Assault Bike Pro Review – 2024

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Last Updated: August 24, 2023

The AssaultBike Pro is designed for people wanting a customizable yet powerful training experience. The AssaultBike Pro provides high-intensity, low-impact, cardio training that’s adjustable for athletes of all levels. The comfortable padded seat, well-placed footpegs, and supportive handlebar grips, all come together for an enjoyable workout.

This newest AssaultBike has the original design of the Classic with features from the Elite to create a hybrid bike that’s long-lasting, low maintenance, and built for tough use. The biggest difference between the original Assault Bike is the frame. The new beefier frame weighs in at 118 lbs vs 96 lbs for the original bike. And it has Bluetooth connectivity.

Assault Bike Pro Air Bike Review 2024

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The AssaultBike Pro has been replaced with the new and improved AssaultBike Pro X, you can read the full review here!

Assault bikes are extremely popular exercise bikes and are sized to easily fit most athletes. It’s popular because this bike can be used for light rehab, but also has unlimited resistance potential. The faster you pedal and push the handlebars, the faster the fan goes. The resistance keeps going up the faster you go.

It’s for this reason they can be great for high-intensity interval training and conditioning. This is due to the air resistance for one, and also because you are working your arms and legs at the same time at the same intensity. This means you’re getting one of the best full-body cardio workouts possible.

You can get a total body workout targeting your core, chest, arms, back, and legs as you push and pull on the handles to produce more speed and power. Along with their bikes, Assault Fitness also has treadmills and a rower that round out their impressive product line up.

With this spec review, we dig into the details of the AssaultBike Pro and see if this is the bike for you.

Air Bike Award: Runner-Up Best Assault Bike

The AssaultBike Pro has been added to our list of best air bikes. The AssaultBike Pro is a simple and easy-to-use bike and packs a punch when using it. The Pro is a step down from the impressive AssaultBike Elite which took the top spot on our list but the Pro is an impressive and slightly more affordable bike.

Who It’s For: People who want a customizable, low-impact but high-intensity fitness experience on a quality bike.

The Assault Bike Pro is designed for users who:

  • Want an intense, but low-impact workout and weigh up to 300 pounds.
  • Want a full body workout
  • Need a customizable training session ranging from easy to very challenging
  • Want a low maintenance piece of equipment
  • Solid steel frame
  • 4 Adjustable stabilizing feet to easily balance the bike on your floor
  • Corrosion-resistant powder coating
  • Bluetooth enabled console
  • Easily track time, distance, watts, etc. on the easy to use console
  • No electricity required
  • Easy transport wheels
  • 2-way adjustable seat
  • Loud fan blades making noise while you exercise
  • Difficult to clean inside of the fan

Assault Bike Pro Air Bike Review

Bike Specs


  • From top to bottom, you’ll find 20 sealed bearings onboard.
  • Slim chance of ISIS-drive connections coming apart since they are hydraulically pressed.
  • The industrial powder coating is corrosion-resistant and will keep your bike looking like new years down the road.
  • There are four adjustable stabilizing feet to keep the bike balanced.
  • The handlebar grips are a wide 36mm in diameter offering additional support and balance.
  • The steel fan measures 25.25″ in diameter, providing resistance and a cooling breeze.
  • The commercially sealed cartridge bottom bracket keeps everything dust and maintenance-free.


  • The high-contrast LCD offers both Bluetooth and ANT+ connectivity.
  • New this year, the AssaultBike Pro will connect to the Assault Fitness App.
  • If you like to be challenged, a quick setting change puts you in Competition Mode.
  • A quick look at the display, and you can quickly check your distance, time, heartbeats per minute, watts, RPM, speed, and everyone’s favorite calories.


  • They say variety is the spice of life, and variety on a stationary bike is just as vital. There are eleven seat height settings and six front-to-back settings.
  • Great for home gyms with its compact and low-maintenance design.
  • The transport wheels under the front end help you move the AssaultBike Pro with ease.
  • Whether you own a gym or have a home gym, this bike is designed to handle both.
  • No need to run an extension cord or find a place close to an outlet; this bike doesn’t need to be plugged in.
  • This bike will accommodate users up to 300 lbs.
  • Free Shipping
  • An optional sign-up to receive weekly programming emails to keep your bike’s capabilities as challenging as possible.


