LifeSpan Ampera Under Desk Bike Review 2024

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Last Updated: March 29, 2024

Exercising at your desk is convenient with the LifeSpan Ampera Under Desk Bike.

LifeSpan Ampera Under Desk Bike Review 2024

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Star Rating: 4.4
MSRP: $999
Overall Rating: 71
Workout Experience 6
Specs / Features 7
Dimensions / Storability 8
On-Board Workouts & Apps 6
Build Quality 7

A heavy-duty design paired with 4 levels of resistance to pedal against at your standing desk.

Summary LifeSpan Ampera Under Desk Bike Review: The Bottom Line

The LifeSpan Ampera Under Desk Bike is a lot more heavy-duty than we expected. It weighs 68 lbs and features an oval steel floor stabilizer that makes it very stable to use. Although it’s not a huge piece of equipment, it’s solid.

Once you’re able to wheel it under your standing desk, which you’ll need to use because of its height, the Ampera Under-Desk Bike is ready to go with no plugging in required. Not only will you get in some exercise while working, but you’ll also generate power as you move the regenerative pedals.

This allows you to charge your phone using the wireless charging pad in between the pedals. You can place your phone there to charge, and plug in another device with the USB-C charging port.

The magnetic resistance offers only 4 levels, but they provide a lot of range to pedal against. Level 1 is fairly light and level 4 is pretty challenging – at least more than you’d expect from an under-desk bike. So, even though it’s meant to be used in an office setting, you can still get your heart rate up on the Ampera Bike.

The LifeSpan App is where you track your metrics and change the resistance. Overall, the Lifespan Ampera Under Desk Bike is a good way to get some exercise while working at a computer.

Editor’s Note, 3/29/2024: After spending extensive time testing the LifeSpan Ampera Under Desk Bike, we’ve compiled this review with our thoughts and testing results.
What We Like
  • This is a heavy-duty under-desk bike that can be used at a standing desk to pedal while you work.
  • 4 different resistance levels have enough range to vary your intensity to exercise while you work.
  • It’s wireless and doesn’t require being placed by an outlet.
  • There is a wireless pad to charge your phone while pedaling, plus there’s a USB-C charging port for other devices.
  • The bike works with the LifeSpan app to control the resistance and track your metrics like distance, cadence, and duration.
Areas for Improvement
  • The seat isn’t the most comfortable and doesn’t adjust as low as we would like for shorter people and as high for folks close to 6’5”.
  • The bike is pretty heavy and non-folding, so it might be hard for some people to move.
  • Note: The bike requires being used at a standing desk or tall counter. You also must use the LifeSpan App to track your workout metrics and control the resistance.

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We Pedal While Typing

That is exactly what we do: pedal while we type whenever we are testing under-desk bikes. We test out all kinds of under-desk bikes, under-desk ellipticals, and under-desk treadmills. We use them just as you would at home, or in your office, and then some. All of our team members take turns working out at our desks so we know exactly how a piece of office fitness equipment works and if it’s practical to use while working. Even as I write this LifeSpan Ampera Under Desk Bike review, I’m pedaling away on it so I can share exactly how it feels to use.

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LifeSpan Ampera Desk Bike Video Review

In-depth LifeSpan Ampera Under Desk Bike Review: Testing & Analysis

Workout Experience

Here’s a brief firsthand look into what it’s like to use the LifeSpan Ampera Under Desk Bike. When moving it and positioning it under a desk, is a little challenging. I wish the wheels were at the rear instead of the front. Having the handle behind the seat is helpful though. Once I hop on, I have to raise my standing desk. The Ampera is fairly tall, and I sit up much higher than other under-desk bikes I’ve used.

As I begin pedaling, the light around the pedal cranks lights up. It’s when I’m pedaling that I can connect to the LifeSpan App on my phone. In the app, I can see my metrics like distance, watts, calories, cadence, speed, power output, and duration. Starting on level 1 resistance, pedaling feels pretty easy. I notice that I am more comfortable on the seat if I don’t sit all the way back on it. I’m not tipped forward on the Ampera, like on an indoor cycling bike, but sitting towards the front of the seat makes it easier for me to pedal.

I’m also only 5’1” which is about the shortest height that LifeSpan rates the Ampera for. I adjust the seat all the way down. I’d like to be able to lower it a few more inches. I’m still able to pedal fairly comfortably and my hips don’t rock like they do on exercise bikes when the saddle is too high.

Adjusting the resistance is easy in the app. I notice the pedals getting harder to push and my cadence dropping as I adjust it up to level 4. It feels more challenging than most other under-desk bikes.

The LifeSpan Ampera makes a low humming type sound while pedaling. It isn’t distracting, but it does make noise.

I really like that it doesn’t need to be plugged in. This means I don’t have to crawl under my desk to plug it in like I do with other office fitness equipment. I can also charge my phone, by placing it on the pad below the seat, after I take off the case. The pad is a little hard to reach while on the bike, but it’s nice that it charges my phone as I pedal.

