  • Heart Rate Sensor Grip
  • CoolAire Fan in console
  • SpaceSaver® Design with EasyLift™ Assist


  • 10-Year Frame Warranty
  • 2-Year Parts Warranty
  • 1-Year Labor Warranty

In-depth Review of ProForm Pro 9000


The updated ProForm Pro 2000 is quieter and has a much larger touchscreen than previous models.

The Pro 9000 is good for running

For those who want to run indoors, the Pro 9000 is a good option. This treadmill will work well for runners who want to train safely at home during the off season. The cushioning makes running longer distances more comfortable and the motor and deck provide plenty of power and space.

It is also excellent for walking

The Pro 9000 is also well-suited for walkers since the added cushioning makes it a good option for those with joint issues or mobility limitations. Walking indoors on a cushioned surface can help improve overall mobility and range of motion.

The Pro 9000 can be used for hiking

The combination of the automated incline/decline and iFit outdoor routes makes hiking fun and easy. Simply select a hiking route in iFit and the Automated Trainer Control will automatically incline or decline as you go along. The deck will incline up to 12% which is plenty steep and it declines to -3% so you get a wide range of hill options. We’ll go into more detail about the incline and decline feature below, but if you want to use the Pro 9000 to enjoy outdoor hikes, it is highly functional in this regard.

Provides cross-training options

iFit offers combo classes where you spend some time on the Pro 9000 and then step off for plyometric exercises or strength training. This varied training helps users develop and strengthen muscles throughout the body rather than just in the legs alone.

Strengthens the Cardiovascular system

When you run, jog, walk or hike your muscles have a greater need for oxygen and other nutrients. As a consequence, your heart has to pump more oxygen-rich blood throughout your body, but especially to the large powerhouse muscles in your legs. The harder you work, the higher the oxygen demand. As a result, both your heart rate and your breathing increase during exercise. This heart-lung engagement is called “cardio” (heart) “vascular” (circulation) training. Cardio training is an important part of overall fitness. The more you engage and train this system, the more efficient it becomes at providing oxygen. Like any muscle, your heart is strengthened with use so it can pump more blood with each beat (stroke volume). Similarly, your lungs can inhale more oxygen with each breath (tidal volume). Those who regularly train the cardiovascular system are able to walk upstairs without getting winded and can engage in challenging exercise for longer without becoming fatigued. Cardiovascular training underscores all other elements of fitness and is an important component in staying healthy throughout your life.

Helps strengthen muscles in your legs

In addition to strengthening the cardiovascular system, working out on a treadmill also strengthens the working muscles in the legs, core and arms. Muscular development occurs as you swing your arms, stay upright and balance with your core, and walk forward with your legs. While this type of training does not create hypertrophy similar to strength training, it is a good way to gently strengthen those muscles used in daily activities. The large muscles in the legs such as the quadriceps and hamstrings require significant nutrients and oxygen. As you strengthen these muscles, you will increase your daily caloric need which stimulates a higher metabolism.

The ProForm Pro 9000 is good for weight loss

Since using a treadmill increases cardiovascular conditioning and gently strengthens working muscles, it also increases your body’s daily need for oxygen and other nutrients. This increases your need for calories as fuel. Everyone knows that working out burns calories, which is why we do it! This is why treadmills are a good option for those who want to lose weight. Simply by increasing your daily activity, you can facilitate weight loss. Too often people think that they have to work out harder, longer and more intensely to achieve weight loss. However, simple, easy activities like brisk walking, hiking, and light jogging will also promote weight loss as long as you maintain a calorie deficit (burn more than you eat). So whether you are a fit marathoner training for your next event or a busy mom who wants to drop a few pounds, the ProForm Pro 9000 treadmill is a great tool for achieving your desired weight loss.


+12% Incline to -3% Decline range

The ProForm Pro 9000 inclines and declines so you don’t have to just walk on a flat road. The combination of up/down movements adds variability and makes the Pro 9000 fun for hiking routes.

  • There are several benefits to a wide incline/decline range. Varying the height of the track allows runners to engage different muscle groups. When working on an incline, you engage glute and hamstring muscles to offset quad dominance. Working a gentle decline is great for downhill training, strengthening the knees and quads, and active recovery after a hard workout.
  • The Incline options support varied training. If you are training for a hilly marathon course, you need a treadmill that can help you train in real-world conditions. The Pro 9000 does this nicely with smooth adjustments and lots of variability.
  • Positioning: Be aware, when level at 0%, the treadmill deck sits 10” off the ground.When declined below 0%, it drops below that (so keep toys and stuff out from under the treadmill). When fully inclined at 15%, the top of the deck pivots to 17” off the ground. You will need an extra two-feet of overhead space to provide room for yourself while running on an incline. If you plan to put your treadmill in a small room or garage, check for low ceilings. I’d recommend 8’ ceiling clearance to be safe.

