Free Treadmill! Get A Free Treadmill With Proform’s Plus+ Program

July 18, 2023

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For those of us on a budget (ahem, who isn’t?) the ProForm Plus+ Program is the gift that keeps giving! With ProForm’s Plus+ program, you can get a Carbon T10 treadmill (or Studio Bike Pro, Carbon E7 elliptical or Carbon H7 climber) free when you sign up for iFit for three years. iFit is $39/month and includes up to 5 profiles which is a great deal. Since we find most users end up paying for the subscription anyway, the Plus program is a fantastic way to get your equipment now with a monthly fee that is less than typical installments.

ProForm includes one model from each machine series to include in the Plus Program.

How To Get A Free Treadmill From ProForm

We’ve had a chance to test the ProForm Carbon T10 here in our studio, and this is a great machine! The Carbon T10 features a 10” touchscreen, 2.75HP motor and 20” x 55” tread belt. This is a folding treadmill, so it’s ideal for anyone with limited space. The footprint is 35” W x 75” L x 65” H when open. 12% incline and ISO flex cushioning provide lots of training options on a cushioned surface. An EasyLift assist system makes folding and locking it into place a breeze. There’s also a fan and two Bluetooth speakers in the console.

This hearty machine will support up to 300 pounds, which is the same max capacity as on the Nordictrack x32i! We find the Carbon T10 to be a great option for users of all sizes. It only weighs about 220 pounds and has wheels to roll when folded.

How Much Does An iFit Membership Cost?

The Plus program requires an iFit membership that costs $39/month for 36 months. This comes to $1403 at the end of three years and includes both the subscription to iFit and treadmill, exercise bike, or other piece of cardio equipment that you choose. Shipping is free as well, so there’s no additional cost.

What Other Free Exercise Equipment Does ProForm Plus Offer?

Along with a free treadmill, there are other pieces of exercise equipment offered in the ProForm Plus program. When you purchase your 3 years of iFit you can choose between a free treadmill, exercise bike, elliptical, rowing machine, or a ProForm HIIT Trainer. Keep in mind that you can only choose one of these machines.

Free ProForm Elliptical

ProForm is offering the Carbon E7 elliptical machine in the Plus program. The E7 is a solid elliptical with a 7” HD touchscreen that will be great for immersing yourself in the amazing workouts that iFit has to offer. The Carbon E7 also has a 20 degree incline, a workout fan, and a footprint of 25” W x 68.5” deep x 68” H.

Free ProForm Exercise Bike

The ProForm Studio Bike Pro is the free exercise bike you can get from ProForm with the purchase of 3 years of iFit. The Studio Bike Pro is a great exercise bike with a 10” HD touchscreen, adjustable handlebars, seat, and toe cages on the pedals. This bike is a great addition to any home exercise space and iFit provides versatility to your workouts.

Free ProForm Rowing Machine

With the purchase of 3 years of iFit, you can also choose to get the ProForm R10 rowing machine. This rower also has a 10” HD touchscreen that pulls you into each workout. You’ll be rowing on the water in no time with iFit. This machine also has an impressive SpaceSaver design that won’t take up much room in your workout space at all.

Is The ProForm Plus Program Worth It?

If you’re looking for great exercise equipment and a workout subscription to pair with it, the ProForm Plus program is definitely worth it. You can get an awesome piece of exercise equipment for free with a $39/month family membership to iFit, which in many circumstances is cheaper than a gym membership. If you’re looking for a great deal on fitness equipment then we definitely recommend taking advantage of the ProForm Plus program.