Bob & Brad Air 2 Mini Massage Gun Review 2024

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Last Updated: February 27, 2024

Looking for a portable, affordable, and high-quality massage gun? Meet the Bob and Brad Air 2 Mini.

Bob and Brad Air 2 Mini Massage Gun Review 2024

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The 28 lb stall force and 12 mm amplitude make this small massage gun quite powerful.

Summary Bob And Brad Air 2 Mini Massage Gun Review: The Bottom Line

With a striking resemblance to the Theragun Mini, some might think the Bob and Brad Air 2 Mini Massage Gun is just another cheap massage gun on Amazon. While it is really affordably priced, the Air 2 Mini is impressive for its quality.

This portable massage gun from Bob and Brad is small enough to fit in your hands and designed to go with you to the gym and even on that vacation. Keep in mind that with its size, it’s not the most powerful, but it still provides good percussive therapy, especially on the go.

It has a 28 lb stall force and a 12 mm amplitude to help ease tension after your workouts as well as day-to-day activities. The Bob and Brad Air 2 Mini comes with 5 versatile attachment heads and a hard-shell carrying case to keep everything together.

Another plus is that it’s quiet during all 3 percussive settings. If you’re new to percussive therapy or if you’re looking for a small massage gun to take with you, then this one is it. The Air 2 Mini is definitely a welcome addition to the rest of Bob and Brad’s massage guns.

Editor’s Note, 2/27/2024:This Bob and Brad Air 2 Mini Massage Gun review was created after our team spent hours testing and comparing it to others.
What We Like
  • This is a very affordable massage gun for the quality.
  • It’s compact, easy to use, and quiet making this a good massage gun for beginners and those looking to save on a massage gun.
  • It comes with 5 high-quality attachments and a hard-shell carrying case.
  • Its triangular handle has a nice coating and fits well in your hand to massage most muscle groups.
  • It’s small enough to take with you on trips and to the gym.
Areas for Improvement
  • This isn’t the most powerful massage gun, but for being compact and portable it gets the job done.
  • The carrying case keeps everything together, but it’s a little big for a gym bag or purse to take on the go.

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No Sore Muscle Left UnMassaged

At this point, we have tested so many massage guns that we’ve lost count. Not only is it really nice for our muscles, but it allows us to recommend the best massage guns on the market. We test models from high-end brands like Therabody and Hyperice, as well as Amazon brands like Bob and Brad.

With how similar the Air 2 Mini is to the Theragun Mini, we were able to do a direct comparison between the two while testing. I literally armed my hands with each of these portable mini massage guns so I could feel how they compare in terms of massage, noise, and stall force.

Bob and Brad Air 2 Mini Massage Gun Review Video

In-depth Bob And Brad Air 2 Mini Massage Gun Review: Testing & Analysis

Build Quality

The Bob and Brad Air 2 Mini Massage Gun is a compact massage gun that’s designed to be portable. It’s really well priced at under $100, yet it shares a lot of similarities with the Theragun Mini.

Bob and Brad Air 2 Mini profile

It has a really lightweight design of just 1.16 lbs.

It isn’t quite as small and light as the Q2 Mini from Bob and Brad, but it still fits in your hand while being more powerful and effective.


Like other Bob and Brad massage guns, the Air 2 Mini is quiet. We have the 1st generation of the Theragun Mini, that’s a little loud. The Air 2 Mini is quieter than this version. It’s easy to carry a conversation while using it, even at the fastest percussive setting. The high-caliber brushless motor is nice.

Bob and Brad Air 2 Mini action leg

The Air 2 Mini is only meant for personal use.

It features a timer that shuts off the massage gun after 10 minutes of use. I think using a massage gun for longer than 10 minutes at a time is a little unnecessary. Bob and Brad include this feature to avoid overusing to not cause your body harm. They have a timer on all of their massage guns. You can turn the Air 2 Mini back on if you want to use it longer than the timer allows.

The Air 2 Mini comes with a USB-C charger. The battery life lasts, especially if you only use it for up to 10 minutes a day. We didn’t have any problems with the battery dying early. Unfortunately, the charger doesn’t include a wall charger to plug the Air 2 Mini into a wall outlet. You’ll need to use your own.