ReBound Pro Cushion

  • The ReBound Pro cushioning reduces foot impact by 30% as opposed to outdoor surfaces, which means running doesn’t have to be painful. I find I can run longer and get more out of my workout when running on a cushioned treadmill deck. After completing a workout, I noticed less leg soreness and fatigue than I would normally experience outdoors.
  • iFit Subscription: iFit free for 1st year

    When you purchase a ProForm Pro 9000, it comes with the fitness app iFit free for the first year. iFit has over 16,000 classes with the following options.

    • Studio-based classes: bootcamp, interval training, and combo routines that alternate strength training with running segments. The trainer provides direction as he/she works alongside you and other participants in the studio. iFit automatically adjusts the speed and incline for you at the direction of the trainer. (You can override this at any point — just hit any QuickControl speed or incline button to adjust as needed.)
    • Walk, Run or Hike in any number of exotic outdoor locales. I joined the program: Hannah Eden takes Iceland which includes ten runs of varying lengths through the Icelandic Mountains. You follow along on the treadmill as she navigates the real terrain just ahead of you. The treadmill automatically inclines and declines to match the actual grade as you run. The scenery is breathtaking and Eden does a good job of keeping it interesting (while also managing to run and breathe).
    • Off-the-treadmill classes are also available. Log into iFit from any tablet or computer and from the Main Menu bar, select the “Daily Workout” tab. It will bring up class options like: kickboxing, yoga, HIIT, dumbbells or Fit in 15 (for when you only have 15minutes). You do not need to be by your treadmill to access these classes, which means you can use iFit even while traveling.
    • Be advised, you need WiFi to use the Pro 9000 – even if you don’t use iFit. When you first set up your treadmill, the screen will prompt you to log in and connect to your personal network. It will then automatically reconnect whenever you turn on the machine. Without WiFi you will not be able to access any of the touchscreen options – except for manual mode.
    • Classes are led by a personal trainer in real locations. Recently, I did a 30-minute interval class and the time flew by! The treadmill automatically adjusts incline and speed so you can run hands-free. I also enjoyed an outdoor Sedonia run through the red hills of Arizona. I followed virtually as a trainer navigated the route, guiding with helpful tips and pointers as we went along.
    • Increased Training Variables: One of the benefits of having so many training options (16,000 different workouts is a lot), is that you can integrate variability into your training without having to go to a gym. You can easily incorporate drills such as rolling hills, intervals, speed, steep grades, etc. Additionally, with added strength training options, you can strengthen antagonist muscles to offset muscular imbalances inherent to running. Yoga and stretching help keep you flexible and strong to avoid that dreaded tight IT band. In my opinion, iFit is definitely worth the investment.

    Preloaded workouts

    • Onboard programs. If you select a pre-loaded route, actual pictures of the landscape move as you run along and the incline adjusts for you. You can also select graph-based Calorie Burn / Incline / Interval / Fat Burn workouts.
    • A white display bar at the top of the screen provides a readout of incline, speed, time, distance and calories burned. You can adjust these options to show the stats that matter to you.
    • Manual option: For the minimalists out there who just want to set a speed and run — you can easily skip the preset programs. When in manual mode, the screen displays a white track to give you an idea of lap speed and distance. The white display bar stays at the top of the screen. This simple mode doesn’t have accompanying audio, so it works great to keep track of your stats while you listen to a podcast or music.

    Construction of the ProForm Pro 9000

    In addition to some impressive features and functionality, the ProForm Pro 9000 has a solid frame and sturdy construction.


  • Built on an all-steel frame, the Pro 9000 has a sturdy feel. With a 10-year frame warranty, ProForm is confident in the design and durability of this machine.
  • Sturdy Deck

    • Deck Size: The 20×60” belt provides enough room for running. This is roughly on par with other folding treadmills. The 60” of length offers enough forward step and kick back length so even taller users should be able to get a full stride on the Pro 9000. It is also plenty of space for walking and hiking as well.
    • Balanced 1.9” Rollers: The rollers pull the belt along the running surface and then underneath the deck. When roller diameter is large, less belt tension is necessary because there is additional surface area to grab the belt and move it along. In machines with smaller rollers, the belt must be strung very tight which wears out the belt and increases foot drag.

