NordicTrack Commercial VU 29 Exercise Bike Review – 2024

May 3, 2023
  • Sydney Kaiser
    Product Reviewer, Content Writer, Certified Personal Trainer

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NordicTrack manufactures a line of indoor exercise bikes designed for high-intensity workouts, but the Commercial VU 29 exercise bike is best suited for mid to low-intensity training. The Commercial VU 29 bike has 24 resistance levels and a highly upgraded entertainment console with a 14” web-enabled touchscreen that allows you to read your emails, watch movies, or even work.

With the complimentary one-month iFit subscription, you can tap into the full benefits of this bike with unlimited training from certified personal trainers at your fingertips. These programs offer variety to suit different fitness goals. So if you want to lose weight or build endurance, you’ll find something for yourself.

NordicTrack Commercial VU 29 Exercise Bike Review 2024

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With a 19-pound flywheel, you can expect a decent riding experience. This lighter flywheel will not bring the smoothest ride available, but it is suitable for riders looking for a low-to-moderate intensity workout. However, it won’t be ideal for upper-level athletes looking for high-intensity activity.

We like the 325-pound weight limit, oversized saddle and pedals. This will allow most family members to enjoy the NordicTrack Commercial VU 29 exercise bike.

We think the NordicTrack Commercial VU 29 Exercise Bike is a good value for those wanting an exercise bike equipped for an exciting and interactive training experience. We’ll see if this exercise bike is for you in this spec review.

Who It’s For: People who want a low-impact, interactive fitness experience on a quality bike with a very large touchscreen

The NordicTrack Commercial VU 29 is designed for users who:

  • Want a low-impact workout and weigh up to 325 pounds.
  • Want a full-body, interactive activity with an oversized screen.
  • Want a low-maintenance piece of equipment.
  • 14” HD color touchscreen for interactive workouts
  • Comfortable oversized cushioned seat
  • Workout fan
  • 24 digital resistance levels
  • 325 lb max user weight – great for a wide range of users
  • Upright easy-to-use bike frame
  • Connect headphones via Bluetooth
  • Lightweight and easy to move when needed
  • Auto trainer control
  • Silent while in use – silent magnetic resistance
  • Lighter flywheel compared to other home exercise bikes
  • The placement of handlebars is a little bit awkward
  • No onboard workouts
  • No heart rate monitoring system

NordicTrack Commercial VU 29 Review

Bike Specs


  • Upright Frame with a 19-pound silent inertia-enhanced Flywheel. The 24 digital resistance levels mean you will continue to be challenged as you increase your fitness. The sturdy 325-pound weight capacity means that most people can get a great low-pact workout in.


  • The full-color 14” Smart HD touchscreen is the focal point of the VU 29’s console. Just as you would use any other tablet, simply swipe or press the screen where necessary to navigate between workout choices, displays, and beautiful views via your iFit membership.


  • AutoBreeze™ Workout Fan
  • Google Maps™ Technology2
  • One Touch® Controls
  • Two 2” Digitally Amplified Speakers
  • Ergonomic Foot Pedals are extra-wide and come with an adjustable strap
  • Oversized Cushion Seat
  • Seat adjusts vertically & horizontally
  • 24 Digital Resistance Levels
  • Free 30-Day iFIT Family Membership


  • Assembled:
    • Length- 41.49 inches
    • Width- 24.86 inches
    • Height- 55.29 inches
  • Boxed:
    • Weight- 115 lbs


  • Frame: 10-Year Warranty
  • Parts: 2-Year Warranty
  • Labor: 1-Year Warranty

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The compact upright frame (55.29 ” H x 24.86″ W x 41.49″ L) of the NordicTrack VU 29 makes finding a place for it easy. A small footprint is great for users who don’t have much space in their homes for workout equipment. This bike is sturdy and stable but not very heavy. The assembled weight of just over 100 lbs makes moving it a breeze.

Drive System

The 19lb inertia-enhanced flywheel is relatively light. This can be somewhat limiting for those who want challenging workouts. Heavier flywheels open up the option for those types of workouts and make the bike feel more steady. So if you don’t plan on using the bike for extreme workouts, it will be suitable for you.

The 24 digital resistance levels are smooth and responsive. The Silent Magnetic Resistance Technology (SMRTM) makes this bike very quiet and ideal for shared spaces.


