8 Amazing Benefits of Running

Are you one of those people who think that running doesn’t have any impact on person’s life? Well, it’s time to change your mind. Running not only helps you improve all aspects of your health, but it also extends your life. 30 minutes per day mean extra 7 years for your life. Because of that and other numerous benefits running is preferable compared to other ways of exercising.

Why You Should Run Daily: 8 Amazing Benefits of Running

  • Improves Mental Health

The brain releases feel-good chemicals while running such as endorphins and endocannabinoids and excesses energy that aims to lift your mood. Studies have shown that people who go for running regularly, sleep better which makes them have a more powerful memory and are more attentive, so they have better results. Apart from that running will save you forever from stress and depression, which are one of the most common two dangerous enemies of people health.

  • Helps to Stay Fit

Losing weight is one of the main reason why people decide to start with running activity. Running is really effective when it comes to burning calories. If you don’t let it, it won’t let you down either. It is rated as the second best way of exercising for burning calories after cross country skiing.

  • Improves Self-Esteem

When you start running you set goals for yourself and every time you do your best to achieve them. This not only improves your performance in running but also unknowingly you start performing better in your normal life, in your school, in your job. The reason why this happens is that of the confidence that people gain after achieving more and more goals and becoming more successful.

  • Strengthens the Bones

Janet Hamilton, an exercise psychologist, says that running makes your bones stronger as every time you take a step, you stress your bones and cartilage, adding more mass to your bones, preventing bone loss and making them even stronger and better-built. Apart from that running protects your knees from arthritis and as compared to people who live a sedentary life the risk of developing osteoarthritis is much smaller in runners.

  • Improves Organism’s Performance

Running increases the level of HDL in body, also known as the “good cholesterol” and reduces the level of LDL, known as the “bad cholesterol”. This lowers the risk of a heart attack or a brain stroke by 50% . Also, running prevents cancers. For instance, a study shows that running lowers the risk of breast cancer by 30%.  Anyway, even if you are suffering from cancer, running is also a solution. It cannot stop it, but when associated with chemotherapy, it can improve your lifestyle a lot and keep you motivated.

  • Saves One from Cravings

There’s no denying that all of us have cravings, some for junk food, some for sweets, some for alcohol and others for drugs. Nothing has a bigger impact on our lives than being addicted to something. Fortunately, running comes to hand even in this situation. A study, carried with people who had different cravings, showed that after a certain period of running those cravings started to vanish. Instead, they willingly went for healthier foods such as fruits, vegetables or cereals.

  • Improves Lung Functioning

Running efficiently requires proper breathing in order to burn oxygen and release energy. While running, your need for air increases, which causes the lungs to be more active than usual.  This is how running can help you improve your lung functioning.

  • Improves Social Activity

Getting along with people around you is conditioned by various circumstances. If you are sleepless, tired, and stressful, you will transmit this to other people, but this is not the key to adapt to social situations. In order to do so you need to be happy and self-confident and as mentioned above running enables this to you. When you run, you become calmer and more organized. This helps you built a healthier social lifestyle.

Despite the difficulties that you’ll encounter in the beginning, running will truly be a life savior. It will improve your physical, mental and social health and the best of it is that it won’t pass much time till you feel the change. What comes never goes. I believe that running will soon become part of everyone’s daily life. Diseases caused by a sedentary life will become more and more common and will bring a drastic change in our society unless we change the way we live and running is a real solution to what the future has reserved for us.