  • Assembled:
    • Weight- 118.4 pounds
    • Length- 49.8 inches
    • Width- 24.1 inches
    • Height- 51.1 inches
  • Boxed:
    • Weight- 130.0 pounds
    • Length- 53.2 inches
    • Width- 10.6 inches
    • Height- 35.0 inches


  • 7-Year Frame Warranty
  • 3-Year Non-wear parts warranty

Assault Bike Pro Air Bike Review


Stability is a game changer with air resistance bikes. And the AssaultBike Pro’s heavy-duty steel frame brings that type of balance needed to handle all types of workouts. Balance equals smoothness when it comes to home gym equipment and particularly with air resistance stationary bikes. The AssaultBike Pro has been engineered to give you the most gentle ride conceivable.

Drive System

The AssaultBike Pro uses a chain based drive system, which makes some noise as you train. The chain-drive maximizes power output and can be beneficial with the audible feedback you receive as you speed up and slow down. This is great but needs to be considered if the bike will be used near others.


AssaultBike Pro’s high-contrast LCD screen is an upgrade from previous models. Still, it’s not what you can see that makes it exciting. The ability to connect via Bluetooth is a significant improvement since this allows you to pair the display with your phone or tablet to track your workouts. Customize your training using seven onboard programming options, or you can step things up with competition mode. While readability is also much improved with the display, it is more scaled-down than other manufacturer’s exercise bikes.

On-board Stats

You can quickly check the display for current stats like distance, time, heartbeats per minute, watts, RPM, speed, and the always important calories burned. You can pair your smartphone or tablet to the bike via Bluetooth or ANT+ and track your stats through the Assault app. The ANT+ gives you the unique ability to mix/match different products/brands knowing they will work together. Most people find this great for heart rate monitors.


The AssualtBike Pro offers interval training programs to challenge users, alternating short bursts of intense riding with longer intervals of less intense speed. This type of training maximizes cardiovascular benefits by quickly increasing stroke volume, making your heart stronger and more efficient, and also helping decrease your risks of heart disease and high blood pressure.

Competition Mode

Press the up and down arrows simultaneously for a few seconds, and you will enter competition mode. Competition mode gives you the ability to set workout targets for distance, calories, and time. This is a tremendous way to be more effective and efficient while burning those extra calories.

Seat Post

The steel seat post will quickly adjust to make your workouts more comfortable and technically dynamic with eleven seat height settings and six front-to-back settings. The seat post is also quite solid, essential on an air resistance bike because of so many moving, torquing parts.


The comfortable padded seat is more narrow than most stationary bikes, similar to a spin bicycle seat. The narrower seat is beneficial if you are training with intervals and will be on and off the bike during the workout.

Extra perks

  • Transport Wheels: The front-mounted transport wheels make it easy to move the Assault Bike Pro when storing it is necessary.

Assault Bike Pro Air Bike Review

Bottom Line Review: AssaultBike Pro Air Bike

The AssaultBike Pro air resistance bike is worth looking at if you need a low-impact, joint-friendly workout bike that won’t sting your wallet. We like that it’s non-technical and that anyone can get training with this bike right out of the box. You don’t even need a power outlet!

With a solid steel frame that is powder-coated to resist corrosion, this bike is sturdy and in it for the long haul. Fully outfitted with technology and the ability to track all your stats, the AssaultBike Pro is a powerful machine for getting in even the toughest of workouts.

The seat can be adjusted up and down, as well, and front to back to give you not only a comfortable riding position but one that has proper form. Some noise comes with an air resistance bike, but we find that the chain and fan noise offers some positive feedback to help you gauge your efforts. When you’re done riding, it’s an easy task to stow this bike using the convenient transport wheels.

We wish it were a little easier to clean the fan, as reviews mention the fan getting dusty and hard to clean. So if you have allergies, you may want to look at other bikes.

Assault manufactures sturdy, high-quality exercise equipment, and the AssaultBike Pro air resistance bike is the latest in this family of quality products. We love this bike and see it as a great addition to any home gym for someone looking for a low-impact, high-intensity workout.

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