Best Reasons to Workout in Morning

In this fast-paced era, where we all are struggling to keep up with our busy schedules, we often forget to take out some time for ourselves. We mostly put ‘having a healthy living’ at the bottom of our priority list. But, it is time to get out of that mindset and start taking care of our bodies. Now, with so many at home exercise options and healthy eateries popping up left and right, it is easier than ever before to get into a healthier lifestyle.

The key to a healthy body is a healthy heart, and for you to have a healthy heart it is recommended that you exercise for at least 30 minutes four times a week! Now, you can work out at any time which is convenient for you; after all, we all lead busy lives. However, working out in the morning can have some added benefits that can take your workout routines one step further. Below we have listed some strong reasons which highlight why working out in morning has more benefits as compare to other times of the day.

Best Reasons to Workout in Morning

  • Biological advantage

In the morning our body produces the maximum amount of testosterone. This hormone is responsible for creating muscular masses. So, if we work out in the morning, when the testosterone levels reach their peak, we will notice that our exercises are more efficient in boosting muscular growth. This way, we will reach our goals sooner than we expected.

  • Working in morning frees up the rest of the day

There are no occupations to deal with in the early morning. But, no one knows exactly what will happen throughout the day. Maybe you will have to go earlier to work, maybe you’ll need to leave it a bit late, and maybe you have important plans for the evening. When you are done with your exercise routine at the start of each day, you won’t need to cancel plans with friends or workmates in favor of going to the gym. Conversely, you won’t have to skip out on your gym time to hang out with your friends! It’s a win-win situation all around. So, enjoy your training in the morning and then go on with your schedule.

  • You will burn more fat

It is proven that training with an empty stomach can burn 20% more calories than training after having a meal. Another reason why the morning workout can burn more fat is the EPOC. You must be thinking what is EPOC?, It stands for excess post-exercise oxygen consumption or differently said “afterburn” which is an increased amount of oxygen intake. This means that you will breathe in faster and more deeply which is a biological way of burning calories.

  • You will save yourself from cravings

A study carried by BYU proved that women would focus less on some pictures that contained food if they exercised in the morning. A 45-minute workout reduces the appetite and increases the physical activity. Also, if you really feel that you want to lose calories and to live a healthy life than quitting your cravings won’t be such a hassle after you are already finished with the hardest part, which is exercising.

  • You will get through the rest of the day feeling lighter, nicer & better!

Now we get it why our elders say “early to bed, early to rise, makes a man, healthy, wealthy and wise”. Endorphins, which are sometimes known as the “feel good” hormones, are released when you exercise. These hormones help you feel better throughout the rest of the day and help you focus better. So, when you exercise in the morning, you are likely to be more focused and more energetic throughout the rest of your day. Except that, endorphins will help you feel less stressed throughout the day. Also, a study carried by the UBC showed that exercising in the morning develops the hippocampus, which is responsible for learning and memorizing abilities. Furthermore, if you start the day with energy, you have a strong motivation to continue it the same way.

  • You can enjoy a calm & relaxed workout atmosphere

Around 5:00 am – 7:00 am, the environment is at its purest. Most people are waking up, no traffic on the roads, no operational industry, the dawn breaks, plants, and trees starting their photosynthesis process to give out oxygen and birds chirping. We could say that it is the best time of the day, where you can get pure oxygen devoid of any pollutant in the air. This time is most important for people who have asthma condition or breathing problem. You could do a yoga or take a stroll in the park for a lighter workout session. This air is beneficial for many health problems and has significance while you work out. We all know that in oxygen deficient environment, our body fatigue is at its highest due to lower supply of oxygen to our muscles and greater production of lactic acid in muscle. This is the perfect time for work out ensuring maximum gains.

  • You will feel accomplished

Everyone has a bit of a guilty feeling nagging at them at the very end of a lazy day. After all, there is so much that could have been accomplished throughout the day. Sometimes, a lot of people have that feeling even if they did get some work done. But, when you have a good workout session at the start of each day, you know you will not have any guilty feeling at the end of the day because you have already checked something off your “to-do” list.

  • You might be in a healthier routine for the rest of the day

When you start off your day healthy, you are more likely to make healthier choices throughout the day. A good gym session in the evening is often rewarded with a delicious snack later, or sometimes, people often eat junk food thinking that they can just “work it off later”. But, when you start the day off with good hormones from a good workout session (a healthy choice) you are more likely to want to keep that good streak going by opting for healthier options throughout the day.

  • You will have a better sleep

One of the main benefits of the morning training is the sleep. After a tiring and busy day, the only thing you are expected to feel is the necessity of taking a nap. And even if you decide to stick up with your plan and do the workout in evening, you won’t feel too energetic to finish it.

There are various reasons to work out in the morning, but here we have mentioned the most important ones. It is always a matter of preferences whether to train early in the morning or late at night. But, we would recommend considering the benefits mentioned above. This way, you may get the expected results really soon. Most of the people who work out early agree that they have chosen the best time of the day. Tell us which group of people do you belong and share with us your tips and opinions.