ProForm Vue Review 2024

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Last Updated: June 5, 2023

The ProForm Vue is a reflective mirrored system that functions as a free-standing workout station. The Vue has a 60” full-length mirror on the front and storage pockets in the back to hold your equipment. The Vue stands 72.65” high, is 24.25” wide, and roughly 14” deep, so it has a relatively narrow profile. Due to the sleek design, the Vue doubles as a standing mirror when not in use, and for the most part, looks like a piece of furniture rather than exercise equipment. In our review of the ProForm Vue, I’ll guide you through how it performs and what our team thinks of this fitness mirror.

ProForm Vue Review 2024

The Vue is a sleek, compact workout mirror.

The Vue allows users to see themselves in the mirror and an iFit workout reflected on the touch screen. This way you can see yourself and correct your own form while working out – as well as see the iFit trainer. The ProForm Vue includes dual 3” speakers and is Bluetooth enabled. It also includes iFit free for the first month. However, due to the design, you can’t place the Vue right against a wall. The storage pockets on the back can only be accessed if you rotate the system, so it does require a bit of space for full functionality. It does however require much less space than a full home gym.

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The ProForm Vue Is Among One Of The Best Workout Mirrors Of 2024

With a 4-star rating out of 5, the ProForm Vue is a nice option for a home workout mirror. We’ve included it on our list of best workout mirrors because it is compact and sleek and it utilizes training with iFit on the 22” touch screen.

Why You Should Trust Our Review Of The ProForm Vue

Our team at Treadmill Review Guru test a lot of different equipment from popular brands on the market. ProForm is among those brands. We’ve tested all kinds of ProForm’s products, such as treadmills, exercise bikes, and rowing machines. We have also tested other fitness mirrors like the NordicTrack Vault and the Tonal. We’ll compare the Vue to these machines throughout this review as well as other comparable models.

  • It is enabled with iFit to display a variety of workout classes on the screen with a subscription.
  • This fitness mirror is compact and looks great among furniture in the home.
  • The touch screen is embedded in the reflective surface so you can see the iFit trainers during your workout, as well as your reflection to monitor your form.
  • It’s perfect for small spaces and for those getting into strength and bodyweight training.
  • Using the Vue can be silent when you sync it with wireless headphones through Bluetooth, or when you turn the volume off.
  • The included weights are somewhat limited and may not provide enough resistance for many users.
  • The narrow dimensions restrict a full-body view when moving laterally.
  • It doesn’t have transportation wheels and it’s heavy, which makes moving it difficult.

ProForm-Vue-Fitness-Mirror Review Rating

ProForm Vue FeaturesProForm Vue Specs
  • iFit Enabled, 1-Month Family Membership Included
    • iFit trainers provide strength training, HIIT routines, pilates, yoga, stretching, and other mat training options. iFit features on-demand studio workouts and routines filmed all over the world.
  • 22″ Smart HD Touchscreen Display
    • The high-definition 22″ vertical touchscreen displays the iFit classes as well as your workout stats. The screen embedded into the Vue disappears from view when the Vue is turned off.
  • Heart Rate ActivePulse™ Technology
    • You can connect a SmartBeat™ heart rate monitor (sold separately) to track your pulse and target specific heart rate zones while you work out. These will appear on the screen.
  • 24” x 60” Pivoting Reflective Surface
    • The Vue’s reflective design makes it easy to see yourself during your workout. With a soft push, the Vue pivots to the left or right, giving you access to your weight accessories in the back.
  • Included Weight Accessories
    • 10 lb. Bar, (2) 5 lb. Dumbbells, (4) 2.5 lb. Weight Plates


  • Pivoting 24” x 60” Reflective Surface
  • Built-in 22” HD Touchscreen
  • Solid Base
  • Footprint: 24.25” W x 14” D x 72.65” H
  • iFit included free for the first 30 days
  • 22” Smart HD Touchscreen
  • Dual 3” Speakers
  • Bluetooth Headphone compatible
  • Heart Rate Monitor Sold Separately


  • 10 lb. Barbell
  • Two 5 lb. Dumbbell Bars
  • Four 2.5 lb. Weight Plates


  • 2-Year Frame Warranty
  • 1-Year Parts Warranty
  • 1-Year Labor Warranty

In-depth Review of the ProForm Vue

iFit Subscription

In addition to cardio classes, iFit offers strength and resistance training, HIIT, yoga, pilates, meditation, and recovery to name a few. On the ProForm Vue, you have access to these mat classes. There are classes offered by different instructors, however, iFit trainers tend to overlap between different modalities, so if you have a ProForm bike or treadmill you may recognize some familiar faces.

Although the iFit library is more limited than the mobile app, there are plenty of options for full body and targeted training on the Vue. A large majority of the classes are filmed with the instructor in front of a black background, but iFit continues to add to the library and offers outdoor classes as well. iFit’s outdoor classes are our favorites and they’re fun to take on the Vue.

One thing to be aware of is that an iFit subscription is required to access the trainer-led classes and use the touch screen. Without a membership, the ProForm Vue just functions as a mirror. iFit does come free for the first month when you purchase the Vue.

ProForm Vue iFit Home Screen

The home screen is where you can find classes suggested for you.


iFit’s library is accessed on the 22” touch screen that is embedded in the 24” x 60” reflective mirror. The screen is clear, easy to navigate, and see within the mirror.

