Sole F85 vs Peloton Tread Treadmill Comparison 2024

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Last Updated: February 29, 2024

A treadmill is an investment in your health and your wallet. With all of the different home treadmills on the internet, it can be hard to determine which one you should buy. That’s where we come in. We’re treadmill experts who try out all kinds of models. We also compare treadmills so if you’re stuck between two, we’ll help you decide the right one. The Sole F85 and Peloton Tread are similar treadmills. They both have touch screens, well-powered motors, and are made for running. In this treadmill comparison, I’ll give insight into what you can expect from each and which treadmill we recommend.

Sole F85 vs Peloton Tread Comparison 2024

The Sole F85 has a new sleek design that’s functional with a folding deck and incline and decline.

Thousands Of Trainer-Led Workouts Taken

The Sole F85 and Peloton Tread come with trainer-led workouts integrated into the touch screens. Whenever we test treadmills like this, we take the workouts to determine what they’re all about and if they’re worth it. Along with being treadmill experts, we’re group fitness instructors. We know what it takes to create and lead a good workout. We’ve also been testing treadmills since 2010. Peloton and Sole are two of the treadmill brands that we’ve used for years. It is with our prior experience with treadmills and in the fitness industry that we’ve created this comparison review.

Pros & Cons of the Sole F85:

Pros Sole F85
  • The 15.6” touch screen includes workout videos led by instructors, streaming apps like Netflix, and screen-mirroring all without requiring an additional subscription fee.
  • The 4.0 HP motor is quiet and powerful enough to handle your toughest workouts with ease.
  • The deck is large and foldable to save room when you’re not using it.
  • This treadmill inclines and declines for versatile training options.
  • The 375 lb weight limit makes it ideal for larger users.
Cons Sole F85
  • The screen doesn’t adjust so it’s harder to use while running.
  • The motor is slower to adjust between speeds and grades than the Tread.

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Pros & Cons of Peloton Tread:

Pros Peloton Tread
  • The large touch screen streams Peloton’s popular training content with a subscription.
  • The motor adjusts quickly for efficient interval training.
  • The live and on-demand workouts are led by popular fitness instructors and feature unique playlists and a leaderboard. There is also app streaming and gamified workouts included in the membership.
  • The touch screen is large and of great quality with anti-glare.
Cons Peloton Tread
  • You have to pay $44 per month to access the content and features on the touch screen.
  • The deck doesn’t fold up and it’s hard to move.
  • It is priced a little more than the F85.

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Sole F85 Treadmill Specs:Peloton Tread Specs:
  • Display: 15.6″ Touchscreen
  • Workout Programs: Sole+ Workout Videos, Onboard Workout Programs, and Fitness Tests
  • Streaming Apps: Netflix, Hulu, Max, Youtube, Disney+, Prime Video, Spotify, Peacock, ESPN, CNN, Audible, and Kinomap Included
  • Frame: Steel
  • Motor: 4.0 HP DC
  • Running Surface: 22″ X 60″
  • Heart Rate Monitoring: Pulse Grips and Garmin Watch Compatible
  • Phone Charging: Wireless Charging Pad
  • Device Rack: Yes
  • Speed: 12 mph
  • Incline: 15 levels
  • Decline: 6 levels
  • Rollers: 2.75″
  • Folding: Yes
  • Transport Wheels: 4
  • Fan: Yes
  • Speakers: Bluetooth Compatible
  • Weight Capacity: 375 lbs
  • Footprint: 82.5” L x 38” W x 66” H
  • Treadmill Weight: 294 lbs
  • Adjustment Buttons: Numbered Quick-Adjusting Buttons
  • Warranty: Lifetime frame & motor, 3-years parts and wear items, and 1-year labor
  • Display: 23.8” HD Touch Screen
  • Optional Subscription: Peloton All-Access Membership
  • Bluetooth Connectivity: Yes
  • Frame: Steel
  • Motor: 3.0 HP DC
  • Running Surface: 20” X 59”
  • Heart Rate Monitoring: Connects to Garmin, Apple Watch, and Fitbit
  • Phone Charging: USB-C Charging Port
  • Device Rack: No
  • Speed: 12.5 mph
  • Incline: 12.5%
  • Rollers: N/A
  • Folding: No
  • Transport Wheels: 2
  • Fan: No
  • Speakers: 4
  • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs
  • Footprint: 68” L x 33” W x 62” H
  • Treadmill Weight: 290 lbs
  • Adjustment Buttons: Roller Knobs & Jump Buttons
  • Warranty: 5-year frame, 3-year drive motor and belt, and 1-year touch screen and most original components


Before diving into the full in-depth comparison, here’s a quick overview with our recommendation.