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LifeSpan Ampera Under Desk Bike profile

One thing that surprised me about the LifeSpan Ampera Under Desk Bike is its weight and overall build.

It isn’t very big, but it is pretty heavy and very stable. It weighs 68 lbs and is measured at 25.2” x 18.9” x 32.8”. Because of its weight, it is a little hard to move. I wouldn’t ask my grandma to move this, let alone use it. It isn’t quite as accessible and lightweight for some people as an under-desk elliptical, like this one.

LifeSpan Ampera Under Desk Bike  wheels

It has 2 front wheels when you need to move it, as well as a rear handle.

This design doesn’t work the best. I wish the wheels were mounted on the back of the stabilizer, or the handle was mounted to the front of the bike, in front of the pedals.

LifeSpan Ampera Under Desk Bike  moving

It’s a little easier to lift from the floor stabilizer at the back than by just the handle.

When using the LifeSpan Ampera, you’ll need to factor in the floor dimensions and have a standing desk because of its height. An adjustable standing desk is best so you can position your desk to be the right height when you’re sitting on the Ampera Under Desk Bike. For storing, I would factor in the overall dimensions. It can be pushed against a wall or even rolled into a closet. It’s around the size of a vacuum.


There isn’t a built-in display or console on the LifeSpan Ampera Under Desk Bike. In order to adjust the resistance and track your workout metrics, you need to use the LifeSpan App. Before I get into the app, I want to talk about the charging pad.

LifeSpan Ampera Under Desk Bike  charger

The LifeSpan has a wireless charging pad below the seat.

It’s small to just fit your phone, but it charges your phone while you pedal. Our phones take up the entire tray when I place them on it. It’s a little hard to reach my phone while I’m sitting on the LifeSpan Ampera Bike, but it’s nice that I can charge my phone when I pedal.

There is also a USB-C charging port to plug in a laptop or another device. It’s nice to have these features while not having to plug in the LifeSpan Ampera Under Desk Bike, itself.

At the front of the tray is a QR code to download the LifeSpan App. This makes it easy to download to your phone.

LifeSpan App

The LifeSpan App is free and pretty straightforward. Once you create an account, you’ll pair the Ampera Bike to it. Note: you need to be pedaling to connect it through Bluetooth.

LifeSpan Ampera Under Desk Bike  app

The display in the app is self-explanatory.

The resistance is at the top. It defaults to resistance level 1. Changing the resistance is easy. Underneath that, you can change the color of the light that is around the pedal cranks. There are 12 different colors to choose from. This is kind of fun for a little flair and customization.

Your metrics such as calories, watts, cadence, distance, speed, power output, and duration are shown in the app. You can also see your max and average heart rates. I have an Apple Watch and the app connects to the Apple Health App.

In the app, you can see your workout history and earn points. There is even a leaderboard to see where your power output on the bike ranks against other users.

Some aspects of the app, like the leaderboard, aren’t really necessary, in my opinion, but it’s easy to use overall, which is most important.

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Build Quality

The LifeSpan Ampera Under Desk Bike is very solid for being made for offices. It is available to buy in white and gray.

LifeSpan Ampera Under Desk Bike  action Sydney at desk

Overall, we’re impressed with the build quality.

It has a 300 lb weight limit. This means it is rated to handle users up to this weight. This is a good weight capacity.


The frame is what makes the LifeSpan Ampera so solid. Under the seat and pedals is a metal floor stabilizer. It’s oval with an extra beam in the middle.

LifeSpan Ampera Under Desk Bike  stabilizer

This is primarily what contributes to the overall weight of this under-desk bike.

Under the stabilizer are 4 adjustable leveling feet that the Ampera sits on. They adjust so you can make sure it is level and prevent it from rocking. We didn’t experience any rocking or shaking while using it. It feels really solid to sit and pedal on.

The seat post is also metal. It provides an excellent base of support to the saddle. It’s adjustable with a gas spring. This means that when you pull the handle on the side of the seat, the seat will raise all the way up, easily.

LifeSpan Ampera Under Desk Bike  saddle adjustment

To lower the seat you need to push against the gas spring.

This can be a little tough to do when standing, especially if you’re short like me. I’m only 5’1”, so I find it difficult to lower the seat against the gas spring. It’s easier to lower when I’m sitting in the saddle.

LifeSpan says the Ampera Under Desk Bike is appropriate for users from 5’ up to 6’5”. I do wish the seat went a little bit lower for me. Our other reviewers who are a couple of inches taller than me, also wish the seat went lower than what it does. Matt, who is 6’5”, fits on the Ampera, too, but he wishes that the seat could be raised another level or two. I think taller folks up to around 6’3” or 6’4” as well as those of average heights should get a good fit on the Ampera.


LifeSpan Ampera Under Desk Bike  saddle

The seat is a bike saddle.

This design makes you feel more like you’re riding an upright exercise bike, than sitting in a chair, obviously. It isn’t as narrow as a spin bike seat. It’s wider with foam padding, but I found the seat to be a little uncomfortable for me. I think this is due to the fact that the height feels a little too high for me. Matt finds the saddle to be a little more comfortable than I do.

