STEPR+ Stair Climber Review 2024

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Last Updated: December 21, 2023

An interactive 27” touch screen with free training content meets in-home stair-stepping with the STEPR+

STEPR+ Review 2024

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Star Rating: 4.8
MSRP: $4999.99
Overall Rating: 85
Workout Experience 9
Specs / Features 8
Dimensions / Storability 7
On-Board Workouts & Apps 8
Build Quality 9

The STEPR+ is a compact, yet versatile and challenging machine to add to your home gym.

Summary STEPR+ Review: The Bottom Line

Is this the Peloton of stair steppers?! Our STEPR+ review highlights what you can expect from this impressive machine where an in-home stair-stepper meets trainer-led content on a large 27” touch screen.

Although the STEPR+ is not made for commercial use, it is incredibly well-built and solid to use. The STEPR+ encapsulates the experience of using a stair-stepper at your local gym but in the comfort of your own home. What sets it apart is its large 27” adjustable touch screen and free training content and streaming apps. Not only will your booty be burning, but you won’t have to worry about getting bored on this stair-stepper. Trainer-led workouts, outdoor-filmed videos, and streaming from apps like Spotify, Netflix, and YouTube are all free! You’ll just need to log into your respective accounts for the streaming apps. There are also more streaming apps coming in future updates.

The STEPR+ is a highly versatile piece of cardio equipment that offers the ability to do resistance training off of the machine from the base. You can clip or tie resistance bands to the steel anchor points around the handles and frame of the STEPR+ to include strength and resistance training in your routines without sacrificing additional space in your home. The STEPR+ itself is compact, taking up a minimal amount of floor space, especially for such a solid machine. It can also work with ceiling heights of just 8 feet, too.

If you’re looking for a home stair-stepper that is a big step up beyond others on the market, then we highly recommend checking out the STEPR+.

Editor’s Note, 12/20/2023: This STEPR review was created to reflect our experience using this in-home stair-stepper. We will continue to update this review as more updates of this new machine are released in the coming months.
What We Like
  • This stair-stepper pairs a well-constructed machine with a large 27” adjustable touch screen with included training content and streaming from apps like Netflix and Spotify.
  • This large machine takes up a minimal amount of floor space and can be used in 8-foot tall ceilings for people up to 6 feet tall.
  • The 25 levels of speed settings make for challenging workouts and the frame allows for resistance training off the stair-stepper.
  • The included safety features and auto sensors make training in your home comfortable and safe.
  • This is a heavy, durable machine but can be moved with the transport handles and front wheels.
  • White glove delivery and installation are available.
Areas for Improvement
  • It isn’t silent to use, however, it helps to hear the steps move to keep your tempo and balance since the stadium steps can take some getting used to.
  • The All-Access Membership is currently free, but the training content isn’t quite to the same level as other comparable training platforms. As a new company, we look forward to seeing them improve this in the future.

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One Step At A Time We’ve Been Testing Fitness Equipment For Years

When it comes to fitness equipment such as treadmills, exercise bikes, ellipticals, rowers, climbers, and stair steppers, we’ve been testing all kinds for years. While we began compiling these reviews in 2010, our team’s experience using fitness equipment dates well beyond that. Our experts are also fitness instructors, personal trainers, and garage gym owners who know what to look for in home fitness equipment. The stair-stepper is one of my favorite pieces of cardio equipment, so I’ve been anxiously waiting to test out the STEPR+ and am excited to bring you this STEPR+ review and share how it performed for us.

Our STEPR Review Video

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In-depth STEPR+ Review: Testing & Analysis


The STEPR+, like other stair-steppers, is a large machine. Even though it is substantial, it really doesn’t take up that much floor space. Its dimensions are 50” L x 29” W x 82” H. So it’s more compact than a treadmill or rowing machine, as far as how much space its footprint occupies. You will want to factor in a few extra feet of floor space behind the STEPR to properly get on and off of it. If you plan on utilizing the anchor points for resistance training off the STEPR+, you’ll want to keep some extra floor space open around it to do so, too.

STEPR+ - Construction

Although the STEPR+ is a tall machine at around 6.8 feet tall, STEPR claims that it can be used with 8-foot tall ceilings.

