What Is Peloton Guide & How Much Does It Cost?

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Update: Peloton released the Peloton Guide on April 5th, 2022. It is priced at $295 and requires an All-Access Membership to Peloton. They are currently offering this for $24/month for Guide-only members. Although if you have an existing membership, the Guide is available to use at no additional cost.

The Peloton Guide tracks your movements, progress, and shows which muscle groups you’re working on in every class. Before taking a class you can view a diagram that highlights what muscles will be worked in each class, as well as a breakdown of every movement complete with demo videos of each. This makes picking which class to take really helpful. We’ve noticed this is an update in the Peloton App as well.

What Is Peloton Guide

The front-facing camera on the Guide can show you on the screen above the instructor, or you can just see the instructor if you prefer not to see yourself on your television screen.

Even more recently, Peloton announced their new strength “roll call” series of classes. This was launched on May 2nd and is designed to provide you with one class a day Monday through Friday that focuses on different areas of the body. With these “roll call” classes you can expect them every week and they can be taken live or on-demand. These classes are for you to have a complete strength training program that works your entire body. Monday’s are for full-body strength, Tuesday focuses on glutes and legs, Wednesday is all about core work, Thursday is for upper body strength training, and on Friday there is another full-body workout.

These classes are set up like a traditional strength training weekly program and will most likely help users get into a routine by using their Guide. We’re excited to try out the Peloton Guide and we’re curious to see what changes (if any) Peloton makes to the device in the future.

In early 2022, Peloton announced that their new strength training device, Peloton Guide, will be available. Peloton has a large library of strength trainer-led classes and programs that are available through the Peloton app and on Peloton equipment like the screen-swiveling Peloton Bike+. The Peloton Guide is their first connected strength product since their other connected machines are tailored more for cardio use.

Here’s what we know about the Peloton Guide so far, and how much it’ll cost you.

The Peloton Guide

The Peloton Guide is a device that connects to your TV. The AI-enabled device has a camera that you can use to see your form in real-time during class. This will allow you to correct your form by comparing it to the instructor’s position. The smart device lets you track your progress and movements with a technology they call “Machine Learning”.

The Features

On top of the “self mode” feature that lets you compare your form to the instructor, the “movement tracker” feature encourages you to follow along all through class and tracks your movement. The “body activity” feature will show you the muscles you previously worked to help make your training more well-rounded and balanced.

The Peloton Guide is voice-activated for a hands-free training experience. Peloton is also ensuring members that you’ll have full control over the camera and microphone for your privacy.

All of Peloton’s strength classes will be available on the Peloton Guide, and they are planning on adding other types of classes on it in the future, too. Peloton is also claiming to continuously work on updating and enhancing the Peloton Guide device as well.

The Equipment

Peloton states that you can use your own strength equipment. Currently, the strength training classes let you use your own sets of dumbbells, so it seems this is to continue. In classes that use dumbbells, the instructors suggest weight size(s) before the classes start.

It looks like Peloton is also updating their heart rate monitor chest strap to an armband that comes with the Peloton Guide. It’ll be sold separately as well. You’ll be able to track your heart rate on the Peloton Guide, the Tread, the original Bike and Bike+, and also on the app. That way you can monitor your intensity and heart rate training zones in pretty much every Peloton class.

The Cost

The Peloton Guide is $295, for just the Guide. Additional packages with equipment are available at extra costs. According to Peloton, their strength community is one of the largest groups and the discipline itself is one of the brand’s fastest-growing. We’re excited that the Peloton Guide is here.