Sole Fitness F65 Treadmill Detailed Review – Pros & Cons (2020)

The Sole Fitness F65 treadmill offers high-quality construction mixed with a sleek, low-tech interface. With its easy-to-use console, you will never feel like you need an instruction manual to simply take a run on your treadmill, which is not the case for all treadmills. However, the F65 does have some excellent treadmill technology that increases the usability of this treadmill.

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Some of the newer additions to the 2020 F65 model is the emphasis on quality-of-life improvements such as Bluetooth connectivity. The speakers are able to be synced with your smart device, which produces a much clearer sound than plugged-in devices. You can set your device in the tablet holder and even charge it via the USB port that is part of the F65 treadmill console.

The buttons on the treadmill console arms are still in place, and you can easily move your speed or incline to suit your current workout. There are also speed and incline buttons on the console you can use to quickly jump your settings, though not all levels of incline and speed are represented on the console.

With the backlit, white LCD screen, you can know exactly where you are when it comes to your treadmill workout. While I don’t recommend looking at the screen too often as it can make the exercise time seem to drag, you will be able to take in your workout information at a quick glance, from how far you have gone, how much time you have spent exercising, and more.

However, the biggest draw of the Sole F65 has to be how sturdy this treadmill is compared to similarly-priced machines. Sole Fitness places a strong focus on durability and sturdiness, and the F65 treadmill has both, making it a great choice if those are the main things you are looking for in your next treadmill.

  • Plenty of space to work out, with a 60” long by 22” wide treadmill belt on the F65.
  • The Sole F65 comes with a good warranty.
  • Has an adjustable heart rate monitoring chest strap included with the treadmill.
  • Uses Bluetooth to stream your audio to the F65 treadmill speakers.
  • Great incline range is available to push your workouts.
  • Has a USB port in case you need to charge your smart device during an exercise session.
  • Excellent weight capacity.
  • The Sole F65 is a folding treadmill that doesn’t sacrifice any sturdiness.
  • Holder for a tablet comes standard with the F65 treadmill.

  • Not as much tech as I like to see in treadmills of this price
  • Skips some of the incline and speed buttons
  • Low airflow from the singular fan at the top of the console

  • Good Continuous-Duty Horsepower Motor

Measured by the strength of its continuous power under a load, the Sole F65 treadmill was tested to have a 3.25 CHP motor. This amount of power is good for plenty of different exercisers like joggers and walkers. It can hold up under some running, but constant high mileage running may be tough on the motor of the F65.

  • Folding Deck With Easy Assist

No one wants to trip over their treadmill deck, and with the F65, you don’t have to. Enjoy the Easy Assist folding technology built into the Sole F65 as you pack away your treadmill after using it. I like the folding on the Sole best, as it latches easily and has the best release handle that operates smoothly.

  • 7.5” LCD Screen

On a bright white, backlit screen, you can follow along with your workout. There is an exercise track to show your progress as well as data to show your calorie burn, distance covered, current speed and incline, and other types of information. All of this is shown on a 7.5” LCD screen that is embedded into the console of the Sole F65.

  • Sole Fitness App

There is a free Sole Fitness app that you can pair with your F65 treadmill from your smart device. With this app, you can take control of your treadmill easily, changing the speed, incline, and designing custom workout programs. You can also save your workout information to your user profile on the app.

  • 10 Programs

While there are technically 10 pre-set programs on the F65, not all of these programs are ready to use. In fact, only six of the workout programs are set up for immediate use. Two of them are heart rate programs that you use in conjunction with the included heart rate monitor chest strap, and the other two are exercise programs you can create yourself.

  • Incline Range

For its price point, this treadmill has the best incline range, going from 0% to 15% incline. As you go above 10% incline, you can really feel the increase in your muscles, and you will burn more calories as your body has to work harder to keep up with your pace.

  • Heart Rate Tracking Options

While you could use the handlebar pulse grips that are on the F65, they aren’t very good at showing your actual heart rate. Instead, I recommend you use the Sole Fitness chest strap that comes with this treadmill. With this heart rate monitoring chest strap, you can get a clear idea of what your heart rate actually is during your workout.

