AtivaFit Adjustable Dumbbells Review 2024

December 21, 2023
  • Sydney Kaiser
    Product Reviewer, Content Writer, Certified Personal Trainer

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I love adjustable dumbbells because they’re versatile and compact. Most pairs are also easy to use. While many adjustable dumbbells, especially affordable ones go up to 50 lbs each, the AtivaFit Adjustable Dumbbells go up to 88 lbs each. These dumbbells are well-made with a primarily all-metal construction that replaces up to 12 dumbbells with each one. The numbered adjustment dials are intuitive and easy to adjust, plus they feature a safety switch so you know when the weights are locked and unlocked to adjust them safely and accurately. In this AtivaFit Adjustable Dumbbells review, I’ll go over how they actually work in person and if they’re worth it. Even though they’re sold as a single dumbbell, for the price and the amount of weight you can lift with them, they’re fairly reasonable

AtivaFit Adjustable Dumbbells Review 2024

These are versatile adjustable dumbbells that provide a lot of weight. *Bench not included

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Why You Should Trust Our Review Of AtivaFit Adjustable Dumbbells

Our team here at TRG has tested and used several pairs of adjustable dumbbells on the market. From multiple pairs from NordicTrack, budget options, as well as adjustable dumbbells with heavy limits, we have experience using and reviewing all kinds of adjustable dumbbells. Whenever we get in a new pair, we put it through our testing process which includes using it how you would at home, and then some. We like to see exactly how they work to test out functionality as well as durability. This review of the AtivaFit Adjustable Dumbbells DT1188 discusses how they performed for us in our testing. We also compared it to others like the NordicTrack Select-A-Weights, Core Home Fitness, Nuobells, and Bowflex SelectTech 1090 Dumbbells, to name a few.

  • These are of excellent quality to let you lift from 11 lbs up to 88 lbs.
  • They’re easy and secure to adjust with the numbered dials and safety switches.
  • They’re made primarily of metal to be durable as well as versatile to use for most lifts.
  • Each dumbbell replaces up to 12 dumbbells.
  • They’re functional and won’t roll if you set them on the floor.
  • They’re a pretty good value but are sold individually.
  • The weight increments are random and adjust by 7 lbs which might be too much for some people to increase and decrease the weight gradually.
  • They’re large and stay the same length no matter how much weight is loaded.

  • Quick-adjusting numbered dials
  • Safety switch to lock and unlock weights
  • Adjusts by 7 lb increments
  • Replaces up to 12 dumbbells (per dumbbell)
  • Sold as a single dumbbell with a storage tray
  • Footprint With Tray: 15.9” L x 9” W x 9.4” H
  • Double-Layered Reinforced Plastic Storage Tray
  • Weight Per Dumbbell: 11-88 lbs
  • 11 lb Metal Rubber-Coated Handle
  • Warranty: 2-years

AtivaFit Adjustable Dumbbells Review

In-depth Review of the AtivaFit Adjustable Dumbbells

Construction Quality / Durability

The overall quality of the AtivaFit Adjustable Dumbbells is really well constructed. Many adjustable dumbbells have some amount of plastic built-in, but AtivaFit has kept the plastic to a bare minimum.

AtivaFit Adjustable Dumbells Adjusting on floor

The AtivaFit Dumbbells have a classic dumbbell design.

One thing to keep in mind is that they are sold individually, so you’ll need to purchase 2 if you want a pair. We have 2 AtivaFit Adjustable Dumbbells, so we tested them as a pair and have referred to them as a pair throughout this review.

Storage Trays

Each dumbbell comes with a storage tray that holds the entire dumbbell and weight plates. The trays are made out of a double-layered reinforced plastic. They’re not the most high-end because of their materials, but they keep everything in place. They also require each dumbbell to be in the tray to adjust the weight.

AtivaFit Adjustable Dumbbells Storage Tray

The trays do their job to hold the dumbbells and weights in place.

It’s pretty easy to fit them back into each tray when you need to adjust the weight and when you’re done. There are slots on each side to hold each weight and a cut-out in the middle to give you room to grab each weight at the handle to remove them from the storage trays.


AtivaFit Adjustable Dumbbells Weight Plate

The weight plates are laser-cut, welded steel plates.

These, as well as the inner metal slats on the dumbbells that hold the weight plates together, make these dumbbells feel really high-end. Comparable adjustable dumbbells, such as the Bowflex SelectTech 1090s use plastic components. This means that the AtivaFit are less likely to break, although it’s not recommended to drop them like most other adjustable dumbbells.