When reviewing massage guns, we like to test the stall force. This is the amount of force that can be placed behind a massage gun into the body before the motor stalls out. The Air 2 Mini doesn’t have the largest stall force, but considering its size, we didn’t expect it to compare to the Bob and Brad D6 Pro which has an 85-lb stall force. This is an incredibly high stall force that makes sense on this large massage gun.

The 28 lb stall force works just fine. You can stall it out if you press into your muscles too firmly with the Air 2 Mini. This stall force is a little higher than the Theragun Mini which stalls out after 20 lbs of force. For beginners and use while traveling, the Air 2 Mini is great.


The Bob and Brad Air 2 Mini’s stall force pairs well with the 12 mm amplitude. This is the distance that the attachment travels back and forth during every percussion stroke.

Bob and Brad Air 2 Mini  action arm

It is what packs a punch, for lack of a better term.

This amplitude is more than what Bob and Brad’s other massage guns offer, besides the ultra-powerful D6 Pro. It is the same as the Theragun Mini. 16 mm, which is what the D6 Pro, which was modeled after the Theragun Pro, both have.

A heavy stall force and long amplitude make sense on large massage guns. For portable massage guns, we don’t expect them to have as high of stall forces and amplitudes. If you’re looking for the most powerful massage gun out there, then I recommend either the Theragun Pro or the Bob and Brad D6 Pro.

For a compact massage gun that’s affordable though, the 12 mm amplitude on the Air 2 Mini works for me.


The handle is the big reason why the Air 2 Mini shares a striking resemblance to the Theragun Mini. Therabody has a patented triangular handle design. Bob and Brad have managed to create this right triangle that is a little different than Theragun’s acute triangular handle.

Bob and Brad Air 2 Mini Handle

Bob and Brad refer to this as a patented arc angle design.

It functions just the same as the Theragun Mini. The Bob and Brad fits well in my hands so I can reach most areas of my body. The handle also has a concave surface, as Bob and Brad call it. It concaves a little bit so you can grip it more easily.

I like the silky texture of the handle. It makes it feel high-end and non-slippery. It feels nicer than the plastic on the Theragun Mini. Some oil from your hands shows a little bit on the Air 2 Mini, but it’s easy to wipe clean.

The Bob and Brad Air 2 Mini Massage Gun comes in black and red.

Percussion Settings

The percussion settings are the percussions or strokes per minute that the attachment head moves in and out. The Air 2 Mini has 3 built-in settings. 1750, 2050, and 2400 ppm. This is practically the same as the Theragun Mini.

I like this speed range. The lowest setting is mild enough for really tender areas and the fastest setting works well for deep tension. Other massage guns have 5 built-in percussive settings and even customizable settings like the Theragun Pro. Most portable massage guns though, including the Hypervolt Go 2, have just 3 settings.

This is really all you need, especially for a compact, affordable massage gun, like the Air 2 Mini.

Bob and Brad Air 2 Mini power button

When you press and hold the power button, the lowest setting starts as the default.

A small LED light indicator lights up to indicate that it’s on the lowest setting. The second light turns on for the next setting and all 3 light up for the highest 2400 ppm setting. This design is very intuitive and easy to use. Most other massage guns work this way.


I like the attachments that the Air 2 Mini comes with. It comes with 5, which is more than many higher-end massage guns, including the Hypervolt Go 2 and Theragun Mini, which only comes with 3.

All of these attachments seem to have gotten an upgrade from Bob and Brad’s other massage guns, too.

Bob and Brad Air 2 Mini Attachments and Case

They all have a nice silicone coating.

Large Ball

Compared to Bob and Brad Massage Guns, like the C2, this is a big upgrade. It is coated in silicone rather than a gritty fabric texture. It feels firm and is meant for large muscle groups.

It’s a lot easier to clean than the ball attachment that the C2 comes with.


The U-shape attachment is like fork attachments that come with other massage guns. Like all of the other attachments, it is made out of ABS plastic with a silicone coating on the two fork ends. This one is good for targeting specific areas. Bob and Brad have suggested attachments like this one on their other massage guns, to be used on the neck, spine, and Achilles tendon.


