5 Top Benefits Of Adjustable Dumbbells

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Last Updated: July 21, 2023

Strength training is important for maintaining and building muscle. If you’re looking to get that “toned” look, strength training is a way to achieve this. Adjustable dumbbells are an excellent piece of equipment to use to gain strength. No matter if you’re picking up weights for the first time, or if you’re a seasoned lifter, adjustable dumbbells can work for you. Be sure to check out our best adjustable dumbbells list to find the perfect pair for you.

Top Benefits Of Adjustable Dumbbells

Now, let’s get into the top 5 benefits of adjustable dumbbells.

1. They’re Compact

When working out at home, not everyone has the space for a complete home or garage gym. I definitely don’t in my home. Adjustable dumbbells are small and take up a fraction of the space as other home fitness equipment. Most actually only take up around a foot or so of room.

Adjustable dumbbells like the PowerBlock Pro Series, or even the NordicTrack iSelect Voice-Controlled dumbbells, keep the weights encased together when you’re not using them. This makes the weights easier to adjust sure, but it also keeps all their components in one neat and tidy space. Even adjustable dumbbells like the Rogue Loadable Dumbbells that come with small mini barbells and weight plates require significantly less space than an entire weight rack.

2. Offer More Training Options

Another fantastic benefit is that adjustable dumbbells are extremely versatile. You can use them for all kinds of workouts like circuit training, traditional weight training, and a variety of other exercises. I use adjustable dumbbells to do everything from deadlifts, chest presses, bicep curls, and squats, to HIIT training and cardio-based workouts and even weighted ab exercises.

Adjustable dumbbells also allow you to add the progressive overload principle into your workouts. This is where you increase the intensity of exercises by gradually increasing the speed, weight, and/or number of reps over the course of a period of time. Incorporating progressive overload into your strength training is a great way to get stronger and build muscle.

3. Offer A Wide Range Of Weight

Adjustable dumbbells allow you to use progressive overloading and even just progress because they offer a wide range of weights. Most offer weights ranging from 5 lbs up to 50 lbs. Some adjustable dumbbells allow you to lift over 100 lbs too.

It’s not only how much weight they offer, but the increments they adjust by, that’s impressive. Some adjust in 5 lb increments, and others can adjust in 2.5 lb increments. So, let’s say you’re doing tricep extensions using 15 lbs of weight but it is starting to feel easy and doesn’t burn as much as when you started doing them a couple of weeks ago. This is an indication that you could increase the weight, so maybe you increase it by just 2.5 lbs and find this to be plenty challenging. Or maybe you add more weight. Either way, adjustable dumbbells make this possible.

4. More Affordable

When compared to other equipment like squat racks, dumbbell sets, and leg press machines, adjustable dumbbells are considerably cheaper. Also, considering the versatility and amount of weight you get from adjustable dumbbells, they’re a really great bang for your buck. Depending on their maximum weight and the brand, adjustable dumbbells go for a couple hundred to even less than $100.

5. Use Them Anywhere

Another benefit of adjustable dumbbells is that you can use them anywhere. Most are pretty portable, so you can take them from room to room or even outside. They might not be so portable to take them say on a plane – I can’t imagine the bag fee for all that weight! You could, however, pack them in your car to take places and on a road trip.

Adjustable dumbbells make working out with weights accessible. Whether you’re short on space or are just looking to add some variety to your home gym and workouts, then adjustable dumbbells are the way to go. We recommend looking into a pair that offers an amount of weight to work up to over time. This way, you can continue to progress and get stronger without plateauing or “outgrowing” your weights.

If you’re looking for the best pair for you, check out our top recommended adjustable dumbbells, here.

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