    3.6 CHP MachZ self-cooling motor

  • On a treadmill, the motor is the engine that drives the machine — and the 3.6 CHP motor in the Pro 9000 enables the machine to achieve and maintain a smooth pace with even incline adjustments. The motor performed well when I challenged it with multiple speed and incline adjustments. I didn’t lag during speed segments or slow down when adjusting incline.
  • Storage/Folding with EasyLift Assist

    • The Pro 9000 folds up and locks securely. You have to press your foot against the release bar to get the deck to unlatch, so this treadmill is secure when folded. It won’t come unlatched and drop onto children or pets.
    • Folding it is simple: Just grab the bar at the base of the deck and lift. I easily managed with one hand. Once locked in place, the treadmill is stable so it won’t easily tip over and shouldn’t accidentally come unlatched.
    • How to unlock: The locking bar on the underside of the deck has to be pressed with some force to get it to unlatch, so children or pets should not be able to accidentally unlock it or knock it over. Unlocking it is easy, just grab the bar at the base of the deck, press the release bar with your foot, and it will gently unfold on its own using a built-in hydraulic system.


    22” Upgraded full-color Touchscreen

    • The biggest change you’ll notice on the 2021 Pro 9000 is the super-sized 22” touchscreen. This screen really brings the iFit programs to life. I personally love the hiking programs in iFit and the large screen makes such a difference when following a trainer along on an outdoor location.
    • The screen is perfectly lit — not too bright, not too dim. I honestly felt like I was on the road as I ran along. An easy-to-read display bar at the top keeps track of calories, distance, incline, etc. You can toggle through several different display options on the bar and select those most important to you. In all, I found the screen to be one of my favorite components on this treadmill.

    Console Layout

  • The console is easy to navigate. Just below the touchscreen are two rows of buttons for both speed and incline. These are easy to see and reach. While the incline and speed are automated in iFit, you always have the option to override or adjust your pace and incline at any time. Manual buttons for incline and speed are also located on the lower panel which allow for smaller incremental adjustments. The manual button will increase or decrease your speed by .1mph and incline by .5%.
  • Fans

  • Large fans are located on the base of the console. With four power settings, you can select a suitable air flow for your workout. I found the fans to be properly situated, and they were not overly noisy even when run on high.
  • Extra Storage Capacity

  • Four large storage pockets are found on either side of the screen. These will hold a phone, keys, water bottle or other item needed within reach.
  • Overall Performance of the ProForm Pro 9000

    Quiet in use

    The ProForm Pro 9000 is one of the quieter treadmills. We tested it in various scenarios to see how the noise output changed.

    • When running a fast pace: (6mph+) there is more impact on the deck and a bit more noise than when walking. I could still easily hear the trainer and didn’t have to increase the volume of the speakers at any time.
    • Running with the fan on high: There are four fan speeds (low-med-high-auto) so I set it to high and ran hard for five minutes. Once again, even with the fan running and a quick pace, I didn’t find the noise to be annoying. I didn’t have to increase the speaker volume.
    • Difference in impact noise at incline/decline: I tilted the deck all the way up to a 12% grade and ran at 6mph. There was little to no impact noise. When I dropped it to -3% grade there was a bit more impact noise simply because my feet had further to go, but the difference was minimal.

    Smooth Automation between treadmill and app

    The iFit app provides excellent training regimens and the Pro 9000 treadmill responds seamlessly to each program so there’s no lapse between the program and the machine. This allows for a very integrated feel to the overall experience on the ProForm Pro 9000.

    Good for people of all fitness levels

    As we’ve mentioned, the Pro 9000 is good for long distance runners, sprinters, power walkers, gentle walkers, hikers or anyone who wants to improve their training and fitness. This machine is a nice, well-rounded option for users of all fitness levels and abilities.

    proform pro 9000 treadmill review

    Bottom Line:

    The 2021 ProForm Pro 9000 is one of our favorites and definitely a best buy for 2021. We like the upgraded 22” touchscreen which makes a huge difference in the overall experience on this treadmill. If you are looking for something that folds up to save space, the Pro 9000 is a good option since it has a 20” wide and 60” long deck but will fold and lock into place when you’re finished. The free, one-year iFit subscription with running, walking, hiking and strength training workouts enhances the value and interactivity. Those in the market for a quality treadmill with a crisp 22” touchscreen will enjoy the ProForm Pro 9000 treadmill.


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