The step-up height of the lowest stair is 15.2”. The height of the upper step is around 2 feet high. To determine how tall of a ceiling you’ll need to properly use the STEPR+, we recommend factoring in 2 feet in addition to your height. In our testing, we found that an 8-foot high ceiling should work for people up to 6 feet tall.

STEPR also gives a user height range limit of 4’11” up to 7’2”. Our team is 5’1” up to 6’5” and we all can comfortably use the STEPR+. However, if you are over 6 feet tall, you’ll need to have a taller ceiling than 8 feet high to comfortably and safely use the STEPR+.

The STEPR+ weighs 286 lbs, so it’s a beast! It can be moved when needed, but we don’t recommend moving it often. There are removable transport handles that screw into the base at the rear. These allow you to tip up the back end of the machine to engage the front 2 transport wheels.

STEPR+ - moving

The STEPR+ can be rolled around.

Due to its weight and height though, it’s not realistic or recommended by us to move it very much. It is heavy to move and might not be possible for some people to move on their own. It’s best to keep the STEPR+ in the area where you plan on using it in your home.

Onboard Workouts & Apps

What sets this stair-stepper apart is its large touch screen and streaming content, as well as its build quality which I’ll get into later. Often stair-steppers at the gym include basic consoles that just track your workout metrics as you go. The STEPR+ includes a massive 27” touch screen where you can stream content.

Here’s what you can expect from STEPR’s All-Access Membership.

All-Access Membership

Currently, STEPR includes their All-Access Membership for free with the STEPR+. They might charge a subscription fee in the future, but at the time of writing this, everything I’m going to talk about is included on the touch screen.

Note: STEPR has stated that they have plans for updates for the membership coming. Some of these updates are listed directly on the touch screen but weren’t available while writing this review. We will work to update this review with those updates once they’re available.

STEPR offers indoor trainer-led workouts on the STEPR+. These workouts feature an instructor who guides you through the workout. A camera points at them as they lead you through. These workouts are on-demand to take whenever you want. There are workouts on the machine and off for well-rounded training options.

STEPR+ - All-Access Membership Library

There’s a good amount of these workouts available to take.

The fact that they’re free makes their quality just fine. If STEPR were to charge a subscription fee to access them in the future I’d like to see them improved a bit. I think adding music to each class would be beneficial. There isn’t any music integrated into them currently, but you can log into Spotify and play music of your choice.

STEPR could take a page from Peloton and amp up their filming studio, add live workouts, and lean into incorporating all kinds of music into these studio workout classes.

It is really nice that these workouts are included with the STEPR+. They’re helpful for beginners and good if you like following along with an instructor while you workout.

The outdoor workouts feature a hiker as he hikes up various trails. It isn’t a formal workout where he guides you through, telling you where your intensity level should be. Instead, he shares his experience hiking.

STEPR+ Outdoor Workout

There are shots of the surrounding location shown on the screen, too.

At the time of writing this, there are 86 workout sessions. Sessions are what STEPR refers to as the trainer-led workouts and the outdoor-filmed videos. More are sure on the way as STEPR continues to make more updates. These workout sessions consist of HIIT, Steady Step, Just Strength, Stretch and Mobility, and the Free Step: Guided Adventures outdoor videos.

The Just Strength and Stretch and Mobility workouts are available to take off the STEPR+. Some require resistance bands and others are just available to take on a mat. This is nice to add at the end or beginning of your stair-stepper workouts, or to add them on days you’re not planning on hopping on the STEPR to vary your training. Boot camp classes are said to be coming soon, too.

STEPR also includes entertainment apps to stream directly from the STEPR+ screen. Right now, Spotify, Netflix, and YouTube are available to log into and stream from. Disney+, Hulu, and Prime Video all say coming soon so we expect to see them in the coming weeks or so. It is nice to be able to use these apps while training on the STEPR+.


The STEPR+ features a large 27” touch screen. It’s bright, easy to see, and very adjustable. It tilts up and down so you can keep it within your line of sight depending on your height.

STEPR+ Screen Pivoted

It also pivots to either side of the stair climber so you can use it for off-the-machine training.