Both of these treadmills have a lot to offer but ultimately, the Sole F85 is the better investment, in our opinion. Considering it has a larger motor, folding deck, incline and decline range, and all of the training and streaming content is included on the 15.6” touch screen, it has more to offer than the Peloton Tread. It is also priced a little cheaper. The Peloton Tread is a sleek treadmill but it doesn’t fold up or decline. It also requires you to pay a monthly fee to access the content on the touch screen.

Peloton’s trainer-led studio classes are some of the best out there, but this treadmill isn’t worth it unless you want to subscribe to the membership and utilize all of the features like the leaderboard and gamified Lanebreak workouts. Keep reading to find out all of the reasons why we recommend the F85 over the Tread and why it is on our best treadmills list.

In-Depth Comparison of the Sole F85 vs Peloton Tread


Being running treadmills for home use, the Sole F85 and Peloton Tread have pretty sizable dimensions. The F85 is slightly larger at 82.5” L x 38” W x 66” H compared to the Tread’s dimensions of 68” L x 33” W x 62” H. Even though the Peloton Tread takes up a little less space, it doesn’t fold up.

Sole F85 Treadmill moving

The Sole F85 folds up and can be moved around fairly easily when folded.

There are 4 transportation wheels under the front part of the treadmill, so you can push it around when needed. Considering this treadmill is 294 lbs, this feature helps many users be able to move it.

The deck is also easy to fold because it has a lift assist. The assist kicks in when you lift the back end of the deck to fold it up. This way, you don’t have to lift the entire weight of the deck. This feature is common among home treadmills and makes the F85 suitable for most homes. Plus, with a pull of the yellow handle under the deck when folded, it slowly releases to the floor on its own.

Peloton Tread Build

The Peloton Tread weighs 290 lbs, but it’s harder to move.

It has 2 front wheels, so you have to lift the deck up to move it around. It’s best to keep this treadmill in the space where you plan to use it. This is a good rule of thumb for the F85, too. However, you can push the F85 out of the way more easily, if need be.

Along with enough floor space, it’s important to have a tall enough ceiling no matter which treadmill you decide to buy. Both of these models have 8” high decks, so we recommend at least an 8.5-foot tall ceiling if you’re a 6-foot-tall runner.

Sole F85 vs Peloton Tread Content

A treadmill’s content is a big contributor to the overall workout experience. For some, having an instructor guide you through a workout is a must, while others prefer streaming Netflix and doing their own thing. You can do both on the F85 and Peloton Tread, however, they are still very different to use.

Here’s everything you need to know about each treadmill’s content selection.

Sole F85 Content

The Sole F85 has all kinds of content options on the 15.6” touch screen. There are trainer-led workouts from the Sole+ App integrated directly onto the screen. There are a good number of these. All are filmed in studios with each featuring an instructor who guides you through the workout. These workouts aren’t quite the same quality as Peloton’s workout videos, but they’re included for free.

There are also 10 onboard workout programs if you prefer to not take a workout video. These are standard with customizable settings. There are also fitness tests you can take, as well as manual mode to control the F85 as you go and do your own thing.

We appreciate all of these workouts options, and that the F85 includes 12 streaming apps. These include Netflix, Hulu, Max, YouTube, Spotify, Disney+, Prime Video, Peacock, ESPN, CNN, Audible, and Kinomap. You just need to log into your account for each app to start streaming.

Sole F85 Treadmill Streaming Apps

Screen mirroring is another feature that’s included on the Sole F85.

Once you pair your device to the treadmill, you can screen mirror content to the touch screen. This means that if you want to stream workouts from the Peloton App, you can on the Sole F85. You don’t need the Peloton Tread to take Peloton’s workouts.

Peloton Tread Content

You do need the Peloton Tread to utilize other features that are available with the Peloton All-Access Membership. These features include a leaderboard, Lanebreak, and Netflix streaming.

Peloton Tread Studio Class

Peloton’s membership is extremely popular.

