LIT Axis Review 2024

December 19, 2023
  • Sydney Kaiser
    Product Reviewer, Content Writer, Certified Personal Trainer

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The LIT Axis is definitely more than meets the eye. Yes, it’s a resistance training system that you can use pretty much anywhere, but it has some built-in technology and features that set it apart from average resistance bands. The LIT Axis is a portable and compact training system to be used on its own or with the LIT App to track your reps, total time under tension, and total lbs of tension. It can also tell you how much effort you’re using between the right and left sides of your body to help you correct any imbalances. In this review of the LIT Axis, I’ll go over what you can expect, how it works, and if it’s worth it. As a quick preview though, you can expect a really high-quality resistance training system that appeals to a variety of people.

LIT Axis Review 2024

Here is everything that comes with the LIT Axis.

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Why You Should Trust Our Review Of The LIT Axis

Here at TRG, we love testing all of the latest fitness equipment and products. When it comes to exercising, we believe it should be accessible to everyone. Whether you have room for a large piece of equipment like a treadmill or just enough space for a yoga mat, we work to try out all kinds of exercise machines and systems that can appeal to different homes and users. Whenever we compile a full comprehensive review, like this one, you can trust that we’ve used the equipment and put it to the test to help you decide if it’s for you.

  • It’s portable, compact, and can be used pretty much anywhere.
  • There are Bluetooth-enabled sensors to connect to the LIT App to track reps, time under tension, the total weight you’re pulling against, and how even you’re working each side of your body.
  • The resistance bands provide up to 200 lbs of tension and are versatile to be anchored to your door frame or couch or used on their own.
  • The base package includes handles, ankle straps, and two different resistance trainers to get in all kinds of strength, cardio, and Pilates workouts.
  • It is battery-powered so it doesn’t require being plugged in or recharged.
  • All of the components are of high quality and come in a portable, hardshell zipper carrying case.
  • You have to use the app with a subscription on your device to get real-time feedback from the resistance bands while using them.
  • In order to do more exercises, it needs to be anchored to something like a door or couch, but it might not be best to anchor to lightweight doors and furniture.

  • Footprint: 3.5” x 1.5” x 1”
  • 41” long (when fully connected)
  • Product Weight: 5 lbs
  • No User Weight Limit
  • Construction: TPE Soft Rubber with Drop Protection Technology
  • Adjustable LIT Band (0-60 lbs)
  • Adjustable LIT Band (30-100 lbs)
  • Pair of Handles
  • Pair of AXIS Smart Sensors
  • Pair of Ankle/Wrist Cuffs
  • Universal Anchor
  • Carrying Case
  • Warranty: Lifetime and 5 years for all accessories

LIT Axis Review

In-depth Review of LIT Axis


In today’s day and age, subscription training platforms and content are pretty much everywhere. Whenever we test out a new piece of fitness equipment we usually expect that there’s an app to use with it. While the LIT App is optional to use with the LIT Axis, I want to talk about it first because, as I said, this is more than just your average resistance bands or resistance training system. It’s smart and packed with some tech features that make it unique and valuable to use with the LIT App.

In order to use the LIT App, you must use your device. You can also cast the app on your smart TV. On the app, there are over 3,000 trainer-led studio classes to take using the LIT Axis, LIT Method Strength Machine (the brand’s other machine), as well as no equipment. There are cardio, strength training, Pilates, and stretching classes to take with the LIT Axis. The classes offered range from 10 minutes to up to 50 minutes in length. There are upper and lower-body-focused workouts, core, and full-body workouts.

As far as instructor-led content, the LIT App has pretty high-quality classes. The instructors are high-energy and engaging to provide guidance and motivation where you need it. The studio environment where each workout is filmed is well-lit and of professional quality. Also, considering a subscription to this app is cheaper than others like Peloton and iFit, the LIT App is still fairly comparable. Each class has a leaderboard, built-in music, and connectivity to the LIT Axis machine. You can use the Freestyle mode too, to do your own thing and track your metrics without following along with an instructor.

There is also a small diagram in the corner to show you which muscles you’re working. When you connect the sensors on the LIT Axis through Bluetooth, your total time under tension, amount of force, calories, and reps are displayed. All of this is counted when you use the LIT Axis and pull against the resistance band cables. There is also a scale to show you the amount of force you’re using on each cable so you can make sure you’re working each side of your body evenly.