The 14” Smart HD color touchscreen is double the size of the screen of NordicTracks’s previous model, the VU 19. And like the VU 19, the star of the console is the bright and responsive touchscreen. The touchscreen gives you access to settings, controls, and stats of the current workout as well as past rides.

The wireless technology of the console allows you to connect with iFit, which offers a library of countless workouts. If you’d rather go it alone, you can set the resistance and pace for yourself in manual mode.

There are no onboard workouts to choose from with the VU 29, but between iFit and manual mode, you’ll have plenty of workout options to keep things challenging and fresh. Selecting a workout with iFit will control the resistance and pace—no need to worry about making adjustments.

The display is large and clear enough, so all you need is a glance down to view all the vital feedback you need to succeed with your fitness goals.

The 2” Digitally Amplified Speakers in the console keep the trainer and music clear as can be.

Heart Rate Monitoring

There is no heart rate monitoring system on this bike. For the price, we would like to see the ability to at least pair a chest strap.

On-board Stats

Having a touch screen is handy with VU 29 because there is so much real-time and past workout data to browse. You can navigate through the different display modes, which will dictate which workout information you will see.

Automatic Trainer Control

When you’re giving it your all, the Automatic Trainer Control takes away the guesswork. When choosing select iFit trainer-led workouts, the resistance is controlled for you to mimic the crisp real-world terrain you see on your display.

Google Maps™ Technology2

Google is everywhere, and that means on the VU 29 as well. The onboard Google Maps™ workout technology allows you to cycle in Barcelona one day and ride trails in Belize the next or even during the same workout.


While there are no onboard pre-programmed workouts, NordicTrack has streaming in mind and offers countless workouts through the iFit subscription. The one-month complimentary Family iFit Membership brings you:

  • Top Trainers: iFit brings some of the best personal trainers in the world right into your home. Every user will find the proper workout and trainer to be fully motivated! The library is ever-changing, with countless activities to choose from.

  • Global Workouts: A virtual tour of the world awaits you as you ride across the continents with your favorite trainer. While you won’t leave your home, you’re sure to break a sweat.

  • Studio Classes: You can take part in studio classes with a selection of trainer-led workouts.

  • Personalized Workouts: Three personalized workouts based on your fitness level and goals are sent to your bike daily via a wireless connection.

You will need to purchase an iFit membership after the first month to continue training.

One Touch® Controls

OneTouch controls make it easy to adjust your resistance on the fly. No knobs or repeatedly pressing buttons. Pick a resistance, press, and feel the effortless change as you pedal.

Workout Fan

The AutoBreeze™ workout fan has multiple speed settings–including an auto mode. The auto mode increases or decreases the speed of the fan as your pedaling speed changes. Simply press the fan buttons to adjust the fan speed manually or to turn it off.

Seat Adjust and Saddle

The oversized seat with vertical and horizontal seat adjustments allows you to be as comfortable and natural as possible. For effective exercise, the seat needs to be at the proper height. There should be a slight bend in your knees when the pedals are in the lowest position.

Extra perks

  • Water bottle holder: located below the console so you can stay hydrated.

NordicTrack Commercial VU 29 Review

Bottom Line

The NordicTrack Commercial VU29 upright stationary bike has a great appeal for the beginner to the intermediate exerciser. Its best feature is the iFit-enabled jumbo-sized 14” touchscreen (with the one-month free iFit membership).

The lighter 19-pound flywheel means this bike isn’t for serious trainees looking to replicate the experience of gym training at home. Novice or intermediate athletes who enjoy an interactive experience and entertainment will find this bike very enjoyable. The 24 resistance levels mean most users will be challenged.

The sturdy, silent VU 29 will easily accommodate bigger users up to 325 pounds and has a comfortable oversized seat that is easy to adjust. You won’t have to worry about disturbing your family or roommate with the noiseless operation. This light, manageable bike is easy to move if needed.

We love the 14” HD color touchscreen and feel it makes the bike a step above. Connect with headphones via Bluetooth. The handlebars are slightly awkward for some users, but otherwise, it’s a comfortable exercise bike that everyone in your household can use and enjoy.

For the price, we would like to see some onboard pre-programmed workouts and a heart rate monitor. We hope NordicTrack will include this in future models of the VU 29.

We give the NordicTrack Commercial VU29 a thumbs up for beginner or intermediate athletes needing a low-impact workout but requiring a large touch screen console and entertaining interactive exercise to stay motivated.