The screen is easy to navigate. The home screen includes featured workouts, access to the streaming apps, and the option to select from some of the classes. Under the “Sessions” tab, you can filter and search for specific workouts. The filters are by type, duration, difficulty, and coach.

The screen is a little sensitive when trying to scroll through the workout classes. I sometimes accidentally select a class when trying to scroll.

When you’re in a workout, your metrics are displayed at the bottom of the screen. These include speed level, SPM, floor, steps, calories, and altitude in feet. The duration and time remaining of the workout is at the top of the screen. Also, there is the ability to adjust the speaker volume and access the entertainment apps. The speakers offer plenty of volume and sound clear. There are speaker buttons on the right side of the screen, too.

You can also adjust the speed of the steps on the screen below the bottom metrics bar. The front handles are also where you adjust the STEPR+. The stop and pause button is on the left and the speed buttons are on the right handle.

STEPR+ Speed Buttons

These adjustment buttons are very convenient to use.

There also seems to be an Auto Speed setting where the speed adjusts based on the format of the workout. This can be turned on and off. It only seems to be available in some of the workouts currently but could be added to all of them in the future. In the studio classes, many of the instructors recommend specific speed settings and effort levels throughout the workout, which is helpful.

STEPR+  Device Rack

Below the screen is a small device rack for your phone or small tablet.

It has a textured back to help keep your device in place. This is nice if you want to stream content that isn’t available on the touch screen. You can’t screen mirror content from your device so it’s nice having a place to set your phone so it’s within view.

There isn’t a fan built into the console, so you’ll need to plug in your own for when you want to cool off.

STEPR+ cupholder

Below the device rack is a large, oversized cupholder.

This holds your water and there are two small compartments on either side to hold smaller items like earbuds or keys. Bluetooth connectivity is coming in a future update to connect your headphones and devices.

Other updates that are coming are the ability to create up to 5 user profiles. Workout history and milestones are available now and I can imagine that each profile will get awarded milestones and get to save their workout history and app streaming login information.

More entertainment apps like Paramount+ and YouTube TV are also said to be coming. This and the ability to pair with Apple Health and Garmin Watches is going to be available in the future, too. A STEPR Sync feature so you can match your pace to the instructor’s is going to be added as well.

We’ll update this review with those updates as they become available.

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Build Quality

The STEPR+ has a really impressive build quality that I’m excited to get into. It’s important to note that STEPR states that it isn’t intended for commercial use. If you use it outside of a home environment, they will void the warranty. At its price point, we don’t expect the STEPR+ to be suitable for commercial use. Commercial gyms see foot traffic throughout the day, and commercial-grade stair-steppers are often priced around $10,000 or more.

I will say that the overall construction of the STEPR+ feels similar to other stair-steppers, StairMasters, and ClimbMills that I’ve used in public gyms. I think STEPR was able to capture the gym quality of these machines while making the STEPR+ a little more compact and price-friendly for home use.

Along with heights of 4’11” up to 7’2”, the STEPR+ handles weight up to 375 lbs, which is a high weight capacity for fitness equipment. People up to this weight should be able to use the STEPR+.


The STEPR+ has a welded steel frame with a molded casing around the stairs that makes for a seamless design and look. The frame supports the base and the two steel uprights extend up that the steel handles are fixed into. Another steel upright is at the front that the touch screen attaches to.

STEPR+ uprights

Overall, the build materials make the STEPR+ feel incredibly stable and high-end.

The handles provide really good support and are slim enough for me to wrap my hands around. This entire design also keeps everything in place, including the large touch screen. We didn’t experience any shaking of the screen, handles, or frame.

Stadium Steps

STEPR boasts their “stadium step” design. These are the shorter steps in a stadium where the handrails are, that lead you up and down bleachers. STEPR created the steps on the STEPR+ with these in mind. The height of the steps is 5.2”, so they’re shorter than the standard stair height which is around 7” high. STEPR’s idea behind this is that it makes the STEPR+ accessible to a wide range of people when it comes to size, height, and ability.

STEPR+  feet on steps

I will admit, this step height does take a little bit of getting used to.