You can also pair a Polar heart rate monitor or your Garmin or Apple Watch to track your heart rate in the app, as well as see your other metrics on your Apple Watch face. You can pause and skip ahead through each workout, as well as adjust the volume settings by balancing the instructor’s voice and music, muting one, or muting both.

There are filters where you can find different workouts. You can search the library of workouts by muscle group, fitness level, equipment, accessories, instructor, duration, and Axis setup. The Axis setup is whether you need an anchor or not and how the Axis should be anchored (more on this below). Overall, the app is pretty easy to navigate, but a search bar would be a helpful addition for finding specific workouts a little easier and with less scrolling.

Along with accessing the classes that are split into different categories, and tracking your workout history and metrics, the LIT App offers a unique training program that’s tailored to you. The training program gives you splits for the days you should work your upper body, lower body, and core, as well as rest days. It then recommends workouts to take based on your training program and duration preference.

Overall, for everything the LIT App is able to track and show, it makes it really valuable to use with the LIT Axis, but as I said, it’s not required to use with it.


All of the components, down to the carrying case, feel really well-constructed on the LIT Axis. The materials are high-quality and it’s a system that seems to be able to sustain a lot of use over time. Now, let’s break down everything the LIT Axis comes with.

Adjustable LIT Bands

Starting with the LIT resistance bands, which are the bread and butter of the system. This is where you get tension. There are 4 rubber resistance bands. 2 are rated for 15 lbs and are longer, while the 2 shorter bands are rated for 30 lbs. The shorter bands provide more tension in comparison, however, both band types can give pretty intense resistance band workouts.

LIT Axis Resistance Bands

The resistance bands feel really high-end, and strong, and they’ll last.

One end of each band has a D-ring clip, and the other has a hard plastic piece that fits and locks into the AXIS sensor. The clip is where you can attach the handles, ankle cuffs, or universal anchor. The clips, just like the bands are really strong and can handle a lot of tension.

AXIS Sensors

The AXIS Sensors are hard plastic pieces with D-ring clips attached and 3V lithium coin batteries inside. The hard plastic end of each LIT band fits into each sensor and locks into place. This is how the Bluetooth technology turns on and works. Since the sensors use batteries, they don’t require the LIT Axis to be plugged in or charged with a cable. You’ll just have to replace the batteries when they run out, which shouldn’t be for a long time.

LIT Axis Connecting Attachment

The ends of the LIT bands and the sensors fit together seamlessly.

Once you fit the end of the LIT band into the AXIS sensor, you just have to twist them to lock them in place. Once locked, the LIT Axis is rated to handle up to 200 lbs of resistance, which for a resistance band system, is a lot!

Also, with how easy and secure these pieces lock into place, you don’t have to worry about them becoming detached. Although it’s easy to detach them, you just have to twist them the opposite way. Once together, the AXIS sensors are larger than the other ends of the LIT bands. This is how you tell which end is the sensor, this is important because the sensors track your movements to count your reps and there are exercises where they need to be the end that attaches to the handles or ankle cuffs in order to properly track your range of motion.

When you pull on the resistance bands, the sensors track your time under tension and the amount of force applied that’s tracked in the LIT App, too. The sensors are also used to determine how much effort and force you’re using with each band to let you know if you are working on one side of your body more than the other.

Handles And Ankle/Wrist Cuffs

We have the Base Pack which includes handles and ankle/wrist cuffs as far as attachments for different exercises. The Pilates Pack and Total Gym Pack include more attachment options for specific exercises. These packs are also higher in price than the Base Pack.

LIT Axis Handles

The 2 handles are really nice.

They each have a metal ring so you can clip the D-rings on the LIT bands to them, securely. The handles are durable and made with quality materials. I especially like the texture rubber over the handles. It is comfortable in your hands without feeling slippery or sticky. The handles are also slim so I can easily wrap my hands around them.

The cuffs are velcro and can be used on your ankles and wrists. Each end has a metal ring so you can clip the D-rings to them to attach the resistance LIT bands. The velcro is thick and durable to stay in place on your ankle or wrist when exercising, too. You shouldn’t have to worry about the velcro coming apart. The nylon fabric also twists through rings and the inside of the cuffs have an added layer of fabric to provide some cushion and keep the cuffs from rubbing, especially when you put them on your bare skin.

