Best Tips to Lose Weight for Teens

Adolescence is one of the most important phases of our life. It is at this point that we begin to feel the hormonal changes that prepare us for a full and happy adult life. We are also in the growth phase, and therefore we must pay particular attention to providing our body with what it needs to develop.

Today’s young generation is becoming more and more sedentary. They do not practice in any sport and physical activities are summarized. They spend much more time sitting than sleeping, which is something serious.

Allied to this sedentarism they have the junk food. There won’t be any teenager of this 21st century who does not finds burgers? and chips? delicious.

What is the outcome of living this type lifestyle? Simply, this dangerous conjugation has thrown thousands of young people into obesity, and into a whole set of problems that are associated with it.

For example, being overweight ruins self-esteem. This makes teens try everything to lose weight. Eventually, they skip meals and indulge in those crazy diets we see around. But the truth is that the results are rarely as good as those we expected, and this is what has led many teenagers to develop eating disorders, such as bulimia and anorexia.

These crazy diets end up depriving the body of vital nutrients, especially in adolescence, where we are in the growth phase.

So if you’re a teenager, and if you’re fighting with obesity, first of all, put it in your head that to lose weight we do not have to go hungry. What you need to do is to adopt a healthy and balanced diet, and to practice physical exercise.

Best Weight Loss Tips for Teens

Are you going to be able to lose everything from one day to the next? No! The body takes time until it returns to the forms that should have. It is not overnight that we can lose more pounds. However, with dedication and effort, one day at a time, this place gets closer and closer.

To make your life easier we have mentioned below some tips that can be very useful for you to lose weight. Check them out.

  1. Do not skip meals.

When we skip meals we are not losing weight, even because it becomes counterproductive in the weight loss process. The idea is that to eat every 3 hours, but smaller portions. You must take at least 5 meals. Taking several meals in small portions keep blood sugar levels constant.

Another big mistake which most of the teenagers make is forgetting about breakfast. This is the most important meal of the day, and so it should be given the most attention. Having a good breakfast prevents you from being hungry at lunchtime. In addition, several studies show that people who eat good breakfast have a lower BMI.

  1. Drink lots of fluids.

No soda or carbonated drinks, and none of those processed juices. These liquids just carry your body of calories, sugar, without any useful and healthy nutrients for your body.

So when we say to drink fluids we speak of water. As water hydrates the entire body and is also responsible for removing toxins. You must drink at least 3 liters of water a day.

Among the good liquids are the natural, non-sugary fruit juices that can be diluted with milk or water. These have a low-fat content. Green tea and tea, in general are a good choice when it comes to fluids.

  1. Say no to the chewing gum.

Chewing gum has become a daily part of the life of most of the teenagers. While chewing gum can help burning calories, this is not good for the stomach. This is because it swallows air during the chewing process, increasing the stomach.

A good alternative to this is to suck on a mint leaf. This way, you manage to ward off hunger, and also obtain that fresh halite you like so much.

  1. Avoid eating after 8 p.m.

If the idea is to lose weight, then those evening snacks can be your real enemies. Finish dinner at 8-9 o’clock at night, max. Then, if you feel hungry, opt for a yogurt, or a tea.

As soon as you finish dining, brush your teeth. This causes the brain to not feel free to order food.

  1. Leave aside processed foods

Who does not like fries, cookies and pies? However, it is these processed foods that we have to keep off our menu.

These foods are very high in fat, sugar, and do not contain nutrients that are useful to our body, becoming just a bunch of calories that turn into fat when they reach our body. More than that, these foods cause us to have high cholesterol, which we know to be a higher risk for heart attacks.

You must replace these foods with fruits and vegetables. Nuts, almonds, or other nuts are also a great alternative. Greek yogurts are also great because they help in increasing metabolism.

  1. Fad Diets? No way!

You know those crazy diets all your friends are doing? Get away from them! What they do is that you lose water from the body, but as soon as you return to eating normally this weight comes back, and even more serious, because you increase even more in the fact that you did not lose!

Having a balanced diet is essential, but it is important not to forget the fundamental role of physical exercise. Without regular physical activity, it is difficult to achieve our goals.

Stay focused on changing habits. If you used to go by bus to school, why not go on foot or bike? Encourage your parents to leave the car more often at home and take walks around the neighborhood on foot.

This will make the whole family start to improve their lifestyle, and surely the results will turn to everyone, much faster!

Remember that teens need more energy and nutrients than adults. So no cutting anything in the carbohydrates. It is a very big mistake that can have serious consequences.

What there is to do is to cut in the sweets and fats and start eating more vegetables and fruits. Of course, always stay attached to physical exercise!