Since it isn’t like climbing stairs, which I’m well accustomed to since I currently live on the 4th floor without access to an elevator, I have to look down at my feet occasionally to make sure I’m not misstepping. Matt also felt the same way. I’m also 9 months pregnant, so my center of balance is off, making me more cautious while walking, using the stairs, and working out, in general.

The STEPR+ has a lower step height than many commercial stair-steppers, so if you’re used to using one of these machines at the gym, you might find the STEPR+ feels a little bit different when you first use it.

That’s not to say that this step height isn’t effective, because it certainly is! My glutes and hamstrings were on fire after putting the STEPR+ through a workout, or rather this machine putting ME through a workout.

You can also do different step variations with this design like double steps and glute kickbacks, if you want to vary how you use this stair-stepper. You’ll probably want to slow the speed down a bit to do these though, as well as pay attention to each step. Some of the fitness classes teach these variations so you can follow along on the screen, too.

The stairs are textured so they don’t feel slippery. They measure 8.6” D X 15.7” W x 5.2” H. The “floating design” also allows for ample space to place your feet comfortably on each step. The stairs also handle most shoe sizes. I wear a women’s size 7 and I could place pretty much my entire foot on each step. When I want to target more of my calves, I step more on the balls of my feet, too.

Matt, who is 6’5” has plenty of room on each step, too.

STEPR+ Matt feet on steps

His heels hang off a little bit, but this doesn’t inhibit his balance or stride at all.

The STEPR+ does make some noise while you’re using it. The steps when they’re in motion can be heard. This means that the STEPR+ might not be best for certain homes that require very little sound while working out. I don’t think the noise is bothersome or excessive though. I actually find it helpful when using the STEPR+ to help me pay more attention to the speed of the steps.

The stairs rotate in reverse with a 3-step design. The top and bottom steps flip as the steps move which can keep users positioned on either the 1st and 2nd steps from the top or 2nd and 3rd steps, depending on your preference. You have some range to work with as far as your feet positioning.

Most commercial stair steppers have 4-stair designs. The STEPR+ could have another step added to allow for a little bit more room but then it wouldn’t be as compact as it is. I think the 3-step design with the stadium step height allows the STEPR+ to be more compact to work better in more homes, while still being safe, stable, and effective.

Speed Settings

The STEPR+ offers 25 speed settings. This speed range allows you to find what tempos work for you. Levels 1-5 are pretty slow, while 15-25 are quick paces that really get your heart rate up. The speed settings allow you to adjust easily how fast you want the steps to move. It’s electronically controlled to be adjusted on the console.

STEPR+  action sydney

I like how you can slow it down and vary your steps with different exercises like kickbacks, and speed it up for more of a cardio workout.

STEPR+ chain

The steps move on a chain-drive system.

The chains come pre-greased but will probably need re-greasing and tightening after a lot of use. Most fitness equipment requires some kind of maintenance and upkeep. We anticipate the overall maintenance of the STEPR+ to be pretty low, but some maintenance is required after you use the machine for a long period of time. The manual goes over how to tighten the chain. It also states that if you experience any shaking of the stairs while using the STEPR+, then check the chain to make sure it isn’t loose.

Anchor Points

The anchor points on the handle uprights, console upright, and steel floor frame make the STEPR+ even more versatile. These are small welded loops. This allows you to clip resistance bands or equipment like the LIT Axis to the STEPR+ to do training off of the stair-stepper.

STEPR+ Resistance bands

With how heavy and secure the frame is, we felt comfortable clipping or tying resistance equipment to the STEPR+.

This is a really nice feature that I think more types of large fitness equipment should incorporate. It is also awesome that STEPR includes workout classes off of the machine to vary your training. Add in that the screen pivots to each side and the STEPR+ serves as a highly versatile machine for both strength and cardio training.

Safety Features

STEPR+ Safety button

Along with the stop and pause buttons on the left front handle, STEPR has implemented 2 emergency stop buttons.

One is on the front of the STEPR+ to reach down and press while you’re on the steps. The other is on the inside of the right upright below the side handle. Both can be reached while you’re on the STEPR+ to hit if you need to shut the stairs off quickly and lock the machine. You twist these knobs and pull them out to unlock the STEPR+. The machine must be unlocked to use.