  • Bluetooth-Sync Speakers

The speakers along the top of the F65 console are able to connect to your smart devices with Bluetooth. With this connectivity, you can wirelessly stream your audio through the F65 treadmill speakers.

  • Cushion Flex Whisper Deck

While the feel of the F65 deck is firmer than other treadmill decks in this price range, it still works to reduce the impact of your feet hitting the deck. With Sole’s patented Cushion Flex Whisper Deck technology, the shock absorbers are able to help cradle your joints and make running less uncomfortable.

  • Durable Treadmill Belt

Everything about the Sole F65 speaks to its durability, and the treadmill belt is no exception. It is a 2-ply belt, meaning it will hold up better than lesser ply belts, so you don’t have to worry that your workouts will quickly bald your treadmill belt. Also, along with the durability, there is plenty of room on your treadmill belt, as it measures 22” wide by 60” in length, providing you with lots of area to move around on.

  • Superior Weight Limit

One of the things that Sole treadmills are known for is their high weight limits. The F65 comes with a 350-lb weight limit, that should suit most treadmill users. For those in need of a higher limit, the Sole F80 would be a good option without jumping up too far in price from the F65.

  • Good Warranty

There is a good warranty package attached to the purchase of the Sole F65 treadmill. Sole Fitness will cover the frame and motor of your F65 for the lifetime of the machine, as long as you are the original owner. This company also offers 3-year coverage on the parts, deck, and electronics, with only 1-year coverage on the labor to replace things on the F65.

  • Motor: 3.25 CHP
  • Incline: 0% to 15%
  • Speed: 0.5-12 MPH
  • Dimensions: 82” L x 37” W x 57” H
  • Folding: Yes
  • Running Area: 22” W x 60” L
  • Max User Weight: 350 lbs
  • Treadmill Weight: 262


While there are many benefits to choosing the Sole F65, one of the significant ones is the incline range. Other, higher-priced treadmills may have an incline range like the F65, but this treadmill provides an incline range of 0% to 15% at a lower price point. Combine that with the speed range of 0.5-12 miles per hour, and you can tackle a variety of grueling workouts with this treadmill.

There are also quality-of-life benefits to the F65. You can use the tiered water bottle holders on either side of the console, as well as syncing with the Bluetooth speakers found at the top of the treadmill. Also, the F65 can be paired with the Sole Fitness app. That way, you can exercise greater control over your workouts and have your exercise data saved.

Final Verdict: Sole Fitness F65 Treadmill

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When it comes to the Sole Fitness F65 treadmill, what you see is what you get, and that’s not a bad thing at all. This treadmill is highly dependable, as it doesn’t take much more than plugging it in and hitting the start button before you are off onto a good workout. The F65 doesn’t have the flashier fitness technology that other competitor treadmills may come with, but it does have solid features to recommend it.

For one thing, the F65 does come with shock absorbing Cushion Flex Whisper Deck technology. With this tech in place, you can engage in less jarring workouts and Sole claims that it can reduce up to 40% of the shock that your body takes.

This treadmill also has a welded steel frame, providing it with a high level of durability that helps make the F65 rated for users who weight up to 350 lbs. There is also a convenient USB charging port that you can use near the device holder, so you are never without your entertainment while you use the F65.

What We Like?

  • Good incline range available
  • Strong motor
  • Generous treadmill belt area
  • Easy to fold and unfold
  • Good warranty package
  • Bright screen for workout data tracking
  • Thick treadmill belt
  • High weight maximum
  • Good cushioning in the deck
  • USB charging port available
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Sole Fitness heart rate chest strap


  • Not much tech with the F65
  • Skips some incline and speed adjustment buttons
  • Minimal air put out by the small fan


The solid dependability of the Sole treadmills has always made sure these machines have a place among the best treadmills, which is why I have chosen the Sole Fitness F65 treadmill as one of the best treadmills for its price. If you need a highly durable and sturdy treadmill with minimal frills, then you will want to strongly consider bringing the Sole F65 home.

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