Even if you haven’t taken a class, you probably know exactly what I’m talking about and can picture one of their mini-celebrity instructors standing in front of a camera running or riding a spin bike. Although it’s the same format as the Sole+ App workouts, Peloton’s content is elevated due to the star-packed roster of instructors and unique curated playlists. Live and on-demand workouts with an ever-growing library don’t hurt either.

Peloton also creates a sense of community with its members because of its popular leaderboard. Whether the leaderboard taunts you with your rankings among other members, or you like to give and receive virtual “high-fives”, there’s no doubt that Peloton has done well with its training content.

Outdoor-filmed workouts are also available on the Peloton Tread.

Peloton Tread Outdoor Class Library

The number of these is slowly growing, too.

Peloton Lanebreak is another fun feature. These workouts consist of games featuring an avatar that moves down multiple lanes to hit targets for points. Adjusting your intensity by increasing and decreasing the Tread’s speed and incline settings is how you shift between lanes to hit the targets. Just like the trainer-led workouts, these are structured as complete workouts with built-in warm-ups and cool-downs.

Under the “Entertainment” section are streaming apps. These include Netflix, YouTube TV, Max, Disney+, and the NBA App, currently. Like the F85, you’ll log into your account for each to stream. Unlike the F85 though, you need to subscribe to Peloton’s membership to access these apps on the Tread.

Without a membership, none of these features or trainer-led workouts are available. You must pay the $44 monthly fee to utilize all of these features.

Sole F85 vs Peloton Tread Console

When testing premium treadmills like the F85 and Peloton Tread, we expect the consoles to be functional and easy to use. They should each make adjusting the treadmill, easy. We went in with these expectations when we first hopped on each treadmill.

Here is what to expect from each treadmill’s console.

Sole F85 Console

The Sole F85 features a 15.6” touch screen. It is a good size. It’s not overly large, but it isn’t small and hard to see either. One thing to keep in mind is that the screen is in a fixed position, so it’s not adjustable. While running it can be a little hard to use the screen because it is angled back. It’s best to have your workout or streaming content ready to go before you start running.

Sole F85 Treadmill console

Adjusting the Sole F85 is convenient.

There are numbered adjustment buttons on either side of the touch screen. If, for instance, I press the 5 on the right side of the screen, the F85 adjusts to 5 mph. There are a few levels missing from both the speed and incline/decline settings, but these buttons are nice to have.

There are also switch buttons on the front handle to adjust to specific increments like 5.4 mph.

The speakers project at you. I do wish there was a button on the console to adjust the speaker’s volume. To increase/decrease it you have to press the small icon on the touch screen. The speakers are clear and offer plenty of volume for streaming content. You can also play content from your device through them.

There are two fan vents, however, the air points to the sides of the treadmill, rather than at you. We suggest plugging in a fan of your own when using the F85 when you need to cool off.

The F85 has a wireless charging pad below the touchscreen. This is for devices with that technology. The pad also works as a phone holder to keep it within reach while running. There is an adjustable device rack for larger tablets, as well as your phone, on top of the console, too.

For storage, the F85 features 2 cupholders and 2 smaller pockets. This is for your water, phone, and whatever else you need nearby.

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Peloton Tread Console

The Peloton Tread’s console primarily consists of the 23.8” touch screen. This screen is really lovely and of excellent quality. It features an anti-glare so overhead lights don’t reflect on the screen. It is one of the nicest touch screens we’ve used on treadmills. It tilts up and down but doesn’t pivot to the side. Pivoting to the side would be helpful for off-the-treadmill Peloton workouts, but this screen is large enough to see Peloton’s content at the back of the treadmill.

Peloton Tread Console

There are limited adjustment buttons on the console.

Peloton has stuck with a very streamlined design here. The adjustment buttons are roller buttons to roll your palms over when adjusting the speed and incline. These are a little hard to land on specific levels. You can press the inner parts of the buttons to adjust by 1 mph and 1% incline levels, too.

During Peloton’s workouts, there is an Auto-Incline feature that adjusts the grade of the deck to match the format of the class. There are also 3 preset levels to adjust the Tread to on the screen.

The speakers are clear with a great volume range. They adjust on the screen or with 2 buttons on the side of the touch screen. There isn’t a fan on the console so you’ll need to use your own.

For storage, there are 2 cupholders and a small tray in front of the front handle. There isn’t a place to put your phone or tablet to stream content. This keeps you more locked into the content on the touch screen that requires a subscription.

