ProForm Vue Review 2022

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Last Updated: January 7, 2022

The ProForm Vue is a new fitness mirror that functions as a free-standing workout station. The Vue has a 60” full-length mirror on the front and storage pockets on the backside. The Vue stands 72.65” high and is 24.5” wide. However it is only 14” deep, so you can place it in front of a wall and it doesn’t jut out into the room significantly. This will also double as a regular mirror that looks nice in your room when not in use. We’re excited about this new piece of fitness equipment and hope you enjoy our ProForm Vue review!

ProForm Vue Review 2022

The ProForm Vue allows users to see themselves in the mirror and an iFit image reflected in the touchscreen. This way you can see yourself and correct your own form while working out – as well as see the iFit trainer. The Vue includes dual 3” speakers and is Bluetooth enabled. It also includes iFit free for the first year.

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Who It’s For: Those who want a reflective mirror system that looks like a piece of wall art when it’s not in use

ProForm has integrated several key features into the Vue. It is a good buy for users who:

  • Want to be able to exercise at home in front of a mirror with interactive content
  • Need something that stands upright and doesn’t take up much space
  • Appreciate the compact design that tucks the equipment back behind the mirror for storage
  • Enjoy the full iFit library for targeted training
  • Are looking for something that develops the cardiovascular system as well as muscular strength and endurance
  • Free standing mirror system is space-conscious
  • Allows people to workout at home
  • Takes up significantly less space and looks like a regular mirror when not in use
  • Touchscreen is embedded in the reflective surface so you can also see the iFit trainers during your workout
  • Perfect for small spaces such as an apartment or condo
  • Bluetooth enabled to sync with wireless headphones
  • New and untested; no long term data on durability and technology
  • The Vue is only 72” tall — this may be too short for many users
  • Narrow dimensions restrict a full-body view when moving laterally

ProForm-Vue-Fitness-Mirror Review Rating

ProForm Vue FeaturesProForm Vue Specs
  • iFit® Enabled, 1-Year Family Membership Included
    • iFit Personal Trainers provide strength training, HIIT routines, pilates, yoga, stretching, and other training options. iFit features live and on-demand studio workouts and routines filmed all over the world
  • 22″ Smart HD Touchscreen Display
    • The high-definition 22″ vertical touchscreen displays the iFit classes as well as your workout stats. The screen is embedded into the Vue disappears from view when the Vue is turned off.
  • Heart Rate ActivePulse™ Technology
    • You can connect a SmartBeat™ heart rate monitor (sold separately) to track your pulse and target specific heart rate zones while you work out. These will appear on the screen.
  • 24” x 60” Pivoting Reflective Surface
    • The Vue’s reflective design makes it easy to see yourself during your workout. With a soft push, the Vue pivots to the left or right, giving you plenty of access to your weight accessories in the back.
  • Included Weight Accessories
    • 10 lb. Bar, (2) 5 lb. Dumbbells, (4) 2.5 lb. Weight Plates


  • Pivoting 24” x 60” Reflective Surface
  • Built-in 22” HD Touchscreen
  • Solid Base
  • Footprint: 24.25” W x 14” D x 72.65” H
  • iFit included free for the first year
  • 22” Smart HD Touchscreen
  • Heart Rate ActivePulse Technology
  • Dual 3” Speakers
  • Bluetooth Headphone compatible


  • 10 lb. Barbell
  • Two 5 lb. Dumbbell Bars
  • Four 2.5 lb. Weight Plates
  • Three Resistance Bands: Light, Medium, and Heavy
  • Yoga Mat


  • 10-Year Frame Warranty
  • 2-Year Parts Warranty
  • 1-Year Labor Warranty

ProForm Vue Fitness Mirror Functionality Review

ProForm Vue
Like other reflective workout systems, the Vue uses a combination of a mirrored surface and an embedded touchscreen to both display iFit trainers and reflect the image of the user. This is a creative solution to working out at home that doesn’t take up much space but still provides an interactive experience. However, without a subscription to iFit, the Vue won’t do much other than look like a regular mirror. Unlike a treadmill or bike which may have existing functionality without a subscription, the Vue requires the ongoing iFit subscription. This isn’t a negative, but it is something to consider when evaluating the Vue as a workout option. We are impressed with the iFit content. The trainers are professional and the classes are filmed both indoors in a studio as well as outdoors at locations all over the world. If you are looking for something compact, quiet and which allows you to work out at home the Vue is a good option.

Bottom Line:

We’ve recently seen the emergence of several reflective systems that reduce the amount of floor space needed and look like a regular mirror or piece of furniture when not in use. This makes it so you can work out in your living room, dining room or other open areas without having a bunch of weights all over the floor. The ProForm Vue includes weights, a bar, and other accessories to use with the iFit programs. It will hold all your equipment which then gets tucked back behind the mirror when you’re not using it. iFit has an extensive library of content with varied strength training, HIIT, boot camp and cardio workouts. All you need is some open floor space and you can work out at home. The Vue eliminates the need for a garage gym, unfinished basement or dedicated workout room. People want to maintain their health and home-based systems are both safer and more interactive than ever before. We look forward to testing, evaluating, and reviewing the Vue in person.

ProForm-Vue-Fitness-Mirror Review Rating