Sole SW155 Adjustable Dumbbells Review 2024

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Last Updated: March 28, 2024

These Sole Adjustable Dumbbells are quick to adjust up to 55 lbs and are affordable.

Sole SW155 Adjustable Dumbbells Review 2024

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The knurled metal handle twists to adjust the weight easily in 5 lb increments.

Summary The Sole SW155 Adjustable Dumbbells Review: The Bottom Line

When it comes to fitness equipment from Sole, we have tested pretty much everything. We know this brand to make durable, well-priced equipment. Although probably not as popular as their treadmills like the Sole F80, the Sole SW155 Adjustable Dumbbells are a good representation of Sole Fitness. The design is made primarily of metal, with metal weight plates and a knurled metal handle, so they’re durable with less plastic than other affordable adjustable dumbbells.

My favorite aspect is the twisting handles which adjust the weight from 10 to 55 lbs in 5 lb increments. Clearly labeled, this design is really easy to use. The handles and weights fit in the included plastic storage trays, and you can set these weights down on the floor without having to worry about them rolling in between sets.

The open handle also means that there are no cages to constrict your hands and wrists, so most exercises you can do with a dumbbell, you can do with these. Keep in mind that each dumbbell is pretty large and they aren’t the most seamless to get back into the storage tray, but considering their low price point, this is a good pair of budget adjustable dumbbells.

Editor’s Note, 3/28/2024: Our Sole SW155 Adjustable Dumbbells review reflects our experience using these dumbbells.
What We Like
  • They’re easy to adjust from 10 lbs up to 55 lbs with a turn of the handle
  • The weights adjust by 5 lbs and are uncomplicated to use.
  • The handles are knurled metal so they’re durable with a good grip.
  • These are well-made mainly with metal while being affordable.
  • They replace 20 pairs of dumbbells to use in homes and garage gyms while saving some space.
  • They don’t roll if you set them on the floor.
Areas for Improvement
  • It is hard to get them back into the storage trays when you’re using them.
  • They’re large and remain the same size and length no matter the weight loaded.

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Adjustable Dumbbells Are One Of Our Favorite Types Of Equipment

Adjustable dumbbells are appealing because they’re versatile and space-saving. They’re the type of equipment that will work in most homes, even if you don’t have much room. Although we test a lot of treadmills, exercise bikes, and ellipticals, we work with brands to test out adjustable dumbbells, as well as other strength equipment.

We’ve tested adjustable dumbbells from NordicTrack, Core Home Fitness, and AtivaFit, as well as others. We’ve also been testing and using pretty much every piece of equipment from Sole for several years so we’ve drawn from our prior experience with the brand and our love of adjustable dumbbells to create this Sole Adjustable Dumbbells review.

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In-depth Sole SW155 Adjustable Dumbbells Review: Testing & Analysis


Adjustable dumbbells, including the Sole SW155, are space-saving. The Sole Adjustable Dumbbells replace 20 pairs of dumbbells. Instead of needing room for an entire rack of weights, you’ll just need 18.5” in length, 10.6” in width, and 11.6” in height for the SW155s. They only require this amount of floor space to store them.

Sole Adjustable Dumbbells  Dimensions

The Sole SW155 Dumbbells can be pushed over against a wall, in a corner, or completely out of the way in a closet.

Although by nature, the Sole Adjustable Dumbbells are compact, especially compared to an entire set of free weights, these aren’t the most compact. Even when adjusted to the lowest weight of 10 lbs, they remain the same length. Some adjustable dumbbells are smaller and shorter when loaded with lighter weight than with the full amount of weight, like the Core Home Fitness Dumbbells.

Instead of getting bulkier as more weight is added, the Sole Dumbbells stay the same size.

Sole Adjustable Dumbbells  action

When I’m using the smallest weight, which is 10 lbs, they are larger than regular 10 lb dumbbells.

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Build Quality

The Sole SW155 Adjustable Dumbbells are $380, at the time of writing this review. For the price, I’m pleased with their quality. They’re made out of primarily metal, rather than plastic. They’re also available as a pair and adjust from 10 lbs up to 55 lbs each. They adjust in 5 lb increments.

Storage Trays

Each dumbbell sits in a plastic storage tray, when not in use. The storage trays hold all of the weight plates and entire dumbbells. To turn the handles and adjust the weight of each dumbbell, they must be in the storage trays.

Sole Adjustable Dumbbells  storage trays

Each tray has slots for all of the weight plates.

Everything fits in each tray. The weights stay in place when you pull each dumbbell out of the tray.

Sole Adjustable Dumbbells  Using weights

Sliding the dumbbells back into the trays is a bit more challenging though.

The weight plates are spaced out on the dumbbells and in the tray, which requires you to carefully try to align the weight plates so they all fit together, to put the dumbbells back in the tray.