I like the locking feature and these 2 red emergency stop buttons. The steps stop quickly, but it isn’t so fast that you have to worry about losing your balance and falling off. The stop button on the handle stops the steps much more slowly. I actually like stopping the steps with the front emergency button when I’m done with my workout.

There is also a sensor at the back end of the steps that senses when you step off the machine. This way, if you step off of it (intentionally or accidentally) while the steps are moving, they will stop once this sensor is tripped. The machine also beeps and locks until you unlock the screen. This is especially helpful if someone like a small child or pet were to try to climb up onto the STEPR+ while it’s in use. Although this does add an element of safety, which is appreciated, it’s important to make sure any fitness equipment is clear of pets and children while you’re working out.

You also must be on the steps for the STEPR+ to start a workout. If it doesn’t detect you on the stairs, the stairs won’t start moving and the screen pauses the workout.

Overall, our team is really impressed with the build and quality of the STEPR+. We think this machine is worth its price and it’s a great option for most people and homes.


STEPR includes a 10-year frame warranty, 2-year parts warranty, and 1-year labor warranty with the purchase of the STEPR+. This warranty package is pretty standard and comparable to other popular fitness brands. Because this is a large and heavy machine, it requires having at least 2 people to receive it for curbside delivery. STEPR offers white glove delivery and installation at an additional price that might be a good idea to get if you aren’t able to move and assemble the STEPR+ with someone else.

Should You Buy The STEPR+

For the ultimate in-home stair-stepper the STEPR+ is the one to check out. This machine combines a gym-quality stair-stepper made for home use with a touch screen with training content and streaming apps. The STEPR+ also takes it a step further with its compact footprint that’s accessible and accommodating for people of most heights and weights up to 375 lbs. Its design takes up a small amount of floor space and can work for 8-foot tall ceilings for people up to 6 feet tall.

This is an excellent machine to consider if you love stair-steppers and even if you don’t. It provides a very effective cardio workout and is versatile for resistance training off of the machine. We love that the workout videos and streaming apps are available without a subscription. All you have to do to watch Netflix is log into your account. All of this paired with the incredibly stable construction, makes the STEPR+ absolutely worth it.

With everything the STEPR+ has to offer, it is one of the best home stair-steppers on the market, although I’d argue it’s the best.

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STEPR+ Review Q&A / FAQs

Does the STEPR+ work without a subscription?

Yes! STEPR includes their All-Access Membership for free with the STEPR+, currently. Studio trainer-led workouts, outdoor-filmed workout videos, and streaming from apps like Netflix and Spotify are currently available with the purchase of the STEPR+.

Does the stair climber build glutes?

A stair climber or stair stepper can help build muscles in the glutes and legs. The workout targets the glutes, hamstrings, quads, calves, and core. In order to grow the glutes though, other factors like protein and calorie intake help contribute to increasing or decreasing mass.

How long should you spend on a stair climber?

The duration depends on your fitness level and goals. 10 minutes is a good start and might be all that you want to do, or upwards of 20-30 minutes might be more appropriate for you. If endurance is your goal you might want to use the stair climber longer, however, it is important to listen to your body and know your limitations when using any kind of fitness equipment.

Is the STEPR better than a treadmill?

Both types of machines are great for cardio. They can both help aid in weight loss, but other contributors like diet and lifestyle factor into weight loss, too. If you are looking for a lower-impact workout that places less stress on the joints, the STEPR might be a better alternative to a treadmill. Running is a high-impact activity that might not be great for those with joint problems.

Is our STEPR+ review a paid review?

This STEPR review is not paid. STEPR sent us the STEPR+ but did not pay us to compile this review. Our goal here at TRG is to test and review all of the latest and most popular fitness equipment so we can give you insight into which machines are worth it. We work to recommend all kinds of brands and equipment, and testing as many products as possible allows us to determine the best equipment on the market from our unbiased and firsthand testing process.

We have affiliate links that allow us to make commissions on purchases made through those links. If you find our reviews helpful, we really appreciate you purchasing through our site so we can keep reviewing all kinds of equipment and providing you with thorough reviews.

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