Best Treadmill App 2024

May 7, 2024
  • Sydney Kaiser
    Product Reviewer, Content Writer, Certified Personal Trainer

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Last Updated: May 6, 2024

There’s an app for everything, nowadays, including your treadmill. Many treadmill brands have their own subscription training content. The ones that don’t often can be used with a 3rd party training app. With all the options out there you don’t have to worry about being bored on a treadmill ever again.

We’re Fitness Instructors And Runners

A little about the team that put this list together; we’re personal trainers, fitness instructors, and runners who spend a lot of time on treadmills. We have run on over 150 treadmill decks and used so many different treadmill apps that our phone storages are full.

We have our favorites, so we’ve created this list of the best treadmill apps to help you find the best one for you.

The Best Treadmill Apps

Our Experts’ Picks Of The Best Treadmill Apps

Check out our top recommended treadmill training apps for 2024.

1. Best Treadmill App: iFIT

Best Treadmill App: iFIT

iFIT is our top recommended treadmill app. The big appeal to iFIT is that it includes over 17,000 (and counting) trainer-led workouts. These are on-demand to take whenever you want. The workouts are filmed indoors and outdoors. The latter really makes iFIT what it is.

iFIT films outdoor workouts all over the world – literally on every continent! The camera follows the instructor as they take you through cities, up mountains, and across beaches. iFIT isn’t just a treadmill app, but a complete training platform for your treadmill, exercise bike, elliptical, and rower. There are also mat classes for yoga and strength workouts.

iFIT can be accessed on your phone with the iFIT App or on enabled equipment from NordicTrack, ProForm, Matrix, and Freemotion. So, instead of having to stream from your phone or tablet, you can stream directly from compatible treadmill touch screens. One of our favorite treadmills, the NordicTrack X32i has a beautiful 32” touch screen for streaming iFIT.

To make your treadmill run even more streamlined and interactive, iFIT automatically adjusts the treadmill based on the instructor’s cues, the terrain in the outdoor workouts, and your heart rate. This feature is only available on iFIT-enabled equipment, but it makes for a completely hands-free training experience. Plus, the AutoAdjust and ActivePulse features are tailored to you and your fitness level.

For new members, iFIT comes free for the first month when you buy an iFIT-enabled treadmill. iFIT is $39 per month, but you can buy a 1, 2, or 3-year membership ahead of time to cut down the monthly price. You can also take advantage of the NordicTrack+ and ProForm+ programs. When you buy a 3 or 4-year membership to iFIT upfront, you can get select NordicTrack and ProForm treadmills for free. It’s a sweet deal that we highly encourage buyers to consider if they want to save on a treadmill and enjoy iFIT and all of its features.

Learn more about iFIT, here.

  • The outdoor workouts are filmed all over the world to take you through beautiful locations.
  • There are thousands of on-demand trainer-led workouts and the ability to create your own routes without an instructor.
  • AutoAdjust and ActivePulse adjust the iFIT-enabled treadmill automatically based on your fitness level and heart rate.
  • iFIT films in real-life events like the Boston Marathon so you can train on your treadmill.

  • Streaming from apps like Netflix and YouTube aren’t available to stream on iFIT-enabled equipment.
  • The music is in the background of each workout, it’s updated regularly to keep the music fresh, but we wish the indoor workouts had music incorporated in.

iFIT is an all-in-one app for training on the treadmill and then you can follow up your workout with strength training, stretching, or yoga. In addition to being an interactive treadmill app, it is a complete training platform to help keep your workouts structured and engaging.

2. Best Treadmill App For Studio Workouts: Peloton

Best Treadmill App For Studio Workouts: Peloton

When it comes to training apps, Peloton probably comes to mind. The popular studio exercise bike workouts have turned into a whole training platform with treadmill, rowing, strength training, and more workouts. Peloton nails the indoor-filmed studio fitness class workouts.

The big draw to Peloton is their trainers. Peloton instructors are like mini-celebrities. They have pretty significant social media followings and engaging personalities that get people coming back and signing up for their workouts just for them. Live and on-demand workouts are available to take and classes are added all the time to the library.

You can use the Peloton App with any kind of treadmill on your phone, or if you buy one of Peloton’s treadmills, you can take advantage of other features like the leaderboard, Lanebreak gamified workouts, and streaming from apps like Netflix from the treadmill’s touch screen. AutoIncline is also available to adjust the incline in each workout on the Peloton Tread or Tread+.

Peloton has outdoor-filmed workouts with a slowly growing library. If you want studio trainer-led workouts though, Peloton is the best. It is $44 per month for Peloton equipment or $24 per month to use the Peloton App+ on your phone for treadmill workouts.

Learn more about Peloton, here.

  • The trainers are very engaging to keep you wanting to come back to their studio workouts.
  • There are live and on-demand workouts added to the library regularly.
  • Peloton utilizes music well, with each workout having its own curated playlist of hit songs.
  • AutoIncline, the leaderboard, Lanebreak, and apps like Netflix and YouTube TV are available when you stream the All-Access membership on Peloton’s equipment.

  • Some features aren’t available like the leaderboard and Lanebreak workouts, unless you use Peloton’s equipment with the All-Access Membership.

Those who love trainer-led treadmill classes will enjoy Peloton. Peloton has all kinds of content for walking, jogging, HIIT, and running. When you’re done with your treadmill workout, you can follow up with stretching or a strength workout, too.

3. Best Free Running App: Nike+ Run Club

Best Free Running App: Nike+ Run Club

The best things in life are free! The Nike+ Run Club App is free. This best treadmill app lets you record treadmill and outdoor runs and listen to audio guidance. Everything available comes complementary without an additional subscription cost.

The Nike+ Club Run App is designed to get you running. In the app, you’ll find guided runs with specific training focuses, or the ability to track your run, whether it be on a treadmill or outside. You can see your distance, pace, elevation, heart rate, and time in the Nike+ Run Club App. You can also listen to your own music by connecting to Apple Music or Spotify.

This app is great if you’re training for a race, just starting out, and if you want to keep up with a consistent running routine. The coaches are professionals who provide audio guidance in each workout and training plan.

And of course, being from Nike, you can tag which shoes you’re wearing, whether they’re Nikes or not. With all of the resources and workouts you’re able to access for free, we highly recommend trying the Nike+ Run Club App. It’s a great app to try if you don’t want to commit to a subscription payment.

  • This app is completely free with access to guided workouts on treadmills and outside.
  • The guidance is audio to keep you focused on running and each workout is led by a professional running coach.
  • There are structured workouts, training plans, and the ability to record your running workouts.
  • Content is added pretty regularly and you get access to everything for free!

  • If you prefer having something to watch while on your treadmill, this app might not be for you since it just provides audio cues.

The Nike+ Run Club App is great for beginners, casual runners, serious runners, and those training for an event. We love that it’s free and can add a lot of value to treadmill running routines.

4. Best Connected Treadmill App: Zwift

Best Connected Treadmill App: Zwift

Although popular among cyclists, the Zwift App is also available for treadmill running. I consider it to be the best connected treadmill app because it pairs well with compatible treadmills to show your treadmill speed, distance, and time elapsed. It also shows your average pace and mile splits, as well as your heart rate if you pair a compatible tracker.

Zwift features cartoon 3D worlds, some with real locations, and your avatar as you run or bike. When you start running, the avatar starts running to mimic your movements. It also stops when you stop, or rather when you stop your treadmill.

When you’re going, you’ll see other Zwifters biking or running on the trails. There is also a list of Zwifters nearby. There are structured workouts to follow, group runs, custom workouts, or you can pick your location and just run. Zwift is $14.99 per month and $149.99 per year.

  • Zwift lets you explore unique 3D worlds as you run through them.
  • There are structured workouts or you can pick a location and do your own thing.
  • Zwift pairs well with compatible treadmills to show your treadmill metrics in the app.
  • You can take group runs or events, as well as choose from a wide variety of locations and workouts.

  • It might not pair well with some treadmills.

The Zwift App isn’t just for cyclists. With a compatible treadmill you can enjoy running through unique landscapes with your avatar and track your workouts in the app.

5. Best Budget Treadmill App: Sole+

Best Budget Treadmill App: Sole+

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly treadmill app with studio trainer-led classes, then I would consider the Sole+ App. Other popular training apps can be a little pricy, but the Sole+ App is only $9.99 per month. It’s free if you own a Sole treadmill or another piece of fitness equipment from the brand.

Sole treadmills are some of the main models we recommend, especially for running. When you buy one of their treadmills with a touch screen, like the F80 or F85, the Sole+ App is built into the available content on the screen – for free!

The Sole+ App features hundreds of trainer-led workouts filmed indoors. Along with treadmill workouts, you can take elliptical, exercise bike, rowing, mat cardio, boxing, strength, stretching, yoga, meditation, and workouts specific to the Sole SRVO smart gym.

The classes overall aren’t quite at the same level as iFIT and Peloton, but the instructors are energetic and engaging. This app also features different training collections like half marathon training, quick intervals, and more. The Sole+ App does a good job at tracking your metrics and workout history, whether you pair it with a Sole treadmill or not.

  • This app is free to Sole equipment owners with access to hundreds of trainer-led workout videos.
  • The classes are filmed in a studio following engaging and motivating instructors.
  • There are workout programs specific to your training goals.
  • The app has the same features when streamed from your device or a Sole treadmill to use with other brands of treadmills.

  • The number of workouts is limited compared to other subscription apps.
  • It doesn’t have features like auto-adjusting, even on Sole treadmills.

The Sole+ App is appealing if you own a piece of Sole equipment or if you’re looking for a budget alternative to apps that feature trainer-led content. This app is well-priced with nice features for guided training.

6. Best Audio Treadmill App: Aaptiv

Best Audio Treadmill App: Aaptiv

Aaptiv is a training app that features audio-guided workouts. Aaptiv workouts provide just enough guidance to power you through structured workouts whether you’re on a treadmill, running outside, crosstraining, or using another piece of equipment. Aaptiv has specific workouts for equipment and no equipment.

In the workouts, you can choose to listen to the instructor with your music on Spotify playing in the background, or with Aaptiv’s music playing. Aaptiv has thousands of workouts instructed by different instructors who are knowledgeable and engaging with just their voices.

Aaptiv has goal-specific training programs like running faster and reducing stress. The treadmill workouts just feature a blank screen to track your metrics. The workouts that involve training on a workout mat have video instruction for each movement in addition to the audio instruction.

Aaptiv also uses AI to build workout plans based on your training goals. These workouts are specific to your goal and tailored to you. Aaptiv is $14.99 per month or $99.99 per year to get access to all of the training content.

  • There are thousands of voice-led workouts for the treadmill, mat, and other fitness equipment.
  • The voice instruction is engaging and there are video demonstrations for mat exercises.
  • You can listen to Aaptiv’s music or pair your Spotify account to listen in the background of each workout.
  • The AI coach creates personalized workout routines for you based on your training goals.

  • If you’re new to training, the instruction might not be enough for you, especially if you prefer taking workout videos with an instructor.

Aaptiv has a large number of workouts to take on their own and programs if you want more structured training. This app is convenient to use with your device while treadmill running or running outside, as well as cross-training on other equipment or just a workout mat.

7. Best Gamified Treadmill App: ZRX Zombies, Run!

Best Gamified Treadmill App: ZRX Zombies, Run!

If you like the idea of playing a game while you workout, then the ZRX App is for you. This app has narrated interactive story modes to get you moving. This app can be used for running outside, on a treadmill, or on other equipment like an elliptical.

The ZRX has zombie stories, that is where the app got its start, but now it has Marvel stories and others that encourage you to run at different points. The stories are all audio, so when you’re running you don’t have to look down at your phone. The app tracks your distance and pace and says which part of the story is currently taking place.

The narrator of each story talks to you, the runner, to let you know when you need to run from zombies or chase robbers. The experience is kind of like listening to an audiobook, but one where you’re a character that is getting told what to do, mainly when to run.

The Zombies, Run! App is free for the first week and then $7.99 per month or $74.99 per year. It’s a unique training app for unconventional running. It’s a great way to mix it up if you need inspiration to get running.

  • This is a fun and unique way to get running. It’s like playing a game while on a treadmill or running outside.
  • There are different stories that involve Marvel characters, zombies, and more.
  • All of the stories are audio so you listen for the cues of when to run instead of having to watch content on your phone.
  • It is interactive and entertaining.

  • There are pauses between each clip in the stories where nothing is heard.
  • The stories aren’t structured like workouts; you run at random times which might not be best if you have specific training goals.

The ZRX Zombies, Run! App is more than just running from zombies. It is an immersive audio experience to mix up your treadmill workouts.

8. Best Beginner Running App: C25k

Best Beginner Running App: C25k

The C25k App, or Couch to 5k App is a good beginner treadmill app. It has a very simple format. The goal is to take you from no running up to running a 5k (3 miles). The training plan is very straightforward and uncomplicated, making it great for beginners and those who want to just get running up to a 5k.

The training plan starts with a 5-minute warm-up at a walking pace and then you alternate between 60 seconds of jogging and 90 seconds of walking for 20 minutes. It makes a beep noise and a voice says to start jogging and start walking during each interval.

The C25k App makes the program very doable for beginners. It’s designed to have you running a 5k in 9 weeks while running 3 days per week. You can track it by miles or minutes, so you can do 3 miles or 30 minutes with no walking as the end goal.

The C25k App is $4.99 per month, $14.99 for 3 months, or $49.99 per year, after the 7-day free trial. There are other training apps from the same company such as 10k, 13.1, and 26.2 to help you train for other races like half marathons and full marathons, too.

  • This app is very simple to use and designed to get you from doing no running to running a 5k.
  • The instruction and training program is straightforward and easy to understand.
  • You can listen to music apps like Spotify in the background.
  • It’s affordable and tracks your progress.

  • The instruction is very minimal compared to other training apps.

Couch to 5k is a very beginner-friendly app. It is simple to use and designed to get you running a 5k or 30 minutes without walking in 9 weeks. If you want to get running, this one is a good one to start with.

9. Best Virtual Running App: Treadmill Trails

Best Virtual Running App: Treadmill Trails

Treadmill Trails is specifically designed for walking and running on treadmills. Each workout features a scenic landscape that the camera moves through. The workouts are 30 or 60 minutes long to allow you to view really beautiful landscapes from your device while walking or running on your treadmill.

Each of the workouts is filmed in really remote locations all around the world. You can listen to the narration for each workout or listen to music from outside apps.

The Treadmill Trails App has several workouts filmed in different landscapes available. You have to pay 99 cents for each 30-minute video and $1.99 for each 60-minute video, but once you pay and download the workout, it’s yours to keep.

  • This app provides scenic routes for entertainment while your run or walk on your treadmill.
  • You can listen to the narration or mute it and listen to your own music.
  • The workouts are 30 and 60 minutes long each and allow you to do your own thing while you taken them.
  • Once you pay and download each workout, it is yours to keep.

  • You have to pay for each workout, rather than subscribe for access to all of them.

Treadmill Trails is a good training app if you want to do your own thing and stay entertained. Each workout moves through trails to make you feel like you’re walking or running outside.

The Best Treadmill App For You

If you’re wondering which treadmill app to try, we can help. There are a few things you might want to consider.

Treadmill Types

First, what type of treadmill are you looking for? All of these apps are available to use on your phone, but some come enabled on certain treadmill brands to stream directly from the screen. Many treadmills nowadays come with touch screens and subscription training content. It might not seem important, but the training content can be a huge aspect of the treadmill. Some features might be limited without using the subscription.

Some treadmills come with device racks to place your phone or tablet, and others don’t. Most don’t have touch screens with their own training content. So, if you want to be able to stream something from your device or read a book, you’ll probably want to check that the treadmill has a rack.

If you’re in the market for a treadmill, check out our top recommendations, as well as our treadmill buying guide to help you consider all of the things before you bring one home.

Content Types

When picking a treadmill app, you want to consider the type of content you like. Do you like trainer-led workout videos? Do you like audio instruction? Do you want to see your treadmill metrics in the app? Maybe you just want to follow scenic trails from your device while running on your treadmill. Whatever you prefer, you’ll want to make sure the treadmill app you try aligns with your preferences and goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do running apps work on a treadmill?

There are many apps that connect to compatible treadmills via Bluetooth. There are also many treadmills that come with their own subscription training content built in. It’s important to consider your treadmill and the app when determining if the app will pair to your treadmill.

Is there a free app for walking on a treadmill?

The best free treadmill app is Nike+ Run Club. This app provides audio instruction from professional running coaches, all for free.

What is the best treadmill app?

We consider the best treadmill app to be iFIT. iFIT comes enabled on machines from NordicTrack, ProForm, Freemotion, and Matrix. It is also available to use as an app on your device to stream from your phone or TV while using your treadmill. iFIT has thousands of trainer-led workouts. Most are filmed outdoors in beautiful locations and all of them are led by world-class instructors. When you use an iFIT-enabled treadmill you get access to even more training features like AutoAdjust, ActivePulse, and Google Maps to draw your own routes.