Why Run on a Treadmill?

You might’ve come across this thought while thinking about purchasing a treadmill to pursue your personal fitness goals. The questions range from why there is a need to purchase a treadmill in the first place when you can simply jog, walk or run in the park? Why purchase a machine when you can join a gym to pursue the same fitness goals? Why spend so much money to buy a simple treadmill? Well, we are here to answer your queries to the best we can. That’s why we have list below some of the best reasons underlining why its running on a treadmill is better than running outside.

Why Running on a Treadmill is Better?

  • Running Outside is not¬†Challenging

Well yes! You heard it correct. When you decide to pursue your fitness goal and challenge yourself, you have this perception that you’re up to the task but in the reality, it is the total opposite. Because, when you run outside, there isn’t any monitoring system to track your progress and heart rate and it can be fatal if you have some cardio problems. Moreover, you can’t keep track of speed, so you’re running outside at a constant speed that may take months to finally get you in shape.

On the other hand, when you’re on a treadmill, you get the exact idea of how much fast you’re going, how much progress you’ve made in weeks (in context of stamina build-up and distance) while keeping a constant eye over your heart-rate. On the treadmill, you can even opt for some serious cardio with the application of Inclination to extend the challenge.

  • Treadmill Ensures Safety & Protection

As we’ve discussed in previous articles about heart-rate monitoring system, this feature is for heart patients to keep their heart-rate in check which can otherwise, lead to fatal cardio arrest if remains unchecked. Secondly, when you’re running outside, you can’t evade the accidents which can be in the form of injuries, ankle fracture, joint dislocation and much more.

While treadmill saves you from all the aforementioned risks of health and life. The treadmill comes with cushioning system which reduces the impact on joints and ankle by 40% and the tread-belt feels like a soft grass ground. Furthermore, most Treadmills now days are equipped with safety features that can turn off the machines in case you stumble which prevents accidents and injuries. Moreover there is no risk of accident or injuries while running on a treadmill as compared to running outside. So, the treadmill provides you the security which the outside running can’t provide you.

  • Treadmill Provides You With Variety of Workout Programs

Treadmills come with pre-defined workout programs while some higher end treadmills give you the opportunity to define a workout program that fits according to your fitness goals. The pre-defined workout programs range from soft cardio workouts to harsh cardio workouts and even, you can switch between programs by the push of a single button which gives you the opportunity to have a warm up and then pursue harsher workouts.

This feature is in itself unique and you can’t have this while you’re running outside. This is quite the reason that many people prefer to have a treadmill rather than pursuing their fitness goals by running outside. These programs help you adjust and reach your full potential of working out. These programs are integrated into treadmills by professional workout trainers and are tested on several levels to provide you with the efficient workout according to your body needs.

  • Treadmill Keeps You Focused and Away from Distractions

If you’re a keen internet surfer, you might have come across some personal reviews of people as they pursue their fitness goals outside. The majority of people say that they have experienced harassment problems and social bullying while running outside. When you run outside, you come across many people who are physically fit and they might give you a taunting stare while some people may make fun of your belly fats when you’re running outside. It’s the same problem with the gym. When you’re in a gym, there are many people who gossip about everyone and people whose fitness might put you in an inferiority complex.

Moreover, some people like to hum or sing a song or they smell bad that puts you in an uncomfortable position to quit gym for the good. Well, you can evade these complicated situations by owning a treadmill at your home. You can watch yourself in front of a mirror while you’re working out and feel the change and positive vibes about yourself. You can work out alone in silence and pay full focus and attention to your body needs without any peer pressure. Some treadmills even come with entertainment systems that let you hook up your iPod and listen to your favorite music, making your workout more entertaining. You can also keep the treadmill somewhere across your TV, so you can enjoy work out and television at the same time. Some treadmills have a working desk which lets you work and run simultaneously if you’re a workaholic. So, owning a treadmill really saves you from a lot of trouble while you’re pursuing your fitness goals.


Conclusively, we can say that owning a treadmill is far better than pursuing our fitness goals outside or in a gym. The certain perks of treadmill include but are not limited to, personal safety, self-esteem, and fulfillment of fitness goals easily. The best part of owning a treadmill is that you and your family can stay fit and healthy by paying the initial cost and not paying high gym membership fee monthly or annually. Moreover, the treadmills are essential in context keeping track of your progress in terms of speed, distance, calories burned and heart-rate. Some treadmills come with company’s database which lets you compare your progress with a lot of people and helps you set up a goal and motivates you to achieve that goal. So, have a treadmill, save yourself from a lot of risks and trouble and pay attention to your health. Definitely you can’t have all these perks while you’re running outside.