ProForm Vue User Taking Class

It’s large enough that I can see the iFit instructor on the screen well when I stand back from the Vue.

I’m able to see everything in indoor and outdoor classes. The workout metrics at the top of the screen are visible while working out also. iFit offers closed captioning in every class, and I can read the captions clearly as well.

The two 3” speakers are mounted below the mirror and screen. They project at you and offer an ample amount of volume to hear your trainer’s voice and music. You can adjust the volume within the touch screen by balancing the volume of the music and the trainer’s voice to play one louder than the other. There’s also a master volume adjustment bar, too.

iFit’s music is an added layer to their classes, so you can change songs during your workout, or mute the music completely. There are different genres of music stations with preset playlists to choose from. If you have Bluetooth headphones, you can also pair those with the Vue. This way, if noise is a problem, you can use the Vue silently, if need be. When you purchase the separate SmartBeat heart rate monitor, you can pair that to track your heart rate during workouts as well.

Construction Quality / Durability

The Vue is solid and would be difficult to push over. The positives here are it is very stable, it doesn’t sway or wobble (even if you’re jumping in front of it), and it feels sturdy. The negative is it is difficult to move. There are no wheels or any other system for easy transport, so we recommend users set the Vue up where they plan to use it – and then leave it there. Even unloaded it is rather cumbersome and since the screen swivels, it makes moving it even more challenging.

Frame & Mirror

The base of the ProForm Vue is a flat, wide piece of metal mounted to the bottom. The mirror is attached to this and mounted more metal on the back. This makes the Vue feel very solid and also contributes to the fact that it is heavy and hard to move.

ProForm Vue Screen Off

The Vue is reflective and looks sleek in any space.

The front part of the Vue is the reflective mirror that is designed for you to be able to watch yourself and the instructor on the touch screen during your workout. This way you can compare your positioning and use the instructor’s position to make adjustments if your form is incorrect. The Vue doesn’t have built-in technology to correct your form for you like the Tonal. Instead, the goal is to use the mirror to correct your form. So, if you hate watching yourself while you work out, I suggest looking into another strength training system.

The mirror pivots to either side so you can view the screen and mirror from multiple angles.

ProForm Vue Pivoted To Side

It only pivots about 45 degrees to each side.


The pivoting feature also allows you to reach the included equipment that is stored on the back. Instead of having an inside shelving unit like the NordicTrack Vault, the ProForm Vue has hooks mounted to the back to hold the included barbell and weights.

ProForm Vue Back Storage

The weights fit on the hooks well to keep them out of the way.

While this does let you store the equipment out of sight when you’re not using the Vue, it might require you to position the fitness mirror slightly away from the wall in order to reach the equipment when you do want to use it.

Included Equipment

ProForm includes a 10lb barbell, two 5 lb dumbbells, and four 2.5 lb weight plates. While it’s nice that this equipment is included, the total weight probably isn’t going to be sufficient for a lot of users. The iFit instructors do provide good cues on how much weight to use, and most of the programs incorporate lower weight with higher reps. But individuals who have used dumbbells, barbells, or other free weights may find the provided weight options insufficient. The Vue used to include bands and a yoga mat, but these are now sold separately.

ProForm Vue Equipment

As you can see, this isn’t much equipment at all.

Functionality & Performance

The ProForm Vue is ideal if you are a newbie to strength and bodyweight workouts. It’s also great if you have other iFit-enabled equipment since one membership will let you access iFit’s library on multiple enabled machines. The screen itself is situated about chest high on the mirror, and it’s only 22”, so the whole mirror is not a screen. Most users should be able to see their entire body in the mirror when they stand back from it, however since the Vue is narrow, it can be hard to track your position when doing lateral moving exercises.

We love iFit’s classes on the Vue and it’s perfect for users who are looking for visual guidance in their positioning. Everything displayed on the 22” touch screen is clearly visible, however, in outdoor classes where the screen is lighter and brighter, it can be harder to see your reflection since a portion of the mirror is the built-in touch screen.

ProForm Vue iFit Class

We don’t mind that the screen is a little lighter when displaying the outdoor classes, the screen is still plenty visible when you’re using it in person.

We were disappointed by how light the included weights are. Most users who are familiar with strength training will probably find them insufficient.

ProForm Vue User Using Equipment

We wish the weights were heavier to work for a wider range of users.


ProForm offers a 2-year warranty for the frame and a 1-year warranty for parts and labor. This is smaller than their typical standard warranties.

ProForm-Vue-Fitness-Mirror Review Rating

Bottom Line Review: ProForm Vue

We’ve recently seen the emergence of fitness mirrors on the market that reduce the amount of floor space needed and look like a regular mirror or piece of furniture when not in use. This makes it so you can work out in your living room, dining room, or another open area without having a bunch of weights all over the floor. The Vue includes dumbbells, a bar, and weight plates that can be tucked out of sight at the back of the machine. Because the included weights are pretty light, the Vue is best for beginners looking to get into strength and bodyweight training and users who enjoy iFit.

iFit has a nice library of content with varied strength training, HIIT, yoga, recovery, stretching, and Pilates workouts filmed indoors and outdoors. While the Vue is not on par with a full garage gym, it provides a good option for those who live in a small space and want a chic fitness system.