Sole SB700 Exercise Bike Review – Pros & Con’s (2020)

Last Updated: January 8 2020

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The Sole SB700 is one of our Best Bikes in 2020. The SB700 is one of our favorite bikes because of it’s simple design, weighted flywheel and multiple adjustment points for a smooth, comfortable ride. You can’t go wrong with a Sole machine! They are always solidly built with a lifetime warranty and quality components. Sole bikes don’t offer the latest tech like a screen or subscription content, but that keeps the bike simple and easy to use. You don’t need WiFi or even a plug to use the SB700, just hop on and ride!


Who It’s For: Riders who want a high-quality bike with a whopping 48lb flywheel and great warranty

The SB700 is built with several features that keep it lightweight, compact, and simple:

  • Built of heavy steel tubing with aluminum overlay, the SB700 only weighs 141 pounds
  • Front mounted transport wheels so you can move it out of the way
  • Large, red resistance knob is easy to see and reach
  • LCD screen displays ride metrics
  • 48lb Flywheel creates smooth pedal motion
  • Bright back-lit LCD screen displays real-time metrics during your ride
  • Steel construction is durable and solid. This bike is ideal for home-use.
  • LCD screen will display heart rate, so if you own a chest strap, you should be able to pair your device and see HR metrics on the screen
  • Tension knob allows riders to add/remove resistance with just the turn of the knob
  • You can find maximum comfort with four points of adjustment; two for handlebars and two for seat
  • Lifetime warranty on the Frame; 3-Year warranty on electronics
  • Toe-cages hold your foot secure on the pedal. These pedals will work with any athletic shoe.
  • LCD screen is small and may be difficult to see for some people
  • Resistance is created via pad tension on the flywheel
  • Steel Frame with Aluminum Finish
    The SB700 is a well-engineered spin bike. It is designed for home use, or light commercial such as fire stations, apartment complexes or non-dues paying gyms. The SB700 frame carries a full lifetime warranty. The steel frame has an aluminum finish for protection against wear.
  • 48lb Chrome-Plated Flywheel
    A heavy flywheel makes all the difference! When riding a stationary bike, the front wheel doesn’t move with the same momentum as it would outdoors. If the flywheel is not heavy enough, it makes the pedal stroke feel heavy and jerky as the pedals lose momentum in the rotation. A weighted flywheel glides smoothly as the energy from your pedal stroke creates kinetic energy in the wheel. The forward inertia keeps the wheel spinning evenly throughout the rotation so there is no jerkiness in the pedal stroke.
  • 3″ X 4″ LCD Integrated console displays heart rate, RPM, Time, kCal, distance, and speed
    The LCD display provides a nice readout of your ride metrics. It is large enough to see, but not so big it gets in your way. Sole machines are not designed to feature a lot of tech. Sole builds quality, streamlined equipment that is superbly engineered for a quality ride.
  • Felt Pad Brake Resistance
    A felt pad creates friction on the flywheel to generate resistance. Pads are thick and soft so resistance is quiet and does not damage the flywheel. The weighted flywheel and pad create smooth resistance that should challenge any rider. While this isn’t on par with magnetic resistance, friction resistance is found on many commercial bikes and holds up well when serviced appropriately. Pads do wear out and tend to generate more noise than magnetic resistance.
  • Tension Resistance Knob
    While the tension knob does give the rider a tactile feel for how much resistance they add with each turn — there is no actual measurement for specific levels. Nor are there any preset levels. This makes calculating accurate wattage slightly more challenging. It also makes it hard to set and find the same level of resistance repeatedly.
  • Handlebars with extension grips
    SB700 handlebars offer multiple resting points and feature a lightly coated spongy grip for comfort. This grip material won’t harbor bacteria and is easily wiped off.
  • Four Points of Adjustment
    The ability to adjust the bike four ways is vital to finding the correct fit. You can move the seat forward/aft and up/down. You can move the handlebars forward/aft and up/down. This allows riders of all sizes to find the fit that works best for them.
  • Lifetime Warranty on Frame with 3-Year Warranty on Electronics
    A lifetime frame warranty reaffirms Sole’s commitment to quality products. These are solid, well-built machines that Sole expects to hold up to regular use.