This is their biggest flaw and the biggest issue I have with these dumbbells. With patience and some finagling, you can slide the dumbbells into the storage trays. If you have all of the weight loaded on each dumbbell though, it’s much easier to place the weights back into the trays.


Sole Adjustable Dumbbells  weight

The weight plates are U-shaped and hex-shaped.

They are U-shaped to clip on and off the dumbbells. They are hex-shaped to help prevent the dumbbells from rolling if you set them on the floor. They roll if you push them, but if you set them down, they shouldn’t roll.

If they were dropped, they could potentially roll. Like with all adjustable dumbbells though, you shouldn’t drop them. Adjustable dumbbells aren’t meant to be dropped like bumper plates.

The weight plates don’t fit as closely together as the Core Home Fitness, NordicTrack Dumbbells, or Nuobells. This might be why they’re a little hard to get back into the storage tray when you have them adjusted at lighter weights than the max 55 lbs. The Sole SW155 weight plates remind me of the AtivaFit Adjustable Dumbbells. The AtivaFits are easier to get in and out of the trays, but both of these brands of adjustable dumbbells are similar.


I really like the handles. They are knurled metal. The knurling isn’t very aggressive, which I like. They aren’t quite as sharp as some dumbbells or barbells.

Sole Adjustable Dumbbells  handles

The knurled metal makes them feel high-end.

Sole has managed to include these high-quality handles while allowing them to twist to adjust the weight of each dumbbell. Most adjustable dumbbells with twisting handles feature plastic or rubber-coated handles. Sometimes rubber-coated handles feel a little sticky to me. I don’t have that problem with the Sole Adjustable Dumbbell handles.

The knurl markings on the handles help you grip your hands evenly on them, in the middle, too.

Sole Adjustable Dumbbells  action squat

Because the handles are open, unlike PowerBlocks, you can do pretty much any exercise you can with regular dumbbells.

Sole+ App

If you like training content, you might want to check out the Sole+ App. The Sole SW155 Adjustable Dumbbells can be used with this app on your phone. The Sole+ App isn’t as fancy as other training apps, but it’s free. The app features studio fitness classes led by instructors in a variety of disciplines. You can follow along on a treadmill, exercise bike, elliptical, rower, or with a pair of Sole’s adjustable dumbbells.

The SW155s don’t have any technology or Bluetooth capabilities to connect to the Sole+ App. Instead, you can just start a workout and use the weights to follow along with an instructor in the Sculpt classes section in the app. The classes range from different durations and feature different instructors. They aren’t on the same level as iFIT or Peloton. You could use the Sole Dumbbells with those training apps. They require monthly subscriptions though, and the Sole+ App doesn’t.


Sole includes a 90-day warranty with the purchase of the SW155 Adjustable Dumbbells.

Should You Buy The Sole SW155 Adjustable Dumbbells?

The Sole SW155 Adjustable Dumbbells might not be the most popular on the market, but they’re certainly well-priced. The practically all-metal build makes them feel durable and built to last, much like Sole’s other fitness equipment.

The SW155s are easy to use with the twisting handle. The weight starts at 10 lbs and adjusts in 5 lbs up to 55 lbs. This is for each dumbbell, and Sole sells them as a pair. Each dumbbell replaces 10 dumbbells. They also take up a small amount of space. Keep in mind that sliding the dumbbells back into the storage trays is a little hard because the weights don’t stack as closely together as other brands. Considering how affordable these adjustable dumbbells are though, makes up for this aspect.

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Sole SW155 Adjustable Dumbbells Review FAQs / Q&As

Are Sole Adjustable Dumbbells any good?

The Sole SW155 Adjustable Dumbbells are well-made giving you the ability to lift up to 55 lbs, each. The simple-to-use design features a knurled metal handle that twists to adjust the weight in 5 lb increments starting at 10 lbs. Considering the materials, quality, and price of the Sole Adjustable Dumbbells, these are a good budget pair to consider.

What is a cheaper alternative to Nuobell?

The Sole Adjustable Dumbbells are a cheaper alternative to Nuobell Adjustable Dumbbells. The Bowflex SelectTech 552s are another option, but the Sole SW155s are cheaper with less plastic.

Is our Sole SW155 Adjustable Dumbbells review a paid review?

We were not paid by Sole Fitness to create this SW155 Adjustable Dumbbell review. Sole sent us these adjustable dumbbells to test. Other brands have also sent us adjustable dumbbells to create reviews of, but all of our reviews share our unbiased thoughts and opinions. We get paid through our affiliate links. If you’re ready to purchase, we’d appreciate you buying through our links. This way we can keep making thorough reviews for you at home so you know what to expect.

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