The screen locks after around 45 seconds of inactivity. You’re required to create a 4-digit passcode to unlock the screen. This is a safety feature Peloton has implemented.

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Build Quality

Both treadmills have similar designs. They’re designed for heavier use. At the time of writing this, the Peloton Tread is priced higher than the Sole F85. As far as overall quality though, both treadmills are fairly similar. The Sole F85 has a heavier weight limit though and is a bit more sturdy to use. The F85 handles users up to 375 lbs versus the 300 lb limit of the Peloton Tread.

Let me break down more of the build quality, below.

Sole F85 vs Peloton Tread Frame

Peloton Tread Frame

The Peloton Tread has a carbon steel frame that sits under the deck.

Sole F85 Treadmill Construction

The Sole F85’s steel frame is positioned under the front part of the deck.

This way, when the deck is folded, the frame doesn’t take up a lot of floor space. This design is very stable. When running on the F85, the console, and screen remain very steady. The Peloton Tread shakes a bit at higher speeds, in comparison.

From the frames, 2 steel uprights extend up to hold the console and handles on each treadmill. The “Z-shaped” frame of the F85 and Peloton Tread resemble each other. I really like the soft coating on the Peloton’s handles, over the textured plastic on the F85. All of the handles function the same way though. They’re well within reach on both treadmills when you need extra support.

Sole F85 vs Peloton Tread Motor

Both treadmills are designed for running. The Sole F85 is a beast with a powerful and quiet 4.0 HP motor. This is an ideal motor size for heavier training like distance running. The Peloton Tread has a 3.0 HP. This is typically the smallest size that we recommend for running.

Peloton Tread Matthew Running

The Tread has handled regular use just fine in the few years we’ve had our model though.

In the matter of performance, the F85’s motor is quieter. The Peloton Tread adjusts between different speeds and inclines faster. For interval training the Tread is a little more convenient. I have no problem hopping on the side rails for the rest intervals when training on the F85 though.

Sole F85 Treadmill decline

The Sole F85 has more training options.

It has a 12 mph max speed as well as 15 levels of incline and 6 levels of decline. The Peloton Tread adjusts up to 12.5 mph and a 12.5% incline. The Tread doesn’t decline. Decline training is great if you’re training for an outdoor event or if you want to work the muscles in the front part of the legs.

Sole F85 vs Peloton Tread Deck

They also vary in their decks. The Sole F85 has a 22” wide and 60” long running surface compared to the 20” wide and 59” long deck that the Peloton Tread has. The length of both decks is great for most running strides. If you prefer a bit more room width-wise, you might want to look into the F85.

Sole F85 Treadmill deck

Even though it takes up a little more space, don’t forget it folds up when you’re done.

Peloton Tread Deck

I really like the red line down the middle of the Peloton’s deck. It helps me stay centered on the deck while running.

Both treadmills feel firm to run on. The shock absorption in each deck helps to lessen the impact on your joints, but these treadmills might not be best for those with joint discomfort because they provide less give underfoot than other treadmill brands. If you’re looking for a softer treadmill deck, then I recommend checking out a NordicTrack.


Sole’s warranty crushes Peloton’s. Sole includes a lifetime frame and motor warranty with the F85. The Peloton Tread comes with a 5-year frame warranty and a 3-year motor and belt warranty. We like it when a brand backs their products with extensive warranties like Sole does with the F85.


Overall, the Sole F85 has more to offer while being lower in price than the Peloton Tread. On the F85 you get a folding deck, decline training, complementary workout videos, and preloaded streaming apps like Netflix. The F85 has been on our best treadmills list for the past few years, with good reason. It has all of these features plus it’s stable, durable, and backed by a lifetime warranty. The F85 has a 375 lb weight limit to handle larger users all while being fairly easy to move, at least for a treadmill that weighs close to 300 lbs.

The Peloton Tread is the way to go for streaming content from Peloton’s All-Access Membership. This includes competing on the leaderboard, taking gamified Lanebreak workouts, and streaming from apps like Netflix directly from the Peloton’s touch screen. Unlike the Sole F85, you must pay for Peloton’s membership to use all of this content. Unless you’re a die-hard Peloton fan, we recommend the Sole F85. You can even screen mirror the Peloton App on the F85’s screen from your phone while using it.