The bullet attachment doesn’t feel quite as hard as the bullet attachment that comes with Bob and Brad’s other massage guns. The silicone coating makes it feel a little less harsh, which I like. Since the tip of the attachment is small though, this one is great for targeting specific areas and deep levels of tension.

The bullet attachment provides a high amount of impact to small areas.

Standard Ball

The standard ball attachment reminds me of the flat head attachments that come with the brand’s other massage guns. It has a larger surface area though. While still feeling firm – there’s not much give in the top of it – this attachment is good for all-over use.

Air Cushion

This attachment is my favorite. It features the same silicone coating as the other attachments, but the circular head has some give when you push on it. It doesn’t feel quite as firm as the large ball, standard ball, and U-shaped attachments, which are also circular.

I like this attachment for most areas, especially when I’m sore. Some of the attachments, like the U-shape and bullet, have too much impact for me when I’m very sore.


The Bob and Brad Air 2 Mini is a portable massage gun available on Amazon. It’s a smaller massage gun that measures 5.1” x 4.9” x 2.0”. It fits in my hand well.

By itself, it is very similar in size to the Theragun Mini. It’s small and light enough to throw in my gym bag, tote bag, or suitcase.

It comes with a hard-shell carrying case, like Bob and Brad’s other massage guns. It zips and has a handle to carry it easily. Inside are pockets for the Air 2 Mini and all of its attachments, as well as its USB-C charger.

Bob and Brad Air 2 Mini case open

Everything fits nice and tidy and I appreciate that it comes with this case.

If you want to take the Air 2 Mini with you to places like the gym or on a plane, the case is a little bulky to fit in a bag. An additional soft-shell case to just fit the massage gun by itself might be helpful, but this is a small gripe for a well-made and portable massage gun.


The Bob and Brad Air 2 Mini Massage Gun comes with a 1-year warranty. This is the standard warranty that Bob and Brad include with all of their massage guns. This is a pretty typical warranty for most massage guns from other brands, too.

Should You Buy The Bob And Brad Air 2 Mini Massage Gun?

The Bob and Brad Air 2 Mini Massage Gun isn’t the most powerful massage gun on the market, but it’s not trying to be. It is designed to be portable – something that’s apparent in its size. It fits in your hand. I think the most impressive aspect is the quality that you get for what you pay for. For under $100, the Air 2 Mini is a very high-quality massage gun. I think it rivals other portable massage guns like the Theragun Mini and Hyperice Hypervolt Go 2.

The Air 2 has a triangular handle that functions well and is easy to grip. I can reach pretty much all major muscle groups. I think this massage gun is a welcome addition to Bob and Brad’s lineup. It shares a lot of similarities to the Theragun Mini, but is about half the cost, at least at the time of writing this. I’m continually impressed by Bob and Brad’s Massage Guns. I think the Air 2 Mini would make a great massage gun for someone new to percussive therapy, or for someone who is looking for an affordably priced portable massage gun.

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Bob And Brad Air 2 Mini Massage Gun Review FAQs / Q&As

Is Bob and Brad good?

Bob and Brad are popular physical therapists on YouTube. They sell recovery equipment, such as massage guns, that are available on Amazon. Having tested all of their massage guns, we have found this brand to be affordable, yet of good quality. The Air 2 Mini is a welcome addition to their lineup. It has a good 12 mm amplitude and 28 lb stall force that’s comparable to higher-end portable massage guns but for a very nice price point.

Is the Bob and Brad Air 2 Mini Massage Gun worth it?

This massage gun is worth it if you’re looking for a small massage gun that’s affordable. The Air 2 Mini isn’t the most powerful, but for a portable massage gun, it’s impressive and definitely worth it. We recommend it to beginners and those looking for a massage gun to take on the go.

Is our Bob and Brad Air 2 Mini Massage Gun review a paid review?

We were not paid to create this review of the Bob and Brad Air 2 Mini Massage Gun. The brand did send us the massage gun, but we compiled this review with our unbiased thoughts. We get paid through our affiliate links. If you purchase the Air 2 Mini by using one of our links, we receive a commission. This is at no extra cost to you.

We work with several massage gun brands so we can test all of the main models on the market. This way, when we recommend a massage gun, it is because it is one of the best out there based on our personal experience using it.

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