LIT Axis Ankle Cuffs

It’s also a nice touch that they have the LIT branding on each cuff.

Universal Anchor

LIT Axis Universal Anchor

The LIT Axis also comes with a Universal Anchor.

This is how you mount the resistance bands to use them for certain exercises like chest presses. The Universal Anchor is a thick nylon piece with metal rings on either end to snap the LIT bands to. The anchor has small bearings that are stitched into the fabric so you can slip it into your door without it sliding through. The anchor is meant to be used in a door frame, around something sturdy like a couch leg, or even around a tree. The LIT Axis would work really well attached to a squat rack in a gym, too. The anchor is what helps to make the LIT Axis so versatile.

You can also use the LIT Axis without the anchor.

Functionality & Performance

Overall, the LIT Axis is a complete resistance training system that’s versatile and portable. Even the basic package that we have includes everything you need for well-rounded workouts. I think if you’re someone who is short on space and loves resistance training, should consider the LIT Axis. It’s great if you prefer strength training with resistance bands, as well as those who love Pilates. After all, a Pilates Reformer is a pretty sizable machine, even the compact ones, so the LIT Axis could be the way for you to keep up with your Pilates routine without sacrificing much space in your home.

LIT Axis Attached To StepR

When testing the LIT Axis we attached it to other types of fitness equipment, like the StepR+.

Even though the LIT Axis is compact, it does require some floor space to use. You also have to think about where and what you’ll mount it to when using the Universal Anchor. If you’re attaching it to a door, I highly recommend using it on the front side of the door, rather than the side that the door swings open to. This way, if your door were to pop open, whether from the force of the resistance or someone opening it, you wouldn’t fall back and potentially hurt yourself.

I used the LIT Axis at my apartment which has pretty lightweight doors, like most apartments. I didn’t have a problem using the resistance machine on my doors, but from my previous experience using systems like the TRX Pro 4 Suspension Trainer, I knew to use the LIT Axis on the opposite side of the door that it swings open to. I also had better luck fitting the Universal Anchor on the inside of the door by the hinges than at the top or bottom.

Fixing the anchor in the door at the hinges lets you do the lower, mid, and upper-line positions that different exercises using the LIT Axis call for. You can also wrap the anchor around your couch leg, or other sturdy piece of furniture, but make sure to use caution. My couch is a fairly heavy small sectional that moved a little bit on my husband when he was using the LIT Axis. So, whatever you anchor the LIT Axis to, make sure it’s stable enough to handle you pulling on the resistance bands that become mounted.

Something I think a little underrated about the LIT Axis is that it can determine how much force you’re applying to each band. Most people have dominant sides of their bodies. My dominant side is my right side, I’m also right-handed. This means that I often apply more force and effort using the right side of my body. By showing you how much force is applied to each cable in the LIT App, the LIT Axis is able to help you correct imbalances like this. To correctly utilize this feature, you’ll need to make sure you have the correct sensor in each hand or leg. Each sensor has a small “R” and “L” for right and left to help with this. I do wish they were a little more clearly labeled though.

Finally, what helps to make the LIT Axis as portable as it is, is the hard-shell zipper carrying case that it comes with. Everything in the Base Pack fits neatly in the case and inner mesh bags that come with it.

LIT Axis Carrying Case

The case is protective and features a top handle so you can take the LIT Axis with you pretty much anywhere.


We really like that the LIT Method includes a lifetime warranty and a 5-year warranty for all accessories with the LIT Axis. Lifetime warranties help instill confidence in the overall construction and show that a company stands by its product.
Bottom Line Review: LIT Axis

LIT Axis Review

Bottom Line Review: LIT Axis

The LIT Axis is not just your average resistance band system. It’s a smart resistance training system that includes really nice tech features. The battery-powered sensors connect through Bluetooth to the LIT App on your phone so you can let the machine count your reps, track the amount of force you use, calculate your total time under tension, and even help to correct any muscle imbalances you may have. The LIT App also provides great trainer instruction with thousands of indoor studio workout videos. Along with the technology, the LIT Axis is made with high-quality materials so it’s durable and easy to use. It’s also extremely versatile to use in your home, at the gym, and even outside. You have the choice between 3 different packs, we have the Base Pack that comes with everything you need for a well-rounded training program for strength training, cardio, and even Pilates. Plus, it fits neatly in a carrying case to take with you pretty much anywhere.

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