  • Solid Construction with steel posts
  • Footprint: 42″ H x 40” L x 21” W
  • Total Bike Weight: 141 pounds
  • Toe Clip pedals will work with any athletic shoe
  • Large wheels on front stabilizer make it easy to move
  • Two leveling feet on rear stabilizer keep it secure while you ride
  • Belt drive and quiet magnetic resistance create literally no noise
  • 48lb Heavy-Duty Flywheel
  • Max User Weight: 300lb


  • LCD console displays heart rate, RPM, Time, kCal, distance, and speed


  • Brake Resistance created via felt pad for minimal noise
  • Turn Dial resistance knob
  • 3” x 4” LCD Workout Display
  • Chest Strap Compatible (chest strap not included)
  • Comfortable handlebars with multiple grips
  • 4 Adjustment Points:
    • Adjustable Seat: Vertical/Horizontal
    • Adjustable Handlebars: Vertical/Horizontal


  • 2 Water Bottle Holders


  • Frame Warranty: Lifetime
  • Electronics Warranty: 3 Years
  • Parts Warranty: 3 Years
  • Labor Warranty: 1 Year

In-depth Review of Sole SB700



A solid, steel frame supports the SB700 which is rated for personal or light commercial use. Steel uprights and posts along with front and rear stabilizers hold it securely while riding.


These handlebars offer both horizontal and vertical grips with a center bar that offers a forward-leaning tri-position. Light spongy coating adds just a bit of cushion and is sweat and moisture repellant.


This is a great flywheel for a bike at this price range. While some users feel heavier flywheels are harder to move, the weight actually enhances inertia to keep the wheel spinning smoothly as you pedal. The chrome design also looks chic!


  • Height: 42″
  • Length: 40″
  • Width: 21″
  • Item Weight: 141 lbs.
  • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs.


Black ergonomic saddle with red leather accent is another cool feature on the SB700. A centered groove enhances breathability and reduces friction points. This is a comfortable saddle, good for long or short rides.



The LCD screen on the SB700 is pretty basic. It provides readouts for RPM, calories, time and distance. It is backlit but we found it hard to see in more than one condition. A button on the side will light the display when needed.


  • No fans
  • No weights
  • One side-mounted water bottle cage
  • There is a tablet mounted on the front handlebars with an adjustable clip to hold devices securely. This is an upgraded feature in 2020 and provides a nice option for listening, watching, or following along with your personal program.


Very little storage on the SB700. There’s no shelf



As always, the Sole SB700 is a smooth ride. Streamlined functionality between the flywheel and drive system make it both fluid and comfortable to ride. Resistance isn’t my favorite, but it’s responsive and works well.

Incline / Decline range

No incline or decline

Resistance Levels

There is no calibrated or digital resistance. This is a tension-knob, so resistance is generated via a Kevlar brake system that slows the flywheel. Tension resistance creates friction so there is more noise and wear with this system. But it is very sensitive and responsive, so just a touch on the knob goes a long way.

Pre-programmed workouts

No onboard or preprogrammed workouts. The LCD display is a digital readout only, there are no programs to load or follow.

Subscription Options

No subscription options. This is a bring-your-own-workout machine.

Noise Level

Slightly more noise than magnetic drive systems, but not too bad. You won’t notice cycling noise while riding.

Storage / Folding

Does not fold up, but it does have wheels and only weighs 141 pounds, so it’s easy to move.

Bottom Line:

The Sole SB700 is one of our Best Bikes in 2020 and offers the Best Warranty for a bike at this price point. We love Sole’s commitment to quality and the Lifetime frame warranty reflects this durability. The simple LCD display does not require a plug, so you can ride your bike in any space without worrying about WiFi or outlets! This is a great bike for riders who don’t want to pay for subscription content and don’t need an attached screen.