The weights adjust from 11 lbs, which is the weight of the dumbbell unloaded, up to 88 lbs for each dumbbell. One thing to keep in mind is that the increments that the dumbbells adjust to aren’t round numbers like 10, 15, 20, etc. Instead, the weights adjust by 7 lbs from 11 up to 88 lbs. So the increments for each dumbbell are as follows: 11, 18, 25, 32, 39, 46, 53, 60, 67, 74, 81, and 88 lbs. The fact that the weight increases by 7 lbs, might be a bit too much weight for some people to gradually increase and decrease when they need to.

The weights are adjusted by dials that are on each end of the dumbbell. They’re numbered so you don’t have to guess how much weight you have loaded. You also can use either dial to adjust the weights on both sides. A red button on one side of the handle unlocks the weights when pushed, so you can move the dial. It does require 2 hands to adjust each dumbbell.

AtivaFit Adjustable Dumbbells Adjusting Weight

One hand is for pushing and holding down the red safety switch and the other is for spinning the dial to select your desired weight.


Each handle is metal with a rubber coating over the middle. I personally prefer metal knurled handles, like traditional dumbbells. However, these handles feel really solid and the rubber gives you a good grip. If you prefer knurled handles, like me, you might want to keep this in mind. I find rubber-coated handles sometimes feel a little sticky sometimes, these included.

AtivaFit Adjustable Dumbbells Handle

I like that the handles are metal rather than plastic.

The Core Home Fitness Adjustable Dumbbells have hard plastic and rubber handles that I wish were metal like these.

Functionality & Performance

Overall, we’re really impressed with the quality of the AtivaFit Adjustable Dumbbells. With how similar they are to adjustable dumbbells from Bowflex, I think AtivaFit has nailed it when it comes to construction and durability. The materials make them feel really high-end, while available at a good price point. I wish they could be purchased as a pair, but even for double the price, they’re still comparable and competitive to other brands that sell their adjustable dumbbells in pairs.

Another impressive aspect is that they go up to 88 lbs each. This makes these adjustable dumbbells more appealing to folks who want a wider range and a higher weight when using adjustable dumbbells. The downside of the overall design, however, is that these adjustable dumbbells are pretty large.

AtivaFit Adjustable Dumbbells Matt Bench Press

They also remain the same size no matter how much weight you have loaded.

So, the length of each dumbbell with just 11 lbs loaded (which is just the weight of the handle and metal dividers that hold the weight plates) is the same length as when it’s fully loaded with 88 lbs. The dumbbells get bulkier to use with more weight added because of the size of the weight plates, but even when I’m just lifting the lightest weight, the AtivaFits feel larger than traditional dumbbells.

The AtivaFit Adjustable Dumbbells are pretty quick and easy to adjust. Sometimes they can feel a little sticky to adjust, but the metal slots on each side that hold the weight slide in and out of the weight plates in the storage trays pretty seamlessly. Another thing to keep in mind is that each dumbbell can’t be adjusted with one hand. It requires 2 hands to adjust each by holding the red switch and turning one of the dials.

With all these considerations though, the AtivaFit Adjustable Dumbbells are well-constructed, well-priced, and a great option for those looking to lift heavier weight than the average budget-friendly adjustable dumbbells. A pair of these adjustable dumbbells will save you a lot of room while letting you lift a pretty significant amount of weight for this type of equipment.

Along with the high weight amount, they’re functional and versatile like regular dumbbells. They also don’t roll if you set them on the floor.


AtivaFit includes a 2-year warranty with the purchase of each dumbbell.
AtivaFit Adjustable Dumbbells Review

Bottom Line Review: AtivaFit Adjustable Dumbbells

AtivaFit Adjustable Dumbbells are well-made with high-quality materials. Along with the build quality, the AtivaFits go up to 88 lbs per dumbbell. They adjust easily and securely in 7 lb increments from 11 lbs up to 88 lbs, each. The numbered dials make them intuitive to use and the overall design is functional and versatile, like regular dumbbells. Speaking of dumbbells, the AtivaFit Adjustable Dumbbells replace up to 12 pairs of dumbbells. Beginners up to more seasoned weight lifters should find these to be a great addition to their home gyms. Although they’re a bit bulky in size, AtivaFit makes up for it in overall construction and quality. They’re also well-priced, so we highly recommend checking them out.