Getting on and off the seat feels kind of like shimmying up and down a tall bar stool. I feel like a child climbing up on the saddle sometimes. The seat is tall, even at the lowest setting so it might be hard for some people to get on and off of, especially if you’re short. This isn’t the type of office fitness equipment that can work for everyone, people with mobility and/or balance issues will want to consider their limitations before getting the Ampera.

LifeSpan Ampera Under Desk Bike  handle

Because the handle is at the back of the saddle, I have to sit towards the front of the saddle.

Exercise bike seats can take some getting used to. For spin bikes, I recommend riding at least 2-3 times per week to get used to it and to overcome the initial discomfort that comes with the saddle when you first start riding. I recommend this for the Ampera Bike’s saddle, too. Unlike spin bikes though, the saddle places you in a more upright position, rather than forward. This makes it more appropriate for pedaling at your desk.

The fabric coating makes the saddle look nice. Cleaning the seat is a little difficult because of the fabric, but that shouldn’t be too much of a concern since I assume most people won’t be working up as much of a sweat as on spin bikes.


The pedals are flat with a texture so you’re shoes don’t slip. These pedals are appropriate to use with athletic shoes. I won’t use them with heels. Dress shoes might work, but it’s really best to use them with shoes that have some tread.

LifeSpan Ampera Under Desk Bike  action feet

They don’t have a strap overtop to secure your feet.

This is a good thing. If you were to fall off the saddle, your feet would be trapped which could cause more injury.

The pedals are regenerative. When you’re pedaling, the bike turns on so you can use the resistance, and it charges itself. The pedals harness your power to produce 65 watts of power per hour. This is on any of the resistance levels when you’re pedaling at a speed of 60 rpm.


The LifeSpan Ampera Under Desk Bike has only 4 levels of resistance. Even though there are only 4 levels, I don’t think it needs more. Level 1 feels the lightest, however, it still feels like there is a little bit of tension. When pedaling backward, there is no tension on the pedals. I think there has to be some sort of tension in order for the Ampera to generate power for the charging pad and port.

Levels 3 and 4 feel pretty challenging. I was able to get my heart rate up fairly high, at least a lot higher than I typically do when using other under-desk bikes and ellipticals.

With this range of resistance, you can work a bit harder at your desk than say using an under-desk elliptical.


LifeSpan includes a 10-year frame, 2-year parts, and a 1-year labor warranty with the Ampera Under Desk Bike. This is a nice warranty that helps instill confidence in the build quality. Assembling the Ampera is pretty easy with the instructions found in the QR code that comes with the bike. One person should be able to set it up themself.

Should You Buy The LifeSpan Ampera Under Desk Bike

If you’re looking for an under-desk bike that will actually get your heart rate up a little bit while you work at your desk, then check out the LifeSpan Ampera Under Desk Bike. It requires being used at a standing desk, due to its height. The Ampera doesn’t require being plugged in though.

As you pedal, your power is used to produce power for the wireless charging pad (for your phone) and the USB-C charging port (for another device like a laptop).

The LifeSpan Ampera connects to the LifeSpan App to show your workout metrics and adjust the 4 levels of resistance. The resistance feels pretty challenging, at least more so than most fitness equipment that’s meant for office use.

We’re impressed with the overall build and quality of the LifeSpan Ampera Under Desk Bike. It feels like it is built to last and comes with a 10-year frame warranty.

If you’re looking for a casual piece of office fitness equipment to use at your desk, you might want to look into other under-desk bikes or under-desk ellipticals. If you want to keep up with your fitness while working at your adjustable desk though, then check out the LifeSpan Ampera Bike.

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LifeSpan Ampera Under Desk Bike Review Q&A / FAQs

Is the LifeSpan Ampera Under Desk Bike any good?

The overall quality and build of the Ampera Under Desk Bike from LifeSpan is well-made. It provides an excellent base of support to sit and pedal on while working at your desk. We’re impressed with the 4 adjustable resistance settings and that the pedals provide regenerative power so the LifeSpan doesn’t need to be plugged in. It also charges your phone and another device like a laptop, as you pedal.

Is an under-desk bike or elliptical better?

One isn’t necessarily better than the other. Under-desk ellipticals tend to be better for non-adjustable desks and low desks. Your knees don’t lift as high when pedaling them as under-desk bikes. Under-desk bikes can provide a little higher intensity activity, especially if they come with bike seats. These usually require being used at an adjustable standing desk, like the LifeSpan Ampera Under Desk Bike.

Is this LifeSpan Ampera Under Desk Bike review paid?

LifeSpan sent us the Ampera Under Desk Bike to test, but they did not pay us to compile this review. We get paid with affiliate links. If you purchase through our link we earn a commission. Along with LifeSpan, we work with all kinds of fitness brands to try out under desk bikes. This way, we can recommend the best under-desk bikes on the market.

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