Freemotion t22.9 REFLEX Treadmill Review – 2024

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Last Updated: July 24, 2023

If you’re looking for a treadmill to power workouts all throughout the day, you’re in the right place! This review of the Freemotion t22.9 REFLEX Treadmill is all about what this commercial-grade machine has to offer and how it performed for us. The 5.0 AC motor is powerful for all-day use and offers a 15 mph max speed and 15% incline. Plus, the 22” touchscreen offers training with iFIT for an immersive and interactive workout experience. This treadmill is one of the models used at Orangetheory Fitness Studios. So, whether you’re looking to do high-intensity training on a well-cushioned deck like the popular fitness franchise in the comfort of your own home or train clients throughout the day and night in your gym, the Freemotion t22.9 REFLEX Treadmill is it.

Freemotion t22.9 REFLEX Treadmill Review 2024

The Freemotion t22.9 REFLEX is a large, non-folding treadmill with nice features.

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Freemotion is a subsidiary of iFIT which also owns NordicTrack and ProForm. iFIT is the largest manufacturer of fitness equipment and Freemotion offers commercial cardio and strength fitness equipment, such as the t22.9 REFLEX Treadmill. We’ve been testing NordicTrack and ProForm treadmills for years so we were very excited to test this Freemotion Treadmill.

Why You Should Trust Our Review Of The Freemotion t22.9 REFLEX Treadmill

Whenever we create a treadmill review like this one of the Freemotion REFLEX Treadmill, we get the machine into our studio and put it through its paces during our testing process. We do this with every piece of fitness equipment that we can get our hands and feet on. Our team also consists of fitness experts who are trainers, home gym owners, and public gym goers who have been testing treadmills and other equipment for years.

During our testing process, we also like to use the other equipment that we have on hand to compare side by side with the new equipment. While testing the Freemotion t22.9 REFLEX, we compared it to the NordicTrack X32i and X22i Incline Trainers, Matrix T75, and Life Fitness Run CX, to name a few. You’ll see some comparisons to these models throughout this review.

Our Freemotion t22.9 REFLEX Treadmill Review Video

  • This is a high-end treadmill that can handle all-day use in commercial gyms.
  • The 22” touch screen offers streaming of on-demand guided iFIT workout classes and the ability to create your own routes with and without a subscription.
  • The deck cushioning is forgiving to offer excellent shock absorption while walking and running.
  • The construction build and quality are designed to withstand heavy use.
  • The powerful 5.0 AC motor goes up to 15 mph and offers a 15% incline to offer and handle high-intensity training.
  • The quick adjustment buttons and responsive touch screen make using this treadmill easy, yet interactive with iFIT’s content and features like AutoAdjust.
  • This is the preferred treadmill used at Orangetheory Fitness.
  • It is expensive but worth the investment for its extreme durability and use in commercial settings.
  • It is a beast and requires a designated space on a ground floor.
  • iFIT times out after a few minutes of inactivity to log you out to the start screen.

  • 22” High-Definition Capacitive Touchscreen
  • iFIT-Enabled to use with or without a subscription
  • 3.5 mm Audio Out
  • Bluetooth Connectivity for headphones
  • Pulse Grips
  • Connects to compatible heart rate monitor
  • USB Charging Port
  • Quick-Touch Buttons
  • Fan
  • Front Transportation Wheels
  • Non-Folding
  • Requires 20-amp 120-volt circuit
  • Footprint: 87” L x 34” W x 66” H
  • Motor: 5.0 CHP AC Commercial Drive Motor
  • Running Surface: 21.5” W x 60” L
  • Double Layered Belt
  • 2-Sided REFLEX Deck
  • Large Adjustable Leveling Feet
  • Treadmill Weight: 619 lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 400 lbs
  • Rollers: 3.5”
  • Incline: 15%
  • No Decline
  • Step-Up Height: 13”
  • Max Speed: 15 mph
  • Warranty: 7 years for the frame and 3 years for parts and labor
Freemotion t22.9 Reflex Treadmill Review

In-depth Review of Freemotion t22.9 REFLEX Treadmill

iFIT Overview

iFIT is a training platform that offers thousands of on-demand trainer-led workout classes on the Freemotion t22.9 REFLEX Treadmill. So, if you’re an iFIT member you can log into your account and take running, jogging, walking, and hiking classes on the REFLEX Treadmill. Even if you’re not familiar with iFIT or have never taken a workout, you can try it on this treadmill without a subscription. (More on this later).

iFIT is also available on other equipment from brands like NordicTrack and ProForm which sell home equipment. Our team has spent years using iFIT and its features so here’s an overview of what to expect and what to expect with iFIT on the t22.9 REFLEX Treadmill.

Freemotion t22.9 REFLEX Treadmill  iFIT Workout

Every iFIT class is led by an instructor who guides you through the workout often providing motivation and insight along the way.

Classes are filmed in a professional studio setting, sometimes with other people in the background who are taking the workout live with the instructor. In these classes, the camera points at the instructor.

Freemotion t22.9 REFLEX Treadmill  iFIT Outdoor Workout

The other types of classes are the outdoor workouts, which is our team’s favorite.

These workouts are filmed all around the world, literally on every continent! In the outdoor workouts, a trainer takes you through each location and the camera follows them as they hike up mountains, run along beaches, and walk through towns. Often in these workouts, the instructor will also mention fun facts and little tidbits about the location, too.

iFIT also compiles many of the workouts into different series. Each series consists of classes that usually are led by the same instructor(s), are filmed in the same area, and involve the same training goal. A series is meant to be taken over the course of a few weeks or months so you can focus on a goal and progress in your fitness.

If you want to create your own workouts and explore the world without a trainer, you can with the Google Map feature. This feature pulls up a map of the world that you can draw and create your own routes with. You can choose to create routes in any location and when you take the workout, Google Images pop up of the location.

One aspect that I think iFIT could be improved upon is the music. Currently, the music plays in the background of each class functioning like a radio with different genre stations. Each station consists of a preselected playlist of songs. The songs seem to be updated regularly. I think for the indoor classes it would be nice to have the music incorporated and selected by the instructor in the workout. This would help add more energy to the indoor workouts, I think.

iFIT requires a monthly subscription to use, but as I said, if you’re already a member you can log into your account and track your workouts when you’re logged in on the REFLEX Treadmill.

Onboard iFIT Workouts

If you don’t have a subscription to iFIT, you don’t really need it on the Freemotion t22.9. When you first turn on the treadmill, a screen pops up with the options to log into iFIT, create an account, or start working out.

Freemotion t22.9 REFLEX Treadmill Starting Screen

If you click “Work Out”, it takes you to iFIT’s library of workouts that you can access without a subscription.

Freemotion t22.9 REFLEX Treadmill  iFIT Library

The library and layout are pretty much the same whether you’re logging into your iFIT account or not.

The only difference in this mode from the iFIT subscription is that you can’t save any workouts with the Google Map feature, and it won’t save your previous workouts or workout stats without logging into your iFIT membership. With a membership to iFIT you can save workouts, track your stats, and schedule workouts to take in the future. Other than that, you have access to iFIT’s treadmill, hiking, walking, jogging, and running workouts, as well as the Google Map feature without a membership. You can also search for workouts in the browse tab with the search bar and filters as you can with an iFIT subscription.

The treadmill will automatically adjust during workouts in the free version of iFIT, too, as it does with a subscription. iFIT’s AutoAdjust feature is one of my favorite iFIT features where the treadmill automatically adjusts the speed and incline range throughout your workout to match the format and terrain of the class. You can also adjust the treadmill yourself and it’s easy to do on the console, which I’ll get into in a moment.

One thing we’ve noticed when using iFIT (both free and subscription versions) on the Freemotion t22.9 is that you can only access treadmill workouts on the screen. No mat classes like strength or yoga are available to take like you can on other iFIT machines. Also, the home screen layout is a little different. You only scroll horizontally instead of vertically on the Freemotion’s screen.

The last difference we’ve noticed is that iFIT times out after a few minutes of inactivity using the free version and when logged into an account. Plus, when you pause a workout you only have 2 minutes before the workout will end instead of 10 minutes on other machines. This makes sense since the Freemotion t22.9 REFLEX Treadmill is a commercial treadmill for public gyms. I wish there was a way to bypass this for using this treadmill at home though. It is annoying for a home user to have to re-login constantly.


The Freemotion REFLEX’s console has a similar feel and layout to other commercial treadmills, minus the touch screen. The 22” touch screen is a great addition that takes this gym-quality treadmill to the next level. We found it to be really easy to reach and responsive. Plus, it is a great size for viewing iFIT and tracking your workout metrics during classes and in manual mode.

Freemotion t22.9 REFLEX Treadmill Console and iFIT Library

The screen is clear, however, it doesn’t adjust.

Since there aren’t any mat classes available to take on this treadmill, we don’t mind that it doesn’t pivot to either side like some of NordicTrack’s treadmills. We were all able to see and reach the screen well.

Below the screen is a fan that has adjustable vents so you can direct the airflow to aim where you want it to. The fan has multiple settings and can be adjusted on the console and on the screen. This is probably one of the most powerful fans we’ve used on a treadmill.

Freemotion t22.9 REFLEX Treadmill  Fan

I love how effective it is and that I can adjust the direction of airflow.

Something to keep in mind is that the REFLEX Treadmill doesn’t come with speakers. Seeing that using this in a public gym with speakers blaring would be distracting to others, I get this design. Instead, you can plug in your own speakers or connect them through Bluetooth. It would be nice to have speakers if you plan on using this treadmill at home though. There’s also a USB port to plug in your phone to charge it.

Freemotion t22.9 REFLEX Treadmill Console Buttons and Storage

Below the fan is a tray to put your phone or another small item.

It’s nice to have a little bit of storage, along with the two cupholders on either side of the console. They hold my water bottle just fine, and everything stays steady without rocking or shaking.

The adjustment buttons such as the incline, speed, start and stop buttons are directly in front of the front handle below the screen. This makes them really easy to reach. There are also quick-touch adjustment buttons to adjust to specific speeds and incline levels quickly.

Freemotion t22.9 REFLEX Treadmill  Speed Buttons

The speed buttons are on the right side and the incline buttons are on the left.

These are really easy to reach, especially while running and during interval training. Overall, I like how simple and easy this console is to use.

Construction Quality & Durability

The Freemotion t22.9 REFLEX Treadmill is an extremely well-constructed treadmill. Of course, it is priced much higher than home treadmills because it is made to be used all throughout the day in commercial settings.

Freemotion t22.9 REFLEX Treadmill  Inclined Construction

From our experience using plenty of commercial treadmills in gyms throughout the years, this treadmill is certainly comparable to others, however, it does stand out with specific aspects of the construction.

The REFLEX Treadmill has a 400 lb weight limit which is usually the highest we see on motorized treadmills. This means that most users will be able to use it.


Freemotion t22.9 REFLEX Treadmill Singular Upright

The Freemotion has a steel frame and a singular upright, however, this is where it really differs from many home treadmills and other commercial treadmills.

Instead of the upright attaching to the frame on either side of the deck and extending up to connect to the console, this upright is large and sits on the front of the treadmill in front of the motor hood and deck. The motor hood attaches to it.

The floor frame supports the deck. There are two wheels on the frame at the front of the treadmill under the deck. These wheels can be used to move the Freemotion and they attach to the part of the frame that inclines the deck.

Considering the Freemotion t22.9 REFLEX weighs a whopping 619 lbs (!) we recommend having a space for it. It is incredibly challenging to lift up the back end to engage the wheels, so you’ll want/need a place for this treadmill to stay in your home or studio gym. It also is best to use on a ground floor due to its extremely heavy weight. The easiest way for us to move this treadmill is to place a wheeled cart below the back end, but even with the cart, the REFLEX is still hard to move. When lifting up the backend to engage the front wheels to move the treadmill, it is recommended to incline the treadmill to 15% before moving. Otherwise, when you lift it, the bottom of the deck will hit the ground if you lift it too high.

Freemotion t22.9 REFLEX Treadmill  Incline Profile Wheels

Inclining it gives you more of a range to move it to keep the wheels engaged.

The handles are clean and simple and really easy to reach. The side handles extend on either side of you when running and the front handle is one continuous piece that’s easy to grab. So, if you have balance issues, this treadmill offers plenty of handles to use.

Freemotion t22.9 REFLEX Treadmill  Pulse Grips Left

There are also two pulse grips built into the front handle to check your heart rate when you place your palms on them.

You can also connect a compatible heart rate monitor through Bluetooth to the treadmill. And of course, the console and handles stay in place, as does the entire treadmill because it’s basically a tank. No screen wobble here.


Freemotion t22.9 REFLEX Treadmill Matt Running

The t22.9 REFLEX has an AC motor.

AC motors are more powerful than DC motors that are found on home treadmills. This motor also requires more amplitude and a 20-amp 120-volt circuit outlet to use, so keep that in mind. AC motors are made for being used all day, thus the kind of foot traffic treadmills get in public gyms. The REFLEX has a 5.0 CHP AC motor.

The Matrix T75 that we’ve tested has a 3.0 AC motor. Something to keep in mind with this motor type is that it isn’t as quiet as DC motors that treadmills like the NordicTrack Incline Trainers have. However, if you’re looking for durability and longevity, and to use the t22.9 for hours per day, this motor is what you want. It isn’t overly loud by any means, it just sounds like a treadmill you’d use at the gym because it is one.

Another aspect that sets this motor and the Freemotion REFLEX Treadmill apart is the 15 mph max speed. Most high-end home treadmills that we test have a 12 mph max speed. Even the Matrix T75 only goes up to 12.5 mph. 15 mph is more than enough speed for most people, so if you want to do some high-speed intervals, this one is a good choice.

Freemotion t22.9 REFLEX Treadmill  Sydney Incline

The deck also inclines to 15% so you have plenty of training options to get in great workouts.

Keep in mind that the deck doesn’t decline, but many commercial treadmills don’t offer this feature.


Freemotion t22.9 REFLEX Treadmill  Deck

The deck is spacious at 21.5” wide and 60” long.

This width and length are best for pretty much all users’ strides. Similar to other commercial treadmills and higher-end home treadmills, this deck is an appropriate size for all levels, stride lengths, and treadmill activities.

One of my favorite aspects of the REFLEX Treadmill is the cushioning. Normally, most commercial-grade treadmills I’ve used in gyms have firm cushioning that feels similar to running outside on concrete. Of course, the decks have a little give so they do provide some shock absorption unlike concrete outside. The Freemotion REFLEX, however, feels very forgiving. It actually reminds me of the NordicTrack X32i and X22i Incline Trainers. These treadmills have some of the softest cushioning we’ve tested and the Freemotion t22.9 REFLEX feels very comparable underfoot.

I do think the Freemotion feels slightly firmer but it’s very hard to tell. On the Incline Trainers, the deck can feel bouncy at higher speeds, but the Freemotion REFLEX Treadmill didn’t feel bouncy running at higher speeds. I think if you have joint issues or if you are concerned about lessening the impact on your joints when running, the t22.9 is an excellent choice. It is one of my favorite treadmills to run on because I prefer softer cushioning, personally. If you prefer running on firmer surfaces, you might want a treadmill with less-forgiving cushioning.

The Orangetheory Treadmill

As I mentioned, the Freemotion t22.9 REFLEX Treadmill is the treadmill you’ll find in most Orangetheory studios. Orangetheory Fitness is a full-body group workout in a studio that involves strength and cardio training. This fitness franchise uses heart rate training during its high-intensity interval workouts. If you walk into an Orangetheory, you’ll likely see a REFLEX Treadmill or several in the studio. This treadmill is just one of the types of treadmills you can find at Orangetheory though.

Orangetheory and Freemotion have a partnership where the fitness franchise actually collaborated with the equipment manufacturer to tailor the REFLEX Treadmill to work best for Orangetheory workouts. Two of the main standout features that make this treadmill especially great for Orangetheory are the quick-adjusting “1-Step Controls” and the “REFLEX” Deck.

Freemotion t22.9 REFLEX Treadmill Sydney Running Feet

I definitely think the deck is one of the highlights of this treadmill and it pairs really well with the high-quality construction.


Overall, we are really pleased with the Freemotion t22.9 REFLEX Treadmill. Compared to the average commercial treadmill, the REFLEX has features that make it stand out from the rest. The 22” touch screen and iFIT streaming features are definitely a big factor that makes it more interactive and entertaining than traditional gym treadmills that only come with simple onboard workouts. We really appreciate that you can access most of iFIT’s classes and features without a subscription, too.

Freemotion t22.9 REFLEX Treadmill Matt Incline Feet

The other big standout features are the motor capabilities and deck cushioning, of course.

Most commercial treadmills come with AC motors, but not all of them go up to 15 mph. The motor is also responsive and fairly quick to adjust compared to other home treadmills we’ve tested. Typically, AC motors can take a little longer to warm up than DC motors, but we didn’t notice the Freemotion needing extra time to warm up or get up to speed. The deck cushioning is also soft versus firm underfoot, like most commercial decks.

Even the 13” high step-up height on the deck is on the taller side of other treadmills. The step-up height is measured when the deck is at a 0% grade from the floor to the top of the side rail. This step-up height means that some folks might have a harder time stepping on and off the deck. With any large treadmill, we recommend making sure you have a high enough ceiling to use it, as well as enough floor space. Factoring in the step-up height, the incline range and your height is a good idea to make sure your ceiling is tall enough. Treadmills with low step-up heights range from around 8-10” high in comparison, like the Life Fitness Run CX.

Of course, the REFLEX Treadmill is pricy, especially compared to most home treadmills. Commercial treadmills are usually priced around $10k or more, so the Freemotion is priced accordingly. Obviously, for most home users it is probably overkill, but if you’re looking for a treadmill for your studio gym or if you have the budget for a commercial treadmill for your home, the Freemotion t22.9 REFLEX is definitely worth it.

Freemotion t22.9 REFLEX Treadmill Rollers, Belt, and Side Rails

Other components of the construction that we noticed are the large 3.5” rollers and the thick belt.

They definitely help contribute to how durable and long-lasting the REFLEX Treadmill feels to use. An aspect that we found to be interesting is that the side rails are made out of rubber rather than steel.

They definitely feel flexible, and while watching each other run, we noticed that they accentuate how flexible the deck cushioning is, too. You can see the flexion in the side rails when someone is running on the deck. Of course, the deck under the belt is firm and non-rubberized.


A 7-year warranty for the frame and a 3-year warranty for parts and labor with the purchase of the Freemotion t22.9 REFLEX Treadmill is included. With how large this treadmill is, we recommend having a dedicated space for it, but if you need to move it we suggest at least 2 people.

Freemotion t22.9 Reflex Treadmill Review

Bottom Line Review: Freemotion t22.9 REFLEX Treadmill

The Freemotion t22.9 REFLEX Treadmill is a commercial treadmill that has thoughtful features. Its powerful 5.0 AC motor, large non-folding size, and incredibly durable and heavy construction make it comparable to other commercial treadmills. Its 22” touch screen, iFIT streaming features, and flexible cushioned deck make it something more. Not only is the Freemotion REFLEX Treadmill easy to use with its streamlined design and quick-adjusting buttons but it’s interactive with iFIT’s content that you can use with or without a subscription. Its running surface is comfortable and challenging with a 15 mph max speed and 15% incline. If you are looking to fill your studio gym with high-quality treadmills, or are just looking for a commercial-grade treadmill for your home, we strongly urge you to consider the Freemotion t22.9 REFLEX Treadmill.