15 Tips to Run Consistently

Are you struggling with running consistently? Do you want to run faster? Do you need to step up your running?. Well we have some tips that can be very useful.

First of all, you need to have a training plan to feel motivated. It happens regularly that people are unable to follow their fitness goals. The truth about it is that without a plan it is difficult to fulfill these fitness goals. The pressure at work, the things to handle at home, the healthy shopping to do never finish. Then we leave the running for tomorrow, and then, and we always leave it for another day because of something more important to be done today.

Having a consistent workout is difficult this way!. However, the truth is that the consistency of a workout is the most important thing if we want to see some obvious results.

Without consistent training we will not be able to run more miles, nor will we be able to run faster. Without consistency you will not be able to lose weight, you will not be able to increase your muscle mass, nor will you be able to get the benefits of physical exercise for health.

Best Tips to Run Consistently

So, for you to have a consistent workout, Treadmill Review Guru presents some of the best tips on how to run consistently. Following these tips you can transform running into a daily habit. In order to avail all the benefits of running.

  • Run with other people

When we have other people to run with us we end up being motivated. Having a social pressure is beneficial to “compel” us to run regularly.

Knowing that we have someone waiting for us is a great way to motivate ourselves. In addition, training is always more fun when we have a family member or a friend to accompany us. This company is even more important when we run longer races.

  • Run Slow

The truth is that one can’t run like athletes right from the start. It is not a sport that can achieve success instantly and immediately. It takes patience, training regularly so that we can have greater physical preparation and endurance.

  • Run in the morning

Running early makes us free up for other tasks during the day. Besides, in the morning we are not tired yet, which means we have another energy to devote ourselves to a good workout.

  • Run on different surfaces

Gravel, Tarmac, trail, treadmill, and grass. Have you ever paid attention to how many different surfaces you have to run? Each of these surfaces emphasizes the muscles of your legs differently, despite a slight difference.

This help’s to prevent injury. Avoid running on concrete as it is the most damaging to runners.

  • Run before you go home

If you can’t run in the morning, it is best to always run before entering the house. After a day’s work, when we get home we just want to rest. Being motivated with the sofa right in front of us is difficult. That’s why we should do our training before entering the house. So, when we arrive, we can take bath and are ready to relax.

  • Participate in races

You do not have to be a great professional to compete. Also, taking part in races can be great. Entering marathons may scare you, but the sense of community in these marathons is unique.

Participating in these races helps us realize that we are in a community, that we participate in something very big. It’s also a great opportunity to meet other people who have the same racing goals.

  • Find a running coach

Having a coach is one of the best way to get a consistent workout. The coach motivates us, and he knows how to map our training.

  • Pay attention to breakfast

It is never too much to remember that breakfast is the most important meal of all, and so we should always pay close attention to it. Skipping breakfast, or having a weak breakfast is one of the biggest mistakes when it comes to food and training.

  • Don’t forget to stay hydrated

Having a healthy diet is very important as well as having a good night’s sleep. But the most important thing is to always have water at your disposal. Staying hydrated is crucial to improving consistency.

  • Make a log of your workout

Keeping a log of your workout will keep you motivated. Once you fill in your log you have an extra motivation to maintain the consistency of your workout.

  • Do new things

The world of racing always opens doors for us, by giving us the chance to do new things. We do not have to limit ourselves to the same journeys. Why not cross the country running? Or why not do a mountain adventure run?.

  • Maintain good posture

Having a good posture throughout the day is essential to get better results in the race. You should pay even more attention in case you have an office job, where you spend most of your time sitting.

In this case, you should make sure that the monitor and keyboard are in the correct positions. Sit with your back straight.

  • Cross Training

Many people confine themselves to running, only. However, there are many benefits of cross-training. This training increases strength and endurance, which is great for better running results. In addition, cross training makes us safer against injury.

  • Pay attention to sneakers

It is never too much to repeat that we must pay attention to the shoes. They should be appropriate for running and should never have more than 400/600 miles. Wear of the shoes can cause injuries to the knees, back, hips and Achilles’ tendons.

  • Do not get too obsessed

The truth is that we do not have equal days, and often happen unforeseen. If you cannot train one day, do not worry too much. It is not a day that will detonate with your results. However, do not let the contingencies postpone your workouts for consecutive months.