Safely Exercising During the First Trimester of Pregnancy

It is very important to stay healthy and fit when you’re pregnant. Even if you feel sickness or any kind of uneasiness, stand up and start moving around. This will definitely help you reduce your discomfort. However, taking rest is as important as exercising. Therefore, you should take rest when you need it.

To remain fit in pregnancy, you need to do hard work so that you can maintain your figure and strengthen your key muscles. It’s said that nothing can be achieved without hard work. The first trimester is the best time to do this. You should do maximum exercises during this time period. Doing exercises will help you to reduce the stress level and be happy.

At various points during the first trimester, exercises become a challenging part. It’s because, during the exercise, the volume of blood, pumped out by the heart, increases and blood pressure decreases. Moreover, a pregnant woman can notice a couple of changes during pregnancy such as low energy, tiredness, infirmity and simply blah. This amalgamation makes it more difficult.

What is the first trimester?

The first trimester includes the first, second and third month of pregnancy. The excitement in this trimester comes with the fact that for everything you do, you don’t have to feel even the slightest worry about the baby considering what you eat, drink and what workouts you do.

Exercises to be done during the first trimester

The following exercises we are going to suggest you are very healthy and safe for every woman that is 1-3 months pregnant. However, if you feel even the smallest problem during exercising consider taking a rest and consulting with your doctor.

  • Walking & Cycling

In the early pregnancy time period, you should focus on exercises like walking and cycling that can help you achieve strength, flexibility, and tolerance. Due to some hormonal changes in the first month, you may feel dizzy, weak-headed and tired and these exercises can provide you relive from those discomforts.

During the exercise, it is better to dress in a loose fitting and comfortable clothing. Always keep a water-bottle available to drink water before starting the exercise, during the exercise and after the exercise. By eating whole grains and protein, you will be able to maintain your blood sugar level. Try to work out 20 to 30 minutes each day and three to five times a week. Avoid such exercises like jumping rope, use of a trampoline or horse riding including jerky and bouncy movements.

  • Abs Exercises

Doing abs exercises is very beneficial. However, you shouldn’t do anything that requires you to lie on your back after the 16th week of your pregnancy so you can try doing the exercises for abs till your second month. Abs exercises are beneficial in keeping your stomach muscles in shape and helping you to relieve some pressure from your back.

For Abs exercises, if you are feeling uncomfortable lying down on your back then you can try leg lifts from your sitting position. Firstly, sit on your butt and extend your legs in front of you. Lean back and place your forearms on the floor. Now, lift your one leg in the air as much as you can and repeat it 10 times, then switch to the other leg.

  • Swimming & Pilate

Swimming and Pilate are the most popular exercises which can increase the flexibility, many women prefer these exercises for their gestation. These exercises help a lot to be in shape after pregnancy. Swimming and Pilate can bring relief to sore and tight muscles. However, in swimming, you should take care while getting in and out of pool as the surface can be slippery or uneven.

  • Eat healthy

Eating healthy is very important during all months of pregnancy. In the first month, you should eat folate-rich food, fruits, milk products, sugary products etc. It is essential for the development of the embryo. Increase your sleep hours and avoid junk foods. Try to eat as much food as you can which provides protein. As it helps in developing your baby’s muscles. Take care of your skin to reduce the scratch marks. It is normal but irremediable. Therefore, you need to take care of it.

The development of functional heart, genitals, eyes, kidneys and even vocal cords of your baby happens in the third month. During this period you should eat carbohydrates, meat and dairy products in this month. You will feel major changes in your body during this time period. Understanding those changes and staying calm will help you to cope with some emotional turbulence. If you have a habit to smoke or drink, now it’s time to quit smoking and alcohol consumption. Try not to keep your stomach empty because it enhances gas formation that will make you feel more nauseated.

Sadly, most miscarriage happen in this crucial month. This shows that third month of pregnancy is also very fateful. Do not indulge in the stressful activities that can create the wrong effect on your baby. Do not lift any heavy objects, as it can directly affect your womb. Take as much rest as you can.

For your convenience we have also provided the first trimester infographic below which contains various points and advice’s to keep your body healthy during pregnancy.

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Why Perform Exercises During First Trimester?

Being active during pregnancy reduces the pregnancy discomfort. Regular exercising can strengthen your muscles, which can help you with the aches and common pains in pregnancy. Moreover, it can assist you to manage your restlessness and disturbed sleep, and it also reduces the stress levels and tempers the emotional turbulence during the pregnancy.

Exercises like yoga and stretches ease the back pain and can improve your blood circulation. During this period you should do more exercises that can strengthen your abdominal muscles.


Ultimately, we can say that exercise soothes many of the irritation and pain during the first trimester. By continuing the exercises throughout the pregnancy you can only add the benefit in the development of the baby.

Every woman faces maximum changes in her emotion and body during these three months. So, the more you take care of yourselves and your little one, the better you will feel.

The first rule of thumb is if you were physically active before your pregnancy then you should remain active in your pregnancy as well. To get a success in enthralling exercise, plan the days and time to do exercise. Eventually, you